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Confronting the Post-Bond Predicament

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Found this article interesting both because of the Bond angle but also because of a revisionist Western is just something that some of us who love the ol' classic Westerns might be interested in....




Published: January 21, 2007


?I knew there was a change coming, creatively, artistically, new beginnings, so to speak, with the Bond role being taken over,? Mr. Brosnan said.


IN ?Seraphim Falls,? a revisionist post-Civil War western that opens Friday, Pierce Brosnan pries a bullet from his arm with a Bowie knife, cauterizes the wound, tumbles over a waterfall in a bear coat and immerses himself in animal entrails. Along the way he also manages to show how far a serious actor will go to outrun his own glamorous persona.


For many, Mr. Brosnan will always conjure up the debonair, Brioni-besuited James Bond, every crease a razor?s edge and every hair in place. ?When you play a role like that,? he said in a recent interview, ?you live with it forever.?


Still, those who saw him in ?The Matador? were introduced to a more louche image, that of Mr. Brosnan?s paunchy hit man Julian Noble, strutting through the lobby of a Mexican hotel with a margarita, wearing only the tiniest black briefs, combat boots and a mustache. And to play his character in ?Seraphim Falls? ? Gideon, a lethal ex-Confederate officer ? Mr. Brosnan was willing to be ?dirtier than you?ve ever been,? said the writer and director, David Von Ancken.


?He just looked at me, and I knew it was O.K.,? he said.


A self-described ?working, jobbing actor,? Mr. Brosnan faced a post-Bond predicament of a type more familiar to actresses: how to manage a transition beyond the easy allure of youth. Instead of clinging to what worked in the past, he reached for something new, and what may be the onset of a riskier, more varied actor?s life.

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