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> Bama peanut butter and Bama jellies were sold in

> pre-Walmart era

> stores call Fed-Marts in the sixties. They were

> yummy!


The specific product I have in mind is the Bama Swirl - Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly.


I remember them being sold a lot later than the 60's -- I hadn't been born in the sixties! :)


And I think you could find them in almost any Texas grocery store, like H-E-B.

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I was born and raised in Philly and lived there for more than 50 years. The people that own the better pretzel bakeries will tell you, to a man, that there's something about Philly water that makes a soft pretzel baked there different (and better) than those made anywhere else. The only role atmosphere plays is when the pretzels have been left unbagged on a folding card table at a busy intersection and they acquire a unique "car exhaust" flavoring. The trick is to either buy directly from the bakery (if they sell retail, some do not) or buy them as early in the day as possible. It sounds nasty I know, and I've eaten my weight in soft pretzels, but ask yourself where do the pretzel vendors go to use the bathroom and how do they wash their hands? I've never, ever, seen a dispenser of waterless hand sanitizer sitting on the table next to the pretzels. Hmmm...



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I've been to DiPalma's any number of times and they make a good product, but there are several places that will give them a run for their money. The Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory is one and if you know where Castor Ave intersects Cottman Ave, head South on Castor exactly one street to a little retail establishment on the right hand side (whose name I've forgotten) and check them out. A distinctive product available in an entire spectrum of varieties. There are certain bakeries that will ship fresh pretzels to you overnite via FedEx or UPS, so a trip to the city might not be necessary. If you know about the state of affairs in philly and the whole Delaware Valley these days, you'll understand why I left. I only wish I'd made the move sooner. With internet radio, I can even listen to my beloved Eagles in real time and catch sports talk radio with less static and interference than if I was dialing them in locally. Except for the weekly trip to South Philly and Tony Luke's at 3rd and Oregon for the city's best cheesesteak, there's little I'll miss about the town. I've had hoagies sent down packed in dry ice and styrofoam so I'm actually in pretty good shape! Like someone once sang, "You can't get to heaven on the Frankford el!"



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