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Favorite Snack


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Could there be a Hershey's Extra Dark w/o the nasty specks??? Ewwww... The rest of the chocolate wasn't bad-tasting, but those specks got caught in the teeth and left a lingering nastiness, for sure... Overall I found the G-bar taste superior...


Speaking of milk chocolate, I splurged on a big ole' Cadbury milk chocolate bar. Dunno what the difference is between this and Hershey's milk, but there sure is one; also between Hershey's and Nestle's; must be the concentration of vanilla?


We are SUCH the connoisseurs...

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Okay, now you've done it, Rusty. I have to print this out and look for these bars from hereon. Thanks a bunch! :)


I prefer bourbon and like espresso too -- I like foodstuffs that bites me back. I forget the name of the hot sauce that was too hot even for me, but a little yellow skull came on the neck of each bottle. Perhaps you've had it?


As to chocolate covered -- there used to be a Bloomingdale's in New Rochelle where I grew up (the town is being taken over by high rises now, no more nice town feel to it), and all the kids who grew up there remember The Cellar in Bloomies. One of the exotic foodstuffs it had was chocolate covered ants.


No, my mother would never buy them for my brother or I and no other kid who is now an adult has ever tried them either. Drat.

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> We have "Kentucky Fried Chicken"... : (




Near Bristol TN there is a restaurant that sells "Maryland Fried Chicken" and has for a long time. I've lived in MD my whole life and nobody here has really made a fuss over our chicken. Crabcakes, however, are quite another story.



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I dunno, must be SOMETHING about that Maryland Fried Chicken; Barry Levinson mentions it for sure in his "Diner", maybe (not sure) also in "Tin Men" & "Avalon".

Maybe we could all authorize you to investigate this on behalf of the TCM Boards?

Are you up for that?

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Back to something I wrote...seriously, is there anything (outside of a hospital) that tastes like a caper?


Okay, Rusty, I'll bite. ('No, I will' said Meena to Costello in A&C meet Frankenstein, when they actually didn't, they met Frankenstein's 'monster') What in the heck are you talking about???? :0


I actually can't think of anything though.


Speaking of things that can't be compared, has anyone actually TASTED a truffle? If yes, what is the fuss that surrounds it. I have had dishes where the waitperson announces, pompously, that a truffle was waved or shaved over it, or a truffle farted in the general direction of my dish, but I was nonplussed every single time.


Since I've never felt the need to search out and buy one of the elusive little buggers, I can say that it is a taste that is unknown to me.



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"What in the heck are you talking about???? "


What do you mean, "what in the heck are you talking about????"


Oh...yes..."outside of hospital".


Well, capers taste a bit like latex gloves...don't you think?


No. I'm kidding. To MY taste buds, those little flower buds taste astringent...sort of chemical tasting. They taste the way antiseptics smell. A strange, but good taste.


I know this topic is favorite snacks, but here is something that makes me sick. And seems to be in every restaurant dish. A little history. The first time I tasted the item was some Vietnamese food. I did not know what the stuff might be and the taste ruined an otherwise good seafood meal. I think I was traumatized by my first encounter, because I cannot stand even a little bit of cilantro. To my taste buds...soap...Dawn dishwashing soap. Sticking soap in the mouth used to be a mild form of punishment...sticking cilantro in my mouth is a moderate form of punishment.


I'll stay away from Cadbury milk...



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...has anyone actually TASTED a truffle?


Taste like overpriced mushrooms to me, which is basically what they are? I do use truffle oil regularly, though. Adds a different taste to pastas than plain olive oil. Oddly, I occasionally find hard little fungi (definitely not mushrooms) poking up out of the ground beneath my live oak. I wonder if I'm throwing money into my compost...

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Thought you might like this recipe:


Cheese Crackers


2 sticks of softened butter

2 cups Rice Krispies

1/2 cup flour

8 ounces of grated sharp cheese

2-3 ounces of grated cheddar

1- 1 & 1/2 teaspoons cayenne ( if you like them spicy,

otherwise leave it out.)


Manually blend all of these ingredients together.

Roll into 1-inch balls.

Squash down with a fork.

Bake at 375 for about 8-10 minutes.



I've lost the original recipe, but I always

make a test sample. If it's too runny,

add a little more flour. If it's too dry

add a little more cheddar cheese.



Rice Krispies need to be fairly fresh. It's harder

to alter the batter once they have been added.


The kids love these, not to mention me!

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Thanks, PK. What is it in PB that causes salmonella?


Shame for Peter Pan. They never were one of my favorites, though. It's JIF and then Skippy for me.


I hate store brands and organic PB, ick.


Ever get realllllly good quality peanuts, from VA say, and grind them up with a little vegetable oil -- and include some cashews with the peanuts and then, and then................ :)


Cool, thanks for the recipe SueSueApplegate!

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I remember Bama as a child; I had Bama peanut butter and Bama jellies. But, I am a Texan, so, I don't know if Bama was sold in other states or just in Texas. I don't know if Bama is still around. My husband seems to think "Bama" referred to Alabama--which seems logical.

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Bama peanut butter and Bama jellies were sold in pre-Walmart era

stores call Fed-Marts in the sixties. They were yummy!


Fed-Marts were small bulk-in-bargain type stores, and the most

popular "preserves" were the peach and strawberry variety,

according to my vast, internal landscape of memory.

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Thanks for the information about Bama. It's been fun for me to remember the Bama food items today. I can still remember quite vividly the Bama jars on the shelves of the little grocery store where my family shopped. Gone are the days...

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