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Imagine these two in a Romantic Comedy!

Guest QuestForUs

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Well, definitely Hedy Lamarr and Tyrone Power should have made a movie together. But, I probably would have fainted at the sight of the two of them together before either of them spoke a line!


They both played comedy very well! I miss them.

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Are you being facetious, Jack? Hedy was in a whole bunch of comedies, though she usually played 'the straight' for William Powell, Clark Gable, James Stewart or others. Obviously, she's no comedienne.

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> I don't think I've ever seen Hedy Lamarr in a comedy.

> What movies showed her comedic talents?



That's a joke, right?


Lamarr was in several comedies - HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY, COME LIVE WITH ME, MY FAVORITE SPY . . . Of course, whether they showed her to have any comedic talents is a matter of opinion. I thought she was cute -- no Claudette Colbert/Irene Dunne of course, but not by any means awful.

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Now Mr. 40a, I've been trying to impress upon y'all that I'm not an expert. I have many voids in my classics. That's why I'm here at TCM: to fill the voids! :)


I've only seen Ms. Lamarr in:


Ziegfeld Girl

Boom Town



And there wasn't a laugh among them. I think I saw My Favorite Spy when I was a child, but that was so long ago now. My memory has gone bankrupt.


jdb1: I'm a big fan of Colbert and Dunne, so Ms. Lamarr has some competition ahead. And I think I'll hold GarboManiac liable if she doesn't show some pretty savvy comedic timing.


On the advice of two of you, I'll check out Her Highness and the Bellboy. (Why does that sound like a Jerry Lewis title to me?) Thanks!

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I haven't seen that many Hedy Lamarr films myself. In fact, I haven't seen My Favorite Spy (1951) despite the fact that it airs on TCM somewhat frequently ... and I've not seen Samson and Delilah (1949) either, not that it's a comedy;-)


It's been a long time since I saw Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945) and I don't think I could recommend it either. But there are parts of The Heavenly Body (1944) worth seeing and Tortilla Flat (1942) is a lot of fun. H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941), not a comedy either is worth seeing, like Ziegfeld Girl (1941) is. Come Live with Me (1941) is one of her best films, and I certainly recommend it, and it's Romantic Comedy all the way. Comrade X (1940) was just on TCM and it's a terrible rip-off of Ninotchka (1939); it's actually not too bad, but it gets pretty ridiculous after the first couple of acts. Boom Town (1940), which you've seen, is entertaining too but it's really the other stars' film and Algiers (1938), ooh la la!

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Ha! Don't hold me liable. I am in love with her face, not her talent! Although, I think she is talented, and I love to watch her, she would not win against your two favs, Cobert and Dunne. Even though they didn't have the face, they had the oomph!


BUT! I must say that I am very impressed with path40a's taste in Lamarr films. He knows his Hedy!


Come Live with Me and The Heavenly Body are the ONLY two you should see! And, you should see them A.S.A.P. She is breathtakingly beautiful in both, plus she is a little funny! Like path said, she mostly plays the straightman (woman). But, she has her moments. These films will show you why she remained a STAR! WOW!


Her Highness and the Bellboy is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I wouldn't recommend it to a child! So, don't see that one. It has Agnes Moorehead in it, but she is COMPLETELY wasted! There is one funny slapstick scene in the restaurant, but THAT'S IT!


And, as path also said, Lamarr in Algiers, ooh la la!



I can't believe you guys have been talking Lamarr all this time and I was asleep!

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You are all right. JackBurley, I merely listed a few of Hedy's "comedies," I don't by any means recommend them as great cinema. If you haven't yet seen them, I don't think they'll do you any harm.


Actually, I think any one of them could have featured Sonja Henie instead of Hedy, with a few plot changes, and not been much different (don't get steamed -- I'm not talking about looks here). However, I don't know if Hedy was a good skater, and I don't think Henie ever invented anything useful, so maybe they aren't so interchangeable.

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OTFLMAO! Ok, I am on the floor on that one! LOL! Sonja Henie??? Well, you are probably right in theory, but practically speaking, if that were true, I probably wouldn't even know those movies existed if it weren't for Lamarr. Unless they also starred Power. I do know a couple of Henie films due to Power's presence.


And, the skating!!! I'd love to see THAT in a Hedy movie!!! She would probably break her neck!

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"I always wished that Carole Lombard had been cast in My Favorite Blonde with Bob Hope. Nothing against Madeleine Carroll who played the role. It's just that the teaming of Hope and Lombard would've been something very special, to see that screwball nuttiness in an early WWII setting. I often wonder if they ever met. In any case, a teaming of Bob Hope and Carole Lombard would have been comedy heaven."


Yes, not only did Bob Hope and Carole Lombard meet, but their teaming has been preserved. It wasn't on film, but another medium: radio. In June 1941, they co-starred on "Lux Radio Theater" in an adaptation of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," with Hope in the Robert Montgomery role. The adaptation was probably handled by Hope's writers, as it leaves plenty of room for his wisecracks. It works reasonably well, and Lombard has good comic chemistry with Bob. She appeared on "Lux" several times since debuting in the spring of '38 in a version of "My Man Godfrey"; this would be her last appearance on the show. The Hope-Lombard broadcast is available on CD -- check eBay and similar sites under "old-time radio" and "Lux Radio Theater."

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