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A Star Is Born


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I was watching "A Star Is Born" for the first time (the one with Judy Garland) on TCM today and wondered why during the movie the audio track of the movie would continue but the video portion would periodically switch between still shots and action shots. It gives the appearance that portions of the film were damaged and they used the substitution of still shots to keep the movie going. Or was this just a method used by the director to enhance the movie? If so, it was a turnoff for me. Please respond -- I'm curious.

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As you guessed it IS a restoration.themovie withina movie was re-added part &fewother scenes as well. Where the scenes have been lost forever, they used the sound track and stills. I think it is distracting in places, where you get a minute of dialogue with a still, then 5 seconds of unimportant film (such as Esther and Nrman getting out of the car we have seen in the stills, then back to stills again. I know they were just trying to restore every available frame butfor those few seconds they should have just continued with stills IMHO.Sorry about the run together words but I can't seem to correct it!

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