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LAST DAY! ?THE TCM Programming Challenge: Take 5? with PRIZES

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The rule that's bothering me is the "new-to-DVD" rule.


Hi, Fedya,


lol, I was really hoping people would enjoy the idea of creating their own special boxset. Having seen that one of the most posted threads on the Message Boards is "Not Yet on DVD But Should Be", I thought sure others would like to let go and show what they could do if they were able to.



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For the first time in the Challenges, I'm having a hard time coming up with premiers. But I've found many films that TCM owns that may seem like premiers, since they own, but have never shown them.


Matt, anything that WB turned out prior to 1950, or any of the Columbia, etc., mentioned in rule #1 are yours to insert where you like. It doesn't matter that they haven't been on TCM before, you don't have to count them as part of your five Premieres. You can use studios like Paramount or Universal or any others not mentioned in Rule #1 for your Premieres. So, for example, you could even schedule 5 great film noirs from Universal, or any kind of mix you want.

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Great thread. It looks interesting. I'll read the rules later. I skimmed it last night and Sinatrafan did a great job posting her schedule. Thanks filmlover, it's got to be difficult to explain the rules - hope you didn't chase newclassicfilmfan away...LOL...at least you modified your post so it didn't seem as harsh, but when I originally saw it, I thought "I better not even try this - don't want to incur your wrath if I do it wrong"

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Hi, sweetsmell,


It is starting to look really good. You will still need to add daytime hours (you are scheduling one full week, 24 hours a day). Take a look at SinatraFan's entry below. You should include studio, release year, and running time, too.



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Can I edit mine? I'd like to make sure I follow all the rules. I'll get rid of the Walter Brennan tribute, change the silent and import to be about murder in the movies (and add one afterwards so that it is five films all together) add running times (I tried to keep less than five minutes between films so I didn't think it was neccessary) and studios (I thought that p/s was a substitute for the studio)


Is that okay?


PS-- I have the Blue Dahlia on VHS that I recorded off of TCM about four years ago, so does that still count? I thought it would count as p/s


Sorry for all of my mistakes! I should have read the instructions more carefully...

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Definitely, just use the edit button next to the left of the reply buttons for your post with the schedule. All your ideas sound wonderful.


"p/s" stands for "previously scheduled". Usually only listed when one lists a movie with a studio that is out of the norm for TCM, so that way it is known not to be "Premiere". No need to list p/s for films that fall within the studios in Rule #1. A sample would be:


8:00 PM Frankenstein (Universal, 1931) 70 min. p/s

9:30 PM Casablanca (WB, 1942) 103 min.


Wow, I can't believe I missed Blue Dahlia a few years ago on TCM. The last time I saw this film was a few decades ago. I hope it gets released on DVD. And, yes, you're right, it does count since it was on TCM.


And, please, you didn't make mistakes. There is just so many little fine details sometimes that I can still forget something when I do mine. Doing a schedule is an incredible amount of work. That's why I am always stunned after being exhausted from just doing one week when I think the TCM programmer does this 52 weeks a year.

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I am having a stressful time fixing my schedule because of the New to DVD time slot that we have to do and I really don't understand why we have to do that. Pretty much all the movies that I like have been released on DVD and I have no clue what to put on this New to DVD time slot.

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Hi, Kubrick,


Actually, I was hoping that the creation of a box set to premiere with two movies on the schedule would be one of the fun things to do. Each time a person get s a chance to host this competition, they can pick some new thing to incorporate into the week. In the past, other Challenge hosts have request astrological signs as ways to program a night, Guest Programmers from the dead, holidays, serials planning, etc. I just thought since Robert Osborne often introduces a special movie or two sometimes and promotes a new boxset they are in, it might be fun to carry that over into the schedule.


And I feel I need to add, so I don't look like some petty dictator, I know you have sincerely wanted to post a schedule and that is why I have spent so much time helping you so much here and in PMs. I know this is your first schedule but please don?t stress so much over it by trying to rush it. I understand that eagerness. I want you to be able to take part. I know it is quite an undertaking when you may never have seen a schedule before. We have all had to find our way. So when you wrote that you were stressing out because you didn?t know any silents or foreign films, I sent you links to them. And when you wrote that you didn?t know any cartoon titles, I tried to help there, too. I know you were hoping to post your draft but it didn?t have any TCM features (The Essentials, TCM Underground, Silent Sunday Nights, TCM Imports, Cartoon Alley, Star of the month, etc. nor the five Hollywood films, nor the box set), and that is why I was mentioning to you that you needed to rework your schedule a bit and showed you where you need to insert them, just as I explained that only 5 Premieres are allowed this time and that the 12 you had was too many. (In actual fact, the Challenge normally only allows 2 Premieres).


