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Royal Wedding And Oklahoma! in the morning (1/21)

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I wonder why, when the majority of people comment on ROYAL WEDDING and its' assets, they seldom mention Jane Powell or her performance. Unless one is a dedicated fan of Ms. Powell's, any praise bestowed upon the film, from director Stanely Donen to the devout movie buff, is solely and exclusively directed at, and reserved for, Fred Astaire.


I think it's a shame, since I think it's one of Jane's best performances and a real testament to her versatility as a triple threat talent. She even gets to introduce a genuine standard: the lovely "Too Late Now," and it's the same film in which she temporarily foresakes her trademark operatic soprano for the knockabout, "How Could You Believe Me" duet with Astaire. Yet, almost without exception, whenever fans comment on the film, the praise is reserved exclusively for Fred and Jane seldom, if ever, gets a mention.


So, I guess my question is, what do fans of ROYAL WEDDING think of Jane Powell's performance? Was it good, bad, or so bland that it's not worth commenting on?


Any comments?

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I think that Jane Powell's performance in Royal Wedding is one of her best! She looks lovely, sounds great, dances well, shows a wonderful comic sense in the "How Could You Believe Me" number, and is completely believable as Fred's younger sister.


The one dud in the film for me is the performance of Sarah Churchill. She's not terrible, she's just boring. Too bad, she is an attractive woman. But no oomph!


Sandy K

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Oh, I think Jane Powell is fabulous in this movie! Not only is her singing as wonderful as always, but from her grace on the dance floor you would think that was her specialty. She shows a marvelous comedy flair, too?very understated.

The character she plays in the film is based on Adele Astaire, Fred?s sister and original dance partner. They were Broadway stars of the 1920s who really did make a big hit in London as well, and Adele retired from the stage after she married Lord Charles Cavendish. (Her brother then thought he would give the movies a try... )

Jane really captures Adele?s saucy innocence, insouciance, and confidence in the role, especially when Keenan Wynn tells her she looks sweet, and she glances at herself in the mirror over the bar and replies, ?Oh I do, don?t I??


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Two other examples: In the same cute, conceited vein, when Peter Lawford is "motoring" Jane out to his English estate, he says, "My, you look lovely today," - to which she replies with superb, off-handed distraction, "I know."

Earlier, back in the New York bar when her **** boyfriend challengers a rival, she pats him on the arm and murmurs, "Finish your drink, Pete."

An adorable, triple threat, multi-talented lady, who should have had an extra inning in the mid-fifties to establish herself.

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Jane Powell has always fascinated me - I find her winsome, wholesome, delightful and, of course, a consummate professional and stellar singing talent. But beyond that, I think she's proven to be a genuine lady of substance.


I had cause recently to recall her interview with TCM's Robert Osbourne in which Powell, in some vague reference that Mr. Osbourne never quite fleshed out, quite simply was moved to tears when recalling Mr. Mayer and her last days at Metro.


I think that if any savvy biographer is near Ms. Powell today he should jump at the chance to help her pen her memoirs. I am certain she has a lot to say - but more to the point - something interesting to say. I remain dumbstruck by the fact that only Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is available from her tenure at MGM.


Warner Home Video - take note...we need JANE POWELL on DVD!!!

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Hi NZ:


Agree wholeheartedly with your high appraisal of Jane's talent and the need for more of her films to be released on DVD, but she's already written her memoir, The Girl Next Door And How She Grew, in the late 1980s. It's a wonderful memoir, one of the best and well worth reading!

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In the 90's MGM released an excellent print of ROYAL WEDDING on laserdisc. So hopefully WBHV will eventually release this film on DVD. In fact MGM released many of Powell's films on laser including SMALL TOWN GIRL, HIT THE DECK, RICH YOUNG AND PRETTY, TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE, NANCY GOES TO RIO and LUXURY LINER. MGM was also set to release GIRL MOST LIKELY but this one was pulled at the last minute. I'm hoping all all of these films find their way onto a Powell box set of musicals or double feature discs like their prior laser releases. In the meantime I am holding onto all of these laser discs.

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