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Even Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" would thrill to this stunning restoration of the l928 legendary and much-betroubled, "Queen Kelly," from Kino International. If you're a Swanson fan like myself, you may remember that silent film clip she shows to her loverboy, William Holden. The clip is from 'Queen Kelly,' directed by Ernest Von STroheim but aborted by Swanson half-way through production. She says in an interview on the DVD that it was because she knew the censors would never allow the movie to be shown the way Stroheim was filming it. Movie stills and fragments fill out the remaining thirty minutes. Swanson is fabulous as the convent girl who somehow becomes the madam of a South American brothel. A typical Stroheim plot of the bizarre. You watch what might have been if Stroheim had only been allowed to complete the film and feel great sadness. The nearly one million dollars spent on the unfinished masterpiece all came from Swanson's own purse. Her sugar daddy, Joseph Kennedy, dumped her when he realized 'Queen Kelly' would never be realized. This is a must DVD to either rent or buy and cherish. Viva la Swanson!

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Has anyone purchased the new collector's edition of "Casablanca?" I bought it the other day, and it is a great print of the film. The best ever. And the extras are pretty cool.


As part of the special features, you can see other titles that are available from Warner Home Video, and us classic movie fanatics have been waiting for these titles for awhile. They are : "The Adventures of Robin Hood"

"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

and "Yankee Doodle Dandy"


It's great that they are releasing these films onto DVD, but they aren't even available yet, and yet they are supposedly "available" according to the Casablance DVD. As far as I can see, these films won't be available for at least another month. It puzzles me as to why they would say they are available on the DVD, but yet they really aren't. I guess Warner Brothers was planning to release all of the films at the same time, but let "Casablanca" out early. And if any of you already have the first release of "Casablanca" on DVD, sell it on Ebay, and buy this collector's edition - it's well worth it.

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Moviejoe, you beat me to it! I was just going to give a hearty plug to the new, restored "Casablanca" now on DVD with those ever watchable extras. You made a good point about the promos for other much-desired goodies like "Yankee Doodle Dandy" that are still not available. Well, I'm here to give a big endorsement of the newly released and restored l950 shocker, "House of Wax," with Vincent Price. But even better than that is that one of the incredible extras is the complete, restored early Technicolor scare-fest, "Mystery of the Wax Museum" from l934! This is one of my all-time horror faves. I've nearly worn out my video tape of this grisly, juicy, Pre-code thriller starring Fay Wray and Glenda Farrell who steals everything that's not nailed down as the wise-cracking reporter. The two-tone Technicolor of pastels are used to fantastic effect, with fantastic Anton Grot set designs and everything moves at neck-break speed under the direction of Michael Curtiz. You definitely get your money's worth at $14.95. And don't forget that "The Thing From Another World" from l950 has also just been released in beautiful, pristine black and white. Now, if only some wise DVD executive would put on disc all of Betty Grable's musicals, Deanna Durbin's delights, all the rest of Bette Davis' gems and other faves like "Grand Hotel," "Dinner at Eight," etc.--they would make us mighty happy film addicts! And we're ALL waiting for the deluxe, extras loaded edition of GONE WITH THE WIND!

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patypancake - Thanks for letting us know about "Mystery of the Wax Museum" - I had no idea this old horror gem was available on DVD. Another horror fave that I would love to see on DVD is "The Black Cat" with Lugosi and Karloff. It's my favorite among the early Universal horror flicks, and the art deco sets are amazing! Very futuristic looking even by today's standards.


I agree that a deluxe DVD of "GWTW" is long overdue. I haven't bought it on DVD yet, since I am almost sure a collector's edition will be released in the near future. As far as I know, so far the "Casablanca" collector's edition has been selling well, which means that hopefully more classics will be released, including a collector's set of "GWTW." It would be nice to see Ann Rutherford and Evelyn Keyes do commentary for it before they pass on.

