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The Triumph of Donald Trump

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14 hours ago, Arturo said:

The chicken sheets are the Republican senators who are afraid to question her.  They have hired someone else to do their dirty work.  And dirty is how they've been playing this from the get-go,  from keeping most of the relevant documents and writings of Kavsnaugh unavailable for scrutiy, to the rush to vote for him. and now their refusal to have an independent investigation of these new allegstions; they refuse to subpoena named witnesses who could corroborate for one or the other side.  This he said she said will be inconclusive.   They know the women are credible. and the old ****  are just going through the motions. as they have already expressed they are going to confirm this disgraceful nominee.  Wait till November, and the Blue Wave will join with a raging Pink Wave!

not again with those stupid two-weenied rubber pink caps.


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1 hour ago, mr6666 said:

The HillVerified account @thehill 46m46 minutes ago


1,600 men voice support for Christine Blasey Ford in New York Times ad



"We are 1,600 men who now stand behind Professor Anita Hill, as well as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, because we believe them," the advertisement reads.

"As men who are allies in the fight to end violence and harassment against women and girls, we write to express our strong support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her willingness to speak out publicly and testify before the Senate about the sexual assault that she says was perpetrated against her by Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh."

"demands that both Dr. Blasey Ford and her story be treated fairly, impartially, and with respect” and calls for "all men of good will to stand with us to ensure that Dr. Blasey Ford's story is carefully and fully examined without bias or prejudice."  .....



On 9/24/2018 at 1:49 PM, mr6666 said:

POLITICOVerified account @politico 2h2 hours ago


Sexual assault survivors and allies gathered to protest Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation after a second woman alleges he assaulted her decades ago.

Many held signs saying "Vote no or we'll fund your opponent" to pressure GOP moderate Susan Collins, who's now undecided



On 9/24/2018 at 1:55 PM, mr6666 said:

The HillVerified account @thehill 41m41 minutes ago


#BREAKING: Yale Law students staging sit-in to demand Kavanaugh investigation http://hill.cm/MUs9WPX 


It's bad enough we have an accused sexual predator in the White House --

 it's bad enough we have an accused sexual predator in the Supreme Court--

 The accused sexual predator in the White House would put another accused sexual predator in the Supreme Court .

This madness has to stop somewhere.

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12 minutes ago, jakeem said:

.@realDonaldTrump - you constantly brag about how smart you are. Meanwhile, I think it is obvious that you barely made it through Penn, which happens to be where I went as well. Let’s both publicly release our complete Penn transcripts on Fri. so people can compare. Agreed?


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33 minutes ago, jakeem said:

I’m waiting for #BrettKavanaugh to pull a Denzel and tell the #JudiciaryCommittee “I’m drunk right now.” #KavanaughConfirmationHearing #Kavanaugh


 Kavanaugh doesn't remember Dr. Ford because she wasn't important enough to remember as human being.

She was just another brick in the wall.

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8 hours ago, jakeem said:

‘Don’t look away from me!’ Watch furious women confront cowering Jeff Flake for supporting Brett Kavanaugh




7 hours ago, jakeem said:

Sen. Harris: "Moments ago I walked out of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Kavanaugh. This hearing is a sham and Dr. Ford and the American people deserve better."

Image result for sen. harris democrats walk out


8 hours ago, jakeem said:

The @cnn split screen right now, speaks volumes. On one side, is a group of diverse Democratic elected women officials, who stand with Dr. Blasey Ford.

On the other side...is Chuck Grassley.


trump's election was the last gasp of rich white male privilege.

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Judge: Democrats in Congress can sue Trump over emoluments


found that lawmakers have adequately shown that they’ve suffered harm from the president’s alleged violation of the emoluments clause, which prohibit government officials from accepting benefits from foreign governments unless a majority of both houses of Congress consent. .....

The case argues that the president has received foreign government favors, such as Chinese government trademarks for his companies, payments for hotel room stays and event-space rentals by representatives of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and proceeds from Chinese or Emirati-linked government purchases of office space in Trump Tower.

Ethics experts say the constitutional emoluments clause was created by the Founding Fathers to ensure that government officials act with the interests of the American public in mind instead of their own pocketbooks....


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On 9/26/2018 at 1:07 AM, Arturo said:

Because a 15 year old girl did not want to get raped by Kavanaugh. and a co-ed wanted nothing to do with his p e n i s.....that does not make them lesbians.  That they choose to disclose this makes them neither radical nor socialist.  

Arturo, you know how it is:  if you don't bow down to the sacred p e n i s of over privileged rich white males then you must be a radical socialist lesbian.  That's the only logical explanation.   ?

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The IRS' Work Against Tax Cheats Faces Virtual Collapse


...The IRS pursues fewer cases of tax evasion than it did less than 10 years ago. Provided you’re not a close associate of President Donald Trump, there may never be a better time to be a tax cheat.

