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I'm in HEAVEN!!!

Debra Johnson

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I found this wonderful YouTube channel that has quite a few old movies uploaded.  They're not the usual blockbusters most have heard of which leads me to believe they may have been B or C rated at best during their release.  A few stars from the day appear in some (just watched one w/Dana Andrews...."Deep Waters").  Other's I've watched that are pretty good that I'd never heard of before are:


1. High School Hellcats, 1958

2. The Scarlet Hour, 1956 (OMG this was SOOOOO good!!!)

3. The Other Woman, 1954

4. The Dark Tower, 1943

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I don't bother with YouTube, but if YOU'RE happy, then I'm fine too.


Check out if they have one called  THE COOL AND THE CRAZY( 1958).  It's funny in a "Reefer Madness" sort of way.  ;)




It seems like TCM shows the same movies over and over....usually run of the mill that I've already seen.  I enjoy finding gems on YT that I've never heard of before.  Also, I like finding out trivia about the actors/actresses in these movies.  I always google them to see what kind of careers they went on to have, when or if they've died.  The lead in "Deep Waters" acted for 7 years then went on to marry Howard Hughes and become a recluse.

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