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Yes, yes, definitely a restored "The Black Cat" on DVD, along with perhaps a second feature--"The Raven," both from l934-35. In fact, I've heard that there was a double-feature video around with these two classics on it. I also love "Black CAt" for the same reasons you gave-the stunning art deco settings, the unforgettable musical score, the costumes, the story, etc. It's all like a surreal nightmare. I do hope Universal will someday SOON put "Night Monster" and "The Mad Ghoul" out as a double-feature disc. These two cult classics are definitely worth a new look and both are worthy of their increasing cult status.

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I've learned that on September 30, the DVD's of "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "The Adventures of Robin Hood," and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" will be available for purchase. I saw this on the website www.deepdiscountdvd.com - which has the LOWEST prices around. The Laurel and Hardy DVD which TCM has been showcasing on their "movie news" commercial, will be out on August 19. Deepdiscountdvd has it for $10.63. This disc contains five of their best films, and I urge all of you to buy it. On the same day, a DVD containing ten of the original "Little Rascals" shorts will be released. Included among the titles are "The Wild Man From Borneo" (my personal favorite). I hope that more people besides myself and patypancake are following this thread - its a great place for us to discuss DVD releases, which are important to us film buffs - well, to me anyway.

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MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933...correct date) is actually the one I favor over HOUSE OF WAX (which I still enjoy....but I favor MYSTERY). Still have my laserdisc double feature of MYSTERY and DOCTOR X (which I also hope makes it to DVD sometime). Looking forward to getting the WAX dvd soon.


Also agreed that a deluxe edition of GONE WITH THE WIND is LONG overdue. Why wasn't a special edition put out in the first place? Go figure....


BIG fan of Universal horror classics here! I have the old MCA laserdisc with RAVEN on one side and BLACK CAT on the other. Those two really need to be done as a DVD double feature. BLACK CAT is probably my all-time favorite "cult" pick of any Universal horror classic...It's probably the one I've watched the most. Any time I find I'm in the mood for something really bizarre, I watch BLACK CAT. We frequently talk about it in the Universal group I moderate over on Yahoo.


Who is releasing the Little Rascals/Our Gang shorts, btw?

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I agree about the GWTW special edition, too. I've also put off buying AN AMERICAN IN PARIS because they came out with the gorgeous special edition of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN last year.


I don't understand why none of the Warner Brothers classic cartoons are available! I'm hoping that they are getting some sort of deluxe boxed set ir something together.


Also, none of the Astaire-Rogers musicals and very few of Judy Garland's films are on DVD.


My wish list:

Any Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, Tex Avery(MGM) shorts pre-1960






DADDY LONG LEGS (Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron)










Sandy K

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AOL Time Warner are suckers. All they are concerned about are economics. You want to know what films I think should be released on DVD? Here goes:




























As you might have guessed, all of those are in Technicolor. And last of all, they need to stop using the process they are using today and bring back CinemaScope, VistaVision and Technicolor. Dye transfer is superior to the muddy process they use today. The best example of this are those CMT and VH1 music videos. There is NO COLOR AT ALL! So what I'm saying is that ALL DVD prints of classic films need to be in true Technicolor, not in 60s or 70s Cheapocolor. Why do all those documentaries and trailers from that period of 40s films look that way?

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More great DVD news for addicts of old Universal thrillers. The entire Basil Rathbone "Sherlock Holmes" mysteries are now available on disc, with extras, commentaries, etc! The first one I'm buying is "The Voice of Terror" from l941 since it has a knock-out performacne by Queen of Screams--Evelyn Ankers. She plays the prostitute, Kitty, who gives an unforgettable speech to a pub full of low-lifes about the need to be patriotic and fight the enemy. You can buy the entire collection--or at least four of them--for about $60. Or, each movie is about $14.95. Two other goodies are "Spider Woman" with the marvelous Gale Sondergarde and her strange, jumping little brat--and "Pearl of Death" which also stars Evelyn Ankers who portrays four different characters. Mmmmm, good. I'm stockpiling my faves now for the cold weather coming down the turnpike--and in the Blackout Capital of the World--New York City--we can hardly wait.

