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The Triumph of Donald Trump


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14 hours ago, mr6666 said:
Trump and his political agent the POSTMASTER GENERAL are pulling apart the US Postal Service authorized by the Constitution.
How can Republicans in Congress allow this to happen?
630,000 angry employees. Rural America in peril without USPS.

ALL of America is in peril.  Democracy and freedom are in peril.  A deliberate, blatant attempt to sabotage the elections.

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Republicans On Reddit Are Sharing The Things That Made Them Stop Supporting Trump

"I went to college and met people of other races/creeds/sexualities, and I learned empathy."


2. "I voted and then went to the grocery store with a couple of my younger children. There was a very nice young Hispanic kid working and he helped me put stuff in my car so he could collect my buggy. He noticed my 'voted' sticker on my child and asked me who I voted for. I was instantly hesitant to answer truthfully and I realized I felt shame."



3. "When he appointed a Goldman Sachs executive as Secretary of the Treasury...drain the what? All downhill from there."



4. "I was 24. I’ve grown. Matured. Found empathy for others. Honestly, I started to grow frustrated with the constant tweeting, lies, and whataboutism. I also stopped watching Fox News."

6. "His general response to COVID and siccing federal troops on his own people."



7. "I was an 18-year-old high school kid in the rural South, family was always southern Baptist and conservative. I wasn’t really to the point where I held my own political beliefs, just basically took my family's beliefs as fact. I've grown up, I've changed, the world has changed even. 22-year-old me definitely wouldn’t have voted for Trump in 2016, and I won’t be voting for him this year either. While I still do hold many conservative beliefs, I am far from the alt-right/GOP voters who will be voting for Trump in 2020."



8. "I work for the United States Post Office. It's a **** show with this newly appointed Postmaster General. I'm concerned about my future employment and my livelihood. Wish us luck in 2020."

9. "I’m so embarrassed to admit it...Hillary has just always been drilled into my brain as the epitome of 'limousine liberal establishment candidate,' and I was livid with how Bernie got shafted (I voted for Bernie in the primary). When election day came, I was coming from work at an auto shop, they were all pumped on Trump and I thought, 'Worst-case scenario, he **** up and looks really dumb and hurts the GOP, right? It’s not like the people around him would actually let him cause any real harm right?' I was really wrong."........



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The Lincoln Project is launching a million dollar digital ad blitz against Trump & GOP


............“You peel off just four percent of the Republican vote and it's very hard for Trump to win the election,” said Madrid, “That's really one of the key metrics that we look at.”

To that end, along with targeting specific groups of voters in key states, the Lincoln Project is aiming to have its ads run in swing counties where their data shows “the largest fluidity” with voters moving between parties,.......


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23 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

 This is exactly the kind of question all reporters should ask every day of the week to a president who has no credibility in this country whatsoever.

let me know when they ask biden about reparations for slavery.:P


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