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Putting Actors and the Oscars in their Proper Place


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Here's the quote by Katharine Hepburn that says it better than I can, "Acting is the most minor of talents and not a very high class way to make a living, after all Shirley Temple could do it when she was four." Maybe in the 40's and 50's there actually was some "Star Power" with the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Gable, Cooper, Ginger Rogers, Monroe, etc. but todays pretenders pale in comparison and makes one want to go back in time when there was actually a reason to watch the Oscars. Do we really want to see DiCreepio, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise or other 'girly' men accepting the very same statues that once went to Wayne, Bogart, and Tracy? Hardly!

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I liked seeing the dresses the so-called actors who are female chose to wear, as the evening dresses have been getting more glamorous in recent years, even though they do plunge to the tops of their shoes in order to show off their Dr. 90210 purchased boobs. So I would watch as much as I could, switch off quickly when the acceptance speeches began (they are, after all, morons) and then come back after the speeches were done.


However, since the Golden Globes and SAG and Oscar awards now see fit to let the filth that is known as Borat into their midst, I will no longer watch. I am not sure why I stuck around for Borat at the Globes but a train wreck is an apt analogy. By the way, I post at a British television and film board, and even the Brits think this guy is disgusting.

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Are you talking about the Golden Globes? I watched the whole show, but didn't see a memorial tribute, unless it was extremely short and I missed it when I went to the bathroom. If you're talking about the Oscars last year, I also noticed the lack of response to some of the people listed. It made me think these people didn't investigate the history of their own chosen career field. I recall two instances - Shelley Winters, and Sandra Dee, neither got much applause, of course they are two of my favorites, but it seems to me also, that neither Red Buttons, or Glenn Ford barely got any recognition.



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I was just about to ask the same thing, mrsl.


Ayres, did I mess a memorial tribute at the Golden Globes? I was about to decry the fact that I missed that but saw toilet mouth.


I agree, though, it seems the youts don't know the true actors who have passed on because they have been looking in the mirror too much.


Oh, and did you see those on the cellphone at the tables? Apparently they have no more class than do the yuppies in the supermarkets and restaurants in my area.

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I love watching the candid camera shots of celebs in the audience.


A standout was a few years ago when CAMERON DIAZ was chewing gum furiously as she stood and clapped when they introduced Olivia de Havilland to a standing ovation. Diaz had a blank look on her face and a silly smile--but gave the impression she didn't even know who Olivia was!


Or am I underestimating her???


In the same camera shots, HARRISON FORD looked amused when Michael Moore let loose with his Bush insults--and remained smiling even as Moore was booed by a large segment of the audience. You have to wonder what was really going on in his head.



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