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I can't remember who asked about the Little Rascals DVD, but I think it is put out by Artisan, the same company that released the Laurel and Hardy disc, as well as the recent "Topper" DVD which of course has the original "Topper" movie starring Cary Grant and Constance Bennett, along with "Topper Returns," which is perhaps the best mystery/comedy film ever made starring Joan Blondell and Roland Young among many others.


To Sandy K - I read somewhere that a Looney Toons collection is coming out on DVD soon, or perhaps I heard it on T.V. - anyway I HEARD about it someplace, and since they are so popular, I'm sure there will be a lot of hoopla surrounding their release onto DVD. And I have to agree with you about the Fred and Ginger films. I can't understand why a collection of these classics hasn't been released yet. They are perhaps the best loved musicals of all time. I would also love to see a collection of the Warner Bros. - Busby Berkeley gems from the 30's.


To cjrogan - "Adventures of Robin Hood" will be out on Sept. 30th as a restored collector's edition DVD. And the 1949 version of "Little Women" is coming out soon as well. I believe sometime in the fall.

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For those of you who like classic films, the place that I go to shop is deep discount DVD (www.deepdiscountdvd.com). I have used them many times and am very satisfied with what they do.


I just recently bought both the "Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" dvd's from them, cost is about $21 as compared to the 29 being offered.


They are also offering the "Looney Tunes Golden Collection" for $47 rather than the $60-70 being offered.


Just to let you know, I don't work for them, I just want to let those of us who enjoy classic movies know where to get them at a good price.


Sorry for Rambling.


By the way, with the release of "Sierra Madre", does anyone know if there are any plans to release "High Sierra"?

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I've brought several Lil' Rascal DVD collections for about $5.00 each. Usually 3-4 episodes are included and one of these has that great "Kid from Borneo" that has already been mentioned here. As you can tell by the price, these are no-frills discs but at least the picture quality is much, much better than the tape collections. i brought the fabulous TOPPER RETURNS on DVD last month and it looks sooooo damned good! I've watched it several times just in the last two weeks and never ever tire of this wonderful concoction of high comedy and chills, created by an out-of-this-world cast--especially Rochester, Billie Burke, Roland Young, etc. This just in: one of the theaters here in NYC is showing the restored, Technicolor extravaganza known as "Adventures of Robin Hood" in September! This is the original l937/38 Warner Brothers goodie with a restored, pristine print. This unusual showing is to coincide with the DVD release of this scrumptious classic. Now, once again, if they would only do the same to GONE WITH THE WIND!

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patypancake - I also read about the showing of "Robin Hood" in Manhattan. It'll be at the Film Forum on Houston St. the last week of August - next week in fact. I was just there about two weeks ago to see a restored print of "Sunset Boulevard," and it was GREAT! The film never looked or sounded better - all of us "wonderful people out there in the dark" really enjoyed it. And I've seen those cheapo "Little Rascals" DVD's that you mentioned but hesitated to buy them since I thought the picture quality would look bad, but I'll take your word for it that they look good, and keep my eye out for them - they're not easy to come by.


Thank you to Johnkun77 for also mentioning deepdiscountdvd.com. I had written in an earlier post that they are definitely the best source of DVD's anywhere. The lowest prices and free shipping. And although you can purchase "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" as well as "Robin Hood," and "Yankee Doodle Dandy," they won't mail them to you until they are officially released in September. I didn't realize that the "Looney Toons" collection was already scheduled for release - but that's really good news, especially for you Sandy K!

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Just to let you guys know - "The Whales of August" starring Lillian Gish, Bette Davis, Vincent Price, and Ann Sothern will be out on DVD on October 7th. It was made in 1987 (I think) and was the last great film for all of the aforementioned stars. It also features Harry Carey Jr., and is a sweet story about two aging sisters who share a summer together at their house in Maine. Deepdiscountdvd.com has it on pre-order for $9.12 with free shipping.

