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The Triumph of Donald Trump


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Disappointed to see your thread come down, Nip. Gone for good. Not even locked. Will honor your request.


well, there is certainly nothing wrong with the occasional news insert but when there's one every three posts that's spamming.


that jakeem is certainly a speed typist. :D

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(the following is an excerpt from Jake's little Donny rah-rah piece down there)


"Today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country," Trump said at the opening. "There is nothing we cannot accomplish. The United States is great. It's great. It's great. Its people are great. There is no task or project too great. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.

"We have to choose the most optimistic path. We have to choose to believe not our politicians that in many cases truly don't know what they're doing but to believe in ourselves and in our country," he said.



(...okay, is it only me, or does anyone else here who reads this thinkin' these words of Donny's sound like some freakin' 19 year old Miss America contestant answering a question posed to her by Bert Parks, or whoever the hell is hosting that stupid beauty pageant now days, HUH?!!!)



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This is the same speech that was used in that mock documentary segment (with the music I was talking about) that Gary Franchi presented on his stupid program. I can't cite it because the link was in the disappeared thread and I can't seem to find it on youtube suggesting perhaps that it was taken down. But it would still be present within Trumpland (Moore's documentary from which it was lifted} You could hear that laughter in the audience in that video being the same as we just heard above in the Dore segment. So Moore used an actual speech in his documentary Trumpland (with the added music "fanfare of the Common Man."), from which the mock pro-trump clip was drawn. The unseen lady in the Dore program thought that MM was a truimp supporter. Jimmy Dore did not. But we can't blame her and here's why.


SNOPES : "This item has been taken by many viewers to mean that Moore is endorsing Donald Trump's candidacy, but that is not the case. The audio and transcript cited above were taken from Moore's new documentary TrumpLand, which features the director [Moore] laying out some of the reasons why Americans, especially those residing in the Midwest, might be inclined to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. However, the audio is incomplete and has been stripped of a major portion that changes both the tone and the meaning of Moore's speech." (see the Snopes link below for more)


After showing the clip on his show, this guy Gary Franchi actually mentions Moore's Trumpland documentary (as a whole) as pro Hillary (which is correct) but without revealing that he lifted the segment from that very documentary, and then says to his audience that the "unintended consequence" could result in votes for Trump, reinforcing the belief that his video was published alone. Thus, Raunchy Franchi wants Liberals to run with this to the voting booth. If Franchi cherry picked the segment he showed, it was out of context and maybe is liable. Michael Moore should sue him.


Click below for more>>>>





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Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, AI system finds
An artificial intelligence (AI) system that correctly predicted the last three U.S. presidential elections puts Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House.

CNBC > http://www.cnbc.com/2016/10/28/donald-trump-will-win-the-election-and-is-more-popular-than-obama-in-2008-ai-system-finds.html



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let me be the first...


the impossible has happened, hillary's skullduggery coming out.
apparently madame secretary sent some money james comey's way so he would not prosecute her.
comey announces discovery of some new emails pertinent to hillary's private server fun (but unrelated to his earlier decision to give her a pass)  ;) 
jakeem, old son, please feel free to interject with your most timely and informative little news inserts
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(CNN) -- FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Friday the bureau is a reopening the investigation into the Hillary Clinton personal email server, a surprise development with 11 days until the election.

After recommending this year that the Department of Justice not press charges against the Secretary of State, Comey said in the letter to eight congressional committee chairman that "recent developments" urged him to take another look.

"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation," Comey wrote the chairmen. "I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation."

Comey said that he was not sure how long the additional review would take and said the FBI "cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant."

Law enforcement sources say the newly discovered emails are not related to WikiLeaks or the Clinton Foundation. They would not describe in further detail the content of the emails. It's also unclear whether the emails in question are from Clinton herself.

Clinton's campaign learned of the news while they were aboard a flight to Iowa.

"We're learning about this just like you all are," a Clinton aide told CNN.

The surprising news jolts a presidential race that had largely settled as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump struggled in national and key battleground polls. Now, Clinton will be placed back on the defensive and forced to confront yet again questions about her trustworthiness.

Trump pounced on the news at the opening of his Friday afternoon rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"Hillary Clinton's corruption is on a scale we've never seen before," Trump said. "We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office."

Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted after the news broke, "A great day in our campaign just got even better."

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that Clinton betrayed Americans' trust for handling "the nation's most important secrets."

"This decision, long overdue, is the result of her reckless use of a private email server, and her refusal to be forthcoming with federal investigators," Ryan said in a statement. "I renew my call for the Director of National Intelligence to suspend all classified briefings for Secretary Clinton until this matter is fully resolved."

The Department of Justice declined to comment Friday.

Despite lashing Clinton's email practices as "extremely careless," Comey declined earlier this summer to suggest prosecution. That move was instantly was lambasted by Republicans -- some of whom decried the department's politicization. Comey eventually was called to Capitol Hill to testify and defend the FBI's integrity and decision process.

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