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*James Cagney's 104th Birthday!!!


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Once again, I hope this logs at all? Damn site is up to same ol' tricks-(maybe if everybody just has AOL then we can log-in without 1 problem, huh!?) I wanted to remind fans of *Cagney & just plain great cinema buffs, that July 17th Is *James Francis Cagney's 104th Birthday.

Another connection he felt in playing his sole ACADEMY AWARD winning role, as George M. Cohan, in 1942's "Yankee Doodle Dandy"-(NOTE: Cohan wanted *Cagney & he died same yr. film was released at only 64. But WB wanted to somehow 1st get Fred Astaire for role?) & as most are aware, that ever read anything I have written. After "The Great: Spencer Tracy" *Cagney is my all-timer 2nd fav. actor. & to lovethemmovies, this will be a nice one for you, being *Jim is your fav. & etc,-(P.S. please contact me/very URGENT!) By the way *Cagney did not like being called *Jimmy, *Jimmy Stewart did not mind. But *James liked either *Jim or *James. & soo-many call the man, *Jimmy Cagney?) At present TCM is airing films of his & had a marvelous special by Michael J. Fox & TCM itself, shot over the mountain at WB in Burbank-(same streets shown, where he had many legendary death scenes! Even the famous stairs from end of '39's "Roaring 20's")-(I was there in '99 & did not get to see those/but did get a chance of seeing/riding through via gulf cart, same Sound Stage they shot Prison Mill-(whats left of-it!) behind a little cage & Jack L. Warner-(1892-1978) saved expense by just changing Prison Mill into the legendary Mess Hall from same>"White Heat!" Rest of that S. Stage contained items from tv-series!? & as ACADEMY/Hollywood was back-then, *Jim never won for his gangster roles & had only 3 total OSCAR noms??? But he was at least nominated for thee original "Rocky!" Rocky Sullivan in '38's "Angels With Dirty Faces" Ironically losing to *Spencer as Father Flanagan in "Boys Town"-(his 2nd consecutive Best Actor victory) NY Film Critics voted for *James Cagney that yr. however. The 2 pals were pitted against one another once again for 1955 OSCARS. *Tracy in "Bad Day at Black Rock" & *Cagney as true life Marty "The Gimp" Snyder in "Love Me or Leave Me"-(they both lost to *Ernest Borgnine for *"Marty") & everybody I have ever spoken to about-it, is stunned that he was not even nominated? For 1957's bio "Man of a Thousand Faces"-(what more does an actor have to do? Tremendous role) But I though I would remind fans of this date & to 1 lady in particular.


My Top 5 *James Cagney-(1899-1986) films:

1. "White Heat" (1949) (WB)

2. "Angels With Dirty Faces" (1938) (Warner Bros.)

3. "The Roaring Twenties" (1939) (WB)-(NOTE: If only *Tracy coulda' played Father Jerry Connolly in above film. Strangely, he & *Jim never worked together?)

*4. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (1942) (WB)-(Ridiculously his sole OSCAR win)

& 5th. "Mister Roberts" (1955)-(NOTE: Though he was much greater, superb actually in same yrs. "Love Me or Leave Me." Overall, this is likely a better film though)

& WB J.L. Warner & company,etc attempted for several years to cite in all publicity, that the guy was born in 1904.)

& nobody ever mentions his very final work? 1984 tv-movie "Terrible Joe Moran" (OSCAR Winner *Art Carney-(1918-) co-starred)

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I'm having trouble logging in too. Why is this message board connected to AOL anyway? To missrepresent AOL's number of subscribers AGAIN? Anyway, I loved Cagney in "Mr Roberts". From memory... "All you bright college boys!....I remember working as a busboy;'Oh boy. My friend seems to have vomited. Clean that up boy. Will ya?' ... For years I took it! And now YOU can take it for a change!" Great stuff.

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A posthumous birthday rememberance to the one and only Yankee Doodle Dandy. He certainly was a one of a kind actor and we are fortunate to be left with his fine body of work. I've been watching TCM's tribute to the actor today and enjoying every minute of it.

Ironically, today actress Irene Manning is celebrating her 87th birthday. She played Fay Templeton opposite Cagney in "Yankee Doodle Dandy".

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven Mr.Cagney!




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To slappy, only if this logs? There is a trick we have become accustumed too-(UNFORTUNATELY!) You must enter twice & quickly, to just log-in on here & yes, I do believe AOL,etc Given the recent banning of us non AOL users-(on a certain poll on this very site) There is a connection. (P.S. AOL has been having $$$ troubles, so they are trying anything.) But to mongo & or anybody else. Whom else thinks 1957's "Man of a Thousand Faces" particularly his superb portrayal of Lon Chaney, Sr.-(1883-1930) was robbed, of at least another OSCAR nomination? It was up for it's script. & has anybody else ever seen 1984's "Terrible Joe Moran?" Thank You

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1.) I'm a longtime AOL user, and I cannot log in through AOL, only through the Netscape browser window, and that can be tricky...so I don't think it's any easier for AOL members to log in here. Having been posting on this board for over a year, I trace all the problems back to the change in subcontractor to Jive Forums for the maintenance of this board back on Dec. 1st, 2002. Everything got flukey after that--the board was MUCH easier to navigate before this transition, but, hey--this too shall pass, (maybe on Dec. 1st, 2003?).


2.) I loved "Man of a Thousand Faces" too. Cagney was particularly magnificent during the scenes between his character and those playing Chaney's deaf parents--the man never needed mere words to communicate to an audience! As I've mentioned to you before, I doubt if he cared about the awards that he may have been "robbed" of at any time--remember he was known as the "faraway fella" by his friends, longing to get away to his country retreats. (The "faraway" label was coined by Frank McHugh, his friend and co-star in so many Warner classics. McHugh seems to have had a way with a phrase. In his autobiography, Cagney mentions that he found McHugh's phrase for someone whose behavior marked him as anathema from then on--"he broke his shovel with me"--to be quite an apt piece of verbal shorthand...no doubt useful for some Hollywood types.)



3.) "Terrible Joe Moran" is a tv movie that I went out of my way to see, since I cherish Mr. Cagney's work. As memory serves, Art Carney and Ellen Barkin appeared with him in this film--which mostly made me sad, since I could clearly see that Mr. Cagney was ill and struggling to perform, even if still a trouper during the making of this movie. It may be an apocryphal story, but didn't the imitator, Rich Little, claim to have been miming his voice during some scenes of this film, (he also made a similar claim re: David Niven's voice in his last film appearance)? Overall, I still prefer to regard Cagney's last full performance to be in the funny, and challenging role in Billy Wilder's "One, Two, Three" (1961), after which, he chose to, in Shakespeare's phrase regarding "our actors/As I foretold you,/ were all spirits and/Are melted into air, into thin air."






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