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Spring time for Hitler and Germany....

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"Love power...."


That movie makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. I think my favorite scene is the sheer chaos of the Hitler casting call.


Gene Wilder is so great in this...and I love that little moment where they take off the swastika armbands, throw them in the trash, and spit.

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Many years ago, I saw Dick Shawn live at the Illinois State fair and we made him cry. He was performing a rather obviously scripted stand up comedy act and was not enjoying it. Finally, he threw that away and just started reminiscing about his Hollywood experiences and he was killer funny! We laughed until we were in pain. That's when he began crying. It was one of those "You really love me" moments. Yeah, we thought he was genuinely funny just standing before us simply talking, in his own words, about what he had lived through professionally speaking. Kenneth Mars is a hoot in this film and in "Young Frankenstein" too.

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Caps, I was given the luxury of seeing Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in the stage version of The Producers, and I was like a kid in a candy store. Lane was especially brilliant when he was in jail and recounted the play 'thus far', and when it came time for that line, those behind the stage production were smart enough to use Mel's voice for the voice over!


Yes, of course I had to point it out to whomever was in earshot that they did the same thing in the movie....... :)


And no, no one around me appreciated it as much as I did.

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Though the Lane vehicle is not as awful as I feared it might be, it's still so far below the original and leads me to wonder - as has happened again and again - why do they mess with classics?


At least Brooks was involved in the remake, but there were so many problems where the comparisons were called upon and the "musical" found wanting. Uma, for one. The decision to bring in a "love interest" did give the new film a sharp detour, which was advisable, this was not the best route to take.


Every time Uma comes on screen it made me miss "Ula...go to work" that much more. I think it was the original innocence of the film, which felt more jaded to me now, somehow.


It was an honest shot - I'll give them that - but miles from the target all the same. Why not take the brave step of producing something brand new instead of yet another retread?


I know the $$$ is staggering and to take a chance on an unknown becomes even more risky under those circumstances. But where's the fresh and new?


There's been a long and successful tradition of Hollywood producing film renditions of Broadway hits - this is great. However, so often now Broadway "hits" are reruns of previous productions, boasting proven track-records and most likely to make back the capital investment, or the morphing of Hollywood films onto the Broadway stage!


I guess the powers that be feel new audiences will only respond to new films, even when they are inferior to the originals they copy. It would cease if the cinemas showing reruns were empty, as money - and lack thereof - speaks loudly!

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PLElliott, I didn't even watch the movie. I have found that Lane does NOT translate that well to film and especially not to television...his show about a vineyard was horrific...but it was the play where I saw him.


He is made for the theater, I think.


But in the case of the movie, the best will always be the Mostel/Wilder one.

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