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The Triumph of Donald Trump

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Unpaid bills pile up in Trump rallies’ wake

Cities across the country say the president’s campaign has failed to reimburse them for law enforcement costs.


....In total, at least 10 cities have complained that the campaign has not reimbursed them for services provided by local police and fire departments, totaling more than $840,000, according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity in June


Minneapolis may find itself next on the list after the president picked a fight with the city’s mayor on Tuesday....


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US delinquent on payments as UN faces 'worst cash crisis' in a decade

The U.S. owes $381 million in back payments and $674 million for 2019. Of the $1.3 billion owed to the U.N. by member states, the U.S. is responsible for more than $1 billion.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a letter to member states on Tuesday calling the current situation the "worst cash crisis facing the United Nations in nearly a decade."



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50 minutes ago, mr6666 said:
Credible reporting indicates that there is no plan to make sure the ISIS detainees in Northern Syria remain incarcerated.
If these ISIS fighters get free, it will be directly traceable to the decision of the President of the United States.

 When a reporter asked trump about that today, he seemed to nonchalantly say something to the effect of:

 I think they all want to go to Europe anyway.

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17 hours ago, noah80 said:


(To show support for her father), Ivanka Shines In Peach-Colored Suit During Event At White House


WOW. She actually put in an appearance! Going down with Daddy! :D

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Trump’s Syria Fiasco Is Part of Putin’s To-Do List

Trump tried to keep his talks with Putin at Helsinki last year secret from his staff and the world, but Russia's president held up the checklist for the cameras.

Syria was on it.


....“Even Russian experts are amazed at the damage Trump is willfully inflicting.”

Trump’s claims that Ukraine—not Russia—is somehow responsible for the 2016 election interference fall right in line with conspiracy theories the Kremlin has been propagating for years. The Russians have long been promoting the notions that prompted President Trump’s outrageous demands from the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, ultimately leading to the commencement of the impeachment proceedings. 


The ousting of Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, was also in line with the Kremlin’s wishes. She stood up for Ukraine’s interests, opposing Russia’s aggressive posture with respect to Donbas. Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, a close ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin—who is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter—has a longstanding grudge against Ambassador Yovanovitch. Medvedchuk cheered for the U.S. ambassador to be recalled and the Russian state media predicted that Ambassador Yovanovitch would be Trump’s “first victim in Ukraine.”

Russia’s fingerprints seem to appear on every controversial foreign-policy decision undertaken by President Trump. Prior to Turkey’s ongoing offensive against the Kurds, Turkish President Erdogan met with his Russian and Iranian counterparts.....

Erdogan was “not quite as delicate” with the president of the United States, implying that

the American president was simply put on notice as to the deals that were already struck by Turkey, Russia, and Iran. ..


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BREAKING: In broadside to Trump admin,
former Amb. Yovanovitch warns "harm will come when private interests circumvent professional diplomats for their own gain, not the public good"
& "only interests that will be served are those of our strategic adversaries, like Russia."
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