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Need title of movie - saw it over 10 years ago

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Hi! :-)


I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what this movie is. I saw it once about 10 years ago. I don't know any of the actors or actresses in it. I just know it must have been made in the 1920's or 1930's because of the subject of the movie and the clothing styles. It was in black and white.


It was about men who behaved "badly" by smoking, drinking, and taking mistresses. The men lied for one another so that their wives would not find out about where they were when they were having affairs. But the wives got together and decided that what was good for the men was also good for the women. They decided to start going out without escorts, taking "male companions" and behaving reckless. They finally made the husbands jealous enough that the men decided they had better clean up their act and treat their wives with more respect. They came back to their wives, asking forgiveness and forgiving their wives for their behavior. In the end, part of the moral was that if the men expected respect and trust from their wives, they had better show respect and love to their wives. They all made up and "lived happily ever after".


I think it was called something like "What's Good for Men and Women" or "Men and Women" or "Husbands and Wives" or something like that. I've searched and searched and can't find it.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!



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> Was it a silent or a talkie?


It was a talkie. Bad audio. as I remember. Really needed restoration.


> The closest I can think of is Should Ladies

> Behave? from 1933. (Of course, the answer is a

> resounding "NO!")


The synopsis for Should Ladies Behave just doesn't sound right, though.


I remember the whole point of the plot was that what was good for the men was good for the women and the women were going to teach that to the men. If I recall correctly, Robert Osborns's equivalent at the time introduced the movie with this very idea; that the plot centered around women who wanted to show their husbands that if the men could fool around, the women could too. Although the women were only having affairs to get even with their husbands; they really thought having affairs was wrong.


Darn, I wish I could remember who was in that movie. At the time, I was just getting into Classic movies and didn't know Greta Garbo from Harpo!


Anyone else have any ideas?



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If I recall correctly, Robert Osborns's equivalent at the time introduced the movie ...


I didn't catch the part of the original post about "10 years ago." I was thinking this meant Ben (and the description of the intro remarks even sounds like something I remember his saying recently), but not if 10 years ago. There was no Robert-equivalent, so it must have been on AMC (old-style).


That puts the whole thing in a different frame. Hmmm...


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