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Fencing lesson in Scaramouche

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For years, after seeing Scaramouche at the movies, I was fascinated by the extensive Fencing lessons shown, so much so that I took up Fencing. I still remember some of the moves the French Maitre taught Scaramouche.


When I rented the DVD recently, I didn't see the scenes I remember, it seemed that most where cut off. It does show a few scenes, but I felt that most of the Fencing lesson scenes, where cut!


Can anyone shed some light on this? Have some of the scenes in the Fencing lessons been cut out?


Thanks all,

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I have the DVD and it has the lessons.."Remember It's like a bird (sword) hold it too tight you choke it.Hold it too loose it flies away"

The Fenching Master was played John Dehner as the Doutreval of Dijon.



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Thanks for your reply Vallo.

Yes, the DVD did have some Fencing scenes, but I think that most of the scenes

with the Fencing master in Paris, were cut. There were extensive scenes culminating with the student matching the Master. Even as I write this I cannot be

100 % sure that of that...that's why I asked the question. Again, thanks for your




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