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The Triumph of Donald Trump

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When John McCain took the mic away from the woman who began lying about Obama & came to Obama’s defense,
THAT was the best of American politics.
There is not a single Republican member of Congress who will “take the mic” from Trump.
That’s the worst of American politics.
aaaaahhhhhhh...........remember THE GOOD OLD DAYS????
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"And every single name in this book has lost health insurance during Donald Trump's presidency?
Wow no wonder it's so heavy."

Peter Gleick


It's so heavy because it's just a list of all the nearly 300,000 Americans dead and 8.3 MILLION illnesses from the Trump administration's negligent and criminal handling of the pandemic.


220K obituaries?
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“Trumpcare” Does Not Exist.

Nevertheless Facebook and Google Cash In on Misleading Ads for “Garbage” Health Insurance.

The thousands of “Trumpcare” ads Facebook and Google have published show that the shadowy “lead generation” economy has a happy home on the platforms — and even big names like UnitedHealthcare take part.



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October 20, 2020

Tucker: American power centers align to get Joe Biden elected

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host accuses political, media establishments of conspiring to get Democratic nominee elected


Slime  Joe Biden has been on the take for many years ... America your choice and future is in front of you ... they are hiding the ugly truth .... 

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Donald J. Trump

Kayleigh McEnany presenting Lesley Stahl with some of the many things we’ve done for Healthcare. Lesley had no idea!


Lesley Stahl had no idea that they were all blank pages!

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“Big Guy” in Biden-China E-mail Is Joe Biden, Says Son’s Biz Partner

“Big Guy” in Biden-China E-mail Is Joe Biden, Says Son’s Biz Partner

Joe Biden is “the big guy” in the China-deal e-mails the New York Post published last week.

The identification of Biden as a key player in his son’s inexplicably lucrative foreign business deals comes from Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy officer who was in business with the Biden boys. In so many words, he called the Bidens double-crossing liars who “leveraged the Biden family name” to rake in millions from the Chinese Reds.

The bad news for the Democrat presidential candidate? He can no longer deny he knew nothing of his son’s obscenely lucrative activities overseas. Indeed, it appears the Democrat presidential candidate profited handsomely.


* Trumpus is a great white shark and he smells blood in the water ...

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