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do you find pre-code movies slightly disappointing?

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I agree no one is good, except God. We all sin, that's why we need a Savior. However going to church or synagogue faithfully exposes people to goodness - the goodness of God's Word, the scriptures. God isn't being a meany by giving us commandments to live by, the thou shalt not's, He does that to keep us from harm because He knows all sin eventually hurts the sinner. If you are unfaithful to your wife or husband, even mentally like scouring over porn videos or magazines, there are always negative consequences. If you have multiple sex partners you get venereal diseases. If you steal or lie or cheat it ends up backfiring on you in many different ways.


As for holocausts the biggest ones in world history with the most victims have been caused by atheists. In the last century the biggest mass murderers were communists, like Stalin or Pol Pot. Hitler was an outright Satanist, not a Christian. If Hitler had been a Christian he wouldn't have mass murdered so many Orthodox Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, etc.

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Imagine a world with no religion:


The World Trade Center would still be up.


We would never have to deal with terrorism.


We would never have to deal with hate groups, such as the Nazis and the ****.


The world would probably be a much better place.


Anyways... this is completely off-topic.

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There are false religions and cults and psychos latch on to them, but true religion is of the spirit and heart and is based on love, not murder. How anyone can be bigoted toward a little old lady who goes to church on Sunday, reads her Bible, prays for others, contributes to charities, is beyond me. That kind of anti-religious bigotry is just as offensive as the kind that knocks down buildings with airplanes and sees people in terms of skin color and not character.


You write:


The world would probably be a much better place.


Without Christians and devout Jews? So we should get rid of them all on the planet and the world would only be left with atheists and therefore a better place? Do you realize how ludicrous that sounds? how that kind of thinking sets the world up for even more holocausts in future?

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You said the world would be a better place without religion, that there would be no terrorism. That falls in line with communist thought: "religion is the opiate of the masses". That theory has been used to kill even more millions of people - many of them religious - in the last century than any old crusade in the dark ages.


America was founded on religious tolerance, not intolerance. It was founded on "Freedom OF religion" not "Freedom FROM religion." So I think it's important to follow the logic of what you were stating earlier.


I can tell you one thing that would definitely make the world a better place: eliminating pornography. Put pornographers in jail. If they've even passed laws - and they have - against spam, how much more offensive and hurtful is porn? Porn abuses women and is linked to prostitution, gambling, and so many other societal ills that I could go on for about another hour.


But I know, deep down, you realize all this. It's just PC today to be flippant about these kinds of things, but porn does nothing to make this world "a better place".


Sorry this is off topic but I feel the need to make my position clear. You have your own life to live, of course, but there are always two sides to every story.


This is the type of woman the anti-religious people of the world would like to eliminate. She was up for the Nobel Peace Prize and lost to Al Gore. She was Catholic and saved Jewish children from the ghetto and from gas chambers, at great personal risk. She actually sacrificed something real for peace sake's, unlike the ex vice-president.



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Whoa, Whoa, there is WAY too much drama going on in here, so hey, I have an idea, Let's get back to the topic, ok, folks?? And leave the whole religion debate for another messegeboard that is more fitting...




You're right. Let's get back on topic.


For what it's worth, though, I agree with everything strummer said.




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