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At last, we're seeing a trickle of some of our faves on that little silver disc. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is now out with an elaborate extra disc with lots of extras. It's a beautiful restored print and I'm still going through the extras. The original l950 "Titanic" is also out in a beautifully restored print. The two commentaries are real letdowns, however. On one of them, Audrey Dalton and Robert Wagner are featured but they have very little speaking time. Most of it's filled with someone harping endlessly about the miniatures used in the picture. The second commentary is by so-called film critic, Richard Shickel. This guy sounds like he went down on the Titanic and never surfaced. He stammers and pauses and sounds like he's dead asleep. In one segment, he goes: "And, eh, eh, now, eh, Barbara, eh, eh, Barbara Stan-uh, uh-wyck, uh, mmmmm, she was an, uh, em,mmmmmmm, good,mmm, mmmm, uh, uh, act-mmmmm,uh, uh tress..." But buy this one anyway! Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb are fantastic. You'll be crying your eyes out at the end.

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Thanks to good old Warner Brothers for releasing four of Bogart's biggest hits - due out this Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Being released are :


- "High Sierra" - co-starring the incredible Ida Lupino.

- "To Have and Have Not" - his first with Bacall.

- "Dark Passage" - a must see (and one of my faves).

- "They Drive By Night" - with George Raft.


Warner Bros. has been continually releasing the classics on DVD, and these films are a welcome addition. Thought you guys might be interested.


Also being released this Tuesday is "Platinum Blonde" from 1931, starring the immortal Jean Harlow, and directed by Frank Capra.


And for those of you who love classic T.V. as well, the original "39" classic episodes of "The Honeymooners" are being released as a collection, due out this week.

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Fans of Abbott and Costello can start their rejoicing. On Feb. 10, Universal will release on one DVD--for $21.00--EIGHT of our favorite's first movies from the 40s. This is a staggering bargain. Four of these movies will be put on eitehr side. On Side A, you'll be able to enjoy in pristine black and white "One Night in the Tropics," "Buck Privates," "Hold that Ghost" and "Keep 'em Flying." The other side will feature "Pardon my Sarong," "Ride'em Cowboy," and others. As to extras, I don't know. i really don't care. Because at this price and with all these goodies on just one disc, let's all rejoice! If you have never seen "HOld That Ghost" with great backup from The Andrew Sisters, Evelyn Ankers, Joan Davis, Richard Carlson, etc., you've missed one of the greatest of all comedies!

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Each week this month Best Buy is having a sale on movies with oscar winners.

First week is movies with best actor winners,

Then the following week is best actress, then best picture,and finally director.

You can look at all of the movies and prices at BestBuy.com

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Thank you for the update Patypancake!! I'm a HUGE fan of Abbott and Costello, and have been waiting patiently to see some of their films released onto DVD, besides "Meet Frankenstein" and "Meet the Mummy" which Universal already released. This is great news - I can't wait to see a clean print of "Hold That Ghost" since my video of it is pretty much shot.

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"Mrs. Miniver," one of Hollywood's greatest movies and Best Picture Oscar Winner, will be released on DVD this week. Get your handkerchiefs out for this one. Also available this week are: 1935's Best Picture "Mutiny on the Bounty," "Goodbye Mr. Chips", "My Fair Lady," and the already mentioned fave, "Grand Hotel." To add some frosting to this bountiful cake of delights, the Douglas Fairbanks Collection--six of the dashing Doug's greatest films--are available in a set from Kino for $99.95. In addition to seeing the Fab Fairbanks at his peak in such silent classics as "The Thief of Bagdad," "The Mark of Zorro", there's all kinds of extras: home movies with Doug and Mary Pickford, outtakes, , intros by Orson Welles, etc. Whew. This one could keep you entertained through spring!

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