Last year, the IRS’ criminal division brought 795 cases in which tax fraud was the primary crime, a decline of almost a quarter since 2010....

“Due to budget cuts, attrition and a shift in focus, there’s been a collapse in the commitment to take on tax fraud,” said Chuck Pine, who used to be the third-ranking criminal enforcement officer at the IRS and is now a managing director at BDO Consulting. “I believe there are thousands of individuals who have U.S. tax obligations and are not complying with U.S. tax laws.”

The result is huge losses for the government. Business owners don’t pay $125 billion in taxes each year that they owe, according to IRS estimates. That’s enough to finance the departments of State, Energy and Homeland Security, with NASA tossed in for good measure.

Unlike wage earners who have their income separately reported to the IRS, business owners are often on the honor system....

the cuts to the IRS’s budget have had an impact. During the Obama administration, the IRS asked Congress for hundreds of millions of dollars to carry out the program but received nothing.

Since Trump took office, the revenue service has stopped asking.


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America Has Become a Nation of Bullies -


".....in recent years America has become a culture of bullying—the wealthier over the poorer, CEOs over workers, those with privilege and pedigree over those without, the whiter over the browner and blacker, men over women.

Sometimes the bullying involves physical violence. More often it entails intimidation, displays of dominance, demands for submission, or arbitrary decisions over the lives of those who feel they have no choice but to accept them.

The Kavanaugh-Ford hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27 was a window into our bullying culture.......

Donald Trump is America’s bully-in-chief. He exemplifies those who use their wealth to gain power and celebrity, harass or abuse women and get away with it, lie and violate the law with impunity, and rage against anyone who calls them on their bullying.

Trump became president by exploiting the anger of millions of white, working-class Americans who for decades have been economically bullied by corporate executives, CEOs and Wall Street....

Trump is no tribune of the people. He and his enablers in the Republican Party are working for the moneyed interests— the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, other corporate and Wall Street chieftains—by cutting their taxes, eliminating regulations, slashing public services, and allowing them to profit off public lands, coastal waters and privatized services. ....

Their capacity to bully has grown as the nation’s wealth has become concentrated in fewer hands, as the economy has become more monopolized, and as American politics has become more engulfed by big money.

It is time to fight back against the bullies. It is time to join together to reclaim economic and political power.

It begins with the midterm elections, Nov. 6.



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The U.S. Defense Department Is Losing the Battle Against Climate Change

Underfunding, lack of strategic planning and denialism are hindering the DoD’s climate response


".....These are just some of the findings that make up a US Department of Defense vulnerability report, published earlier this year, looking at the impact of climate change on more than 3,500 military installations. Its conclusion? That more than half of these installations are affected by flooding, drought, winds, wildfires, storm surges and extreme temperatures. Drought proved the single biggest challenge to the military, affecting nearly 800 bases. Next up was wind, which affected more than 750 bases, while non-storm surge-related flooding impacted a little more than 700 bases.  

“As an institution, the military sees climate change as a threat to what they do on multiple levels,”......

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats warned in a Worldwide Threat Assessment that the impacts from global warming—more air pollution, biodiversity loss and water scarcity—are “likely to fuel economic and social discontent—and possibly upheaval—through 2018.” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has been called the “lone green hope” for his long-established views on the threat of global warming. ........

" None of us have any clue as to how bad it’s going to be,” said Michael Klare, about the impacts from global warming. “But this something that the military does understand better than most people—it’s not the polar bears we should be worried about,

it’s about whole societies that are going to collapse and send out waves of migration, which we’re seeing already.”




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On 9/28/2018 at 6:35 PM, Princess of Tap said:



trump's election was the last gasp of rich white male privilege.

Don't count on it just yet.  There are still a lot of them and they still have a tremendous amount of power.  Don't disregard the influence of the rich, white males in leadership/control in business, sports and other fields.

Remember, Kavanaugh was passed out of committee and baring something really, really HUGE, he will be confirmed this week.

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andrew kaczynski?Verified account @KFILE


The Washington Times settles lawsuit with Seth Rich's brother, issues retraction and apology for its coverage. Reports ⁦@oliverdarcy


andrew kaczynski?Verified account @KFILE Oct 1



I called former House Speaker @NewtGingrich – who spread the unfounded Seth Rich claim on Fox News

– to ask if he would also now retract his statements.


When I said the word "Seth Rich" he said "goodbye" and hung up.


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The New York TimesVerified account @nytimes 3h3 hours ago


President Trump has sold himself as a self-made billionaire but a Times investigation found that he received more than $400 million from his father’s empire,

much of it through dubious tax schemes during the 1990s,

including instances of outright fraud.


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4 minutes ago, jakeem said:

White House weighs in on today's NYTimes blockbuster outlining, in exhaustive detail, what it calls Trump's tax fraud i connection with his late father's business empire. @PressSec calls it "misleading." But she DOES NOT dispute any facts in the story

Because it's true.

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