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LAST DAY! ?THE TCM Programming Challenge: Take 5? with PRIZES

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Just let me interrupt your hard working task of putting together this gigantic project you are undertaking, to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY" filmlover!! Please take time out today to have a big slice of Birthday Cake and take a mini vacation from this project, to enjoy your special day you share with Zsa Zsa Gabor & Mamie Van Doren!! (You lucky guy!!)



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I have seen kubrickbuff's schedule which was good but didn't have any regular TCM features (Cartoon Alley, Sunday Silent Night, TCM Underground, etc.) or any of this Challenge's particular requirements listed in the first post. I advised where they should be placed, don't give up, and see some of the schedules as they get posted.

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Since so many pages have passed since this thread began on February 1, I just want to recap for newcomers and previous Challengers alike the instructions for the contest and in filling out your schedules:


The TCM Programming Challenge is a fun-only contest for fans of TCM that was started here by fellow Message Board poster, path40a, in early 2006 as a great exercise for fans of TCM on the Message Board and is not sponsored by TCM. The contest will run from February 1st, until midnight PST on March 7th, 2007.


In doing the Challenge, you imagine yourself to be the Turner Classic Movies' programmer and come up with one week of TCM programming.


IMPORTANT: Your very best bet to seeing what schedules look like is to check out the links to all of the four previous TCM Programming Challenges.





RULE #1: Your week will contain films generally regarded as the ?TCM Library?:

Warner Bros - pre 1950

MGM - all

RKO - all

PLUS since TCM has been expanding the number of studios they are presenting, you will be able to add films from these FIVE other studios:

Monogram Pictures ? all

Columbia Pictures ? all

J. Arthur Rank ? all

United Artists ? after 1950 only

Walt Disney - live action films only

You may also include films not included above if the films have previously scheduled on TCM. Please mark those as ?p/s? next to their title in your schedule.


RULE #2: Since the title of this current Challenge is ?Take 5?, which is also a filmmaking expression, dedicate one evening of your schedule (5 films) to Hollywood.

(If you don?t care for the Hollywood idea, then program instead one evening dedicated to the number ?Five?. For example, your theme could be ?Taking the Fifth? where you schedule five courtroom movies.?)


RULE #3: As we have seen, TCM will help promote a new DVD boxset by having one evening where TCM showcases two or three titles from the set.

Your assignment: a) Create an imaginary new DVD boxset containing 5 actual movies from the WB-pre 1950, MGM-all, and RKO-all library only (not the other five studios). All titles must be new to DVD. This imaginary boxset can be a continuation of a previous series, such as the Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection or you can create a brand new theme.

B) One of your week?s scheduled evenings will showcase two or three of the titles, but not all five so people will still be tempted to buy it.

c) List your boxset idea and the five titles after the end of the week?s schedule.


Okay, now here is where I will loosen up on some requirements from previous Challenges.

1. No Guest Programmer this time.

2. You can program a serial on Saturday morning, but you don?t have to. It?s up to you.

3. You have your choice of five ?Premieres? (films that haven?t been aired on TCM before). You have free reign to choose films which are not covered in Rule #1.


Include these standard items of a TCM schedule:

1. Star of the Month - their films can consume one evening (usually 3-4 movies)

2. Have themes for each day (e.g., link at least two, or preferably four or five films). Check the links to previous schedules.

3. Program in The Essentials at 8PM ET Saturday night, Cartoon Alley on Saturday at 11:30 AM ET, TCM Underground on Friday night/Saturday AM), Silent Sunday Night at approximately midnight, and TCM Imports immediately following Silent Sunday Night.

4. The first day of your schedule will be Sunday morning, starting at 6AM ET, and the last day of your schedule will be Saturday night/Sunday AM. Each evening?s programs begins at 8 PM ET.

5. Use tcmdb.com or imdb.com to get running times so that you don't exceed 24 hours per day of programming.

6. Recognize actor's birthdays and/or do other unannounced tributes and film linkages during some of the days


Also, include some notes after you have posted your complete schedule to explain your ideas.


Here are links to previous Challenges. This will give you the idea of how to format your Week?s schedule. Also, in viewing this, you will see ideas that previous Challenge takers have chosen. Look at them to make sure your ideas have not been done in the past.

1st Challenge:


2nd Challenge:


3rd Challenge:


4th Challenge:



Here are several links to help you select films from the following companies:

RKO: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0041421/

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0020206/

Warner Bros./First National: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0026840/

Rank: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0027356/

United Artists (after 1950): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0026841/

Columbia: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0071509/

Walt Disney (live-action only): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney_live_action_films

Monogram Pictures: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0025996/



There will be prizes for those receiving the most votes (voting is done by you, the members of this board).

1. Turner Classic Movies is generously donating TCM t-shirts, hats, etc. (Thank you, TCM Programmer!)

2. I am also going to provide DVDs (some are full-length movie serials) and other movie-related merchandise.


Specific details of prizes will be provided at the conclusion of the contest.



On March 8th, 2007, a special thread for voting will be listed after the contest ends at midnight PST, March 7, 2007. You will be eligible to vote at that time if you are a message board member registered before February 1st, 2007 (in other words, January 31, 2007 or earlier). If you register after January 31, 2007 and enter a full week?s schedule before the contest closes on March 7th, you will be entitled to vote.


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Happy belated birthday, filmlover.


Kubrick, don't sweat the Cartoon Alley stuff, no one really places too much importance on that. Just check out a few months worth of Cartoon Alley on the upcoming schedules and pick a few titles. As far as silents go, just google silent movies and pick one. You don't have to adhere to the rules and can pick any one you want.

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Happy belated birthday, filmlover.


Thanks, Matt.


As far as silents go, just google silent movies and pick one. You don't have to adhere to the rules and can pick any one you want.


I just want mention to others that you can choose any studio for Silent Sunday Night, TCM Import, and TCM Underground. That's what Matt meant by not having to adhere to Rule #1 for those. However, for everything else, the Rules listed do apply.

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> For the first time in the Challenges, I'm having a

> hard time coming up with premiers. But I've found

> many films that TCM owns that may seem like premiers,

> since they own, but have never shown them.


My reading of the rule is that you get five "premieres" as basically wild cards that aren't from any of the studios mentioned.


Programming movies that are in the TCM library, but which TCM haven't yet shown, seems to me to be allowed under Rule 1.


The rule that's bothering me is the "new-to-DVD" rule.


At least we've still got four weeks left. :-)

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I just spent some time reading over other schedules and I realized that sugarpuss did a food theme in the last challenge. Though it only includes two of the same movies, should I scrap that and do a different theme for that particular night? (I scheduled "meal time" for one of my themes at night)

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Yours is the first up, and it's a great schedule, SinatraFan. I can see how hard you worked on it.


I love the tribute to the Mills family (always had a soft spot for Hayley). I would leave the food fest in.


I, too, would love to see the return of Darkness before Dawn.


And as Stanwyck is one of my favorite actresses, I think having her as Star of the Month would be wonderful.


I would love to see The Blue Dahlia but has it ever been on TCM before? I don't recall.


And I need to apologize to all that my instructions were long and complicated. lol, hosting is much harder than I thought it would be. What I was hoping to see with regards to the Hollywood idea was 5 films. And one thing that is always good is to include running times and studios on all the films in the schedule.


Two things I would alter:

1. would be the choice of The Great Ziegfeld from the boxset. It has been previously released on DVD and the set is to be all new.

2. Here is a case of great minds thinking alike. Two schedules back, lzcutter did a birthday tribute to Walter Brennan called "Was You Ever Stung by a Dead Bee?".

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