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The Stranger

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Does anyone know where I can find the early William Shatner movie where he rolls into a southern town and slowly corrupts the Town with hatred and violence, (SPOILER) only at the end is he revealed to be the Devil. I think it was called The Stranger. If anyone has any idea where to get this film I would be glad to know, I have already tried the standards. Can not find it, is it in public domain, or is it tied up in court somewhere? Any info would be great. Thanks

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Thank you so much for the correct title, both of you have saved me a few hours of aggravation. I had it stuck in my head that it was called The Stranger and have been searching for that title. I really appreciate it, thank you.

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Glad to help.


I have never seen "The Intruder," but if the villain turns out to be the devil, that would be interesting. Richard Matheson, who also wrote a bunch of Poe films for Corman, wrote a terrific short story called "The Distributor," in which a guy moves into a new suburban neighborhood and causes all sorts of trouble, including racial trouble by suggesting that one family is really black but passing for white. The reader is left unsure at the end of the story whether the guy is simply insane and incredibly lucky or the devil.


Beaumont was Matheson's friend, and perhaps he borrowed this idea for "The Intruder." Beaumont certainly borrowed a lot of ideas for his "Twilight Zone" episodes.

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