I only mention all this because I am beginning to feel like a poor Moderator, and more like I am creating a schedule. I?ve wanted to host a Challenge, because 1. it is an honor, and 2. I finally get to rest for a month because I am supposed to introduce the contest rules and clarify occasionally where need be, lol. However, I feel I am doing a great injustice to others who are creating their schedules completely from scratch.


I feel the need to repeat what I have said in PMs and here...you have until March 7th, so please take your time and look at others as they post their schedules, study them and understand what you are doing is coming up with a regular week of TCM programming. Look at the requirements in the first post on this thread. They are basically the same that have served all the Challenge posters for each of the previous four Challenges.


This Challenge is about having fun, so don?t stress.

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Yes, but what about the New to DVD time slot. I told you that pretty much all of the films that I like have already been released on DVD and this whole thing is killing me and it's one of the reasons why a part of me really does not want to do the challenge, I don't know what to do about this whole New to DVD thing because all the movies I like are already on DVD so I don't know what to do.

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Hi Kubrickbuff - Perhaps I might make a suggestion. Rather than concentrating on the films you personally like for the DVD boxset, try to create a set based on films that others might find interesting which aren't available. It might open things up a little for you and ease the stress. Boy, I sure admire your dedication and passion. Good luck!

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You could pick a movie star, or director that you like (or someone that maybe you aren't too familiar with, but you feel deserves some attention) and type their name in the tcmdb search box. Then click on their filmography-- you can pick which films you'd like to include in your boxset from that list. Make a list of about ten or so films and then click on each one to see its individual tcmdb page. Usually if a film is available on DVD, there is a link to buy it on the tcmdb page. Therefore, if it says "not currently available on DVD" it's safe to include it in your box set. You just keep trying until you find five films, all in the tcm library (filmlover specified what studios and time periods are owned by tcm in the first post)


I had the same trouble with the DVD box set (my final schedule had a mistake in the box set lineup.) And it's funny because I'm always complaining to my family about films not being on DVD but when it comes time to make my own box set I draw a blank!


But I think this particular system should work well for anyone who is having trouble with the DVD lineup- it seems to be working for me (I'm in the process of editing my schedule)


Hope that helps!

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What an incredible schedule! Great job! I see that I would be recording all week. You've picked a number of my favorites, too: Cyd Charisse, mysteries, and more. Your schedule is full of imaginiation and wit (love "Stars Behind Bars" and "Cyd Charisse: The Legs Went On Forever"). Excellent choices for Take Five and I would definitely buy your DVD set.


Congrats all around!

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Here is my schedule. I hope everything is done correctly. This was fun to do!!


A particular week during the month of June:


(June 24) Sunday Morning/Afternoon:


6:00am- In Name Only (1939; RKO) 94 min.

8:00am- History is Made at Night (1937; United Artists) 97 min.

10:00am- Love With the Proper Stranger (1963; Paramount) 102 min.


Afternoon theme: Based on Alistair MacLean Novels


12:00pm- The Guns of Navarone (1961; Columbia) 158 min.

2:45pm- Ice Station Zebra (1968; M-G-M) 148 min.

5:15pm- Where Eagles Dare (1968; M-G-M) 158 min.


Sunday Evening (Theme- Mob Mentality):


8:00pm- Fury (1936; M-G-M) 90 min.

10:00pm- The Ox-Bow Incident (1943; FOX) 75 min. p/s


Silent Sunday Night:


12:00am- Sherlock Jr. (1924; Metro) 44 min.

1:00am- The Cameraman (1928; M-G-M) 75 min.


TCM Import:

2:15am- Shoot the Piano Player (1960; Cocinor) 92 min.


4:00am- The Offence (1973; United Artists) 112 min.



(June 25) Monday Morning/Afternoon:


6:00am- The Cincinnati Kid (1965; M-G-M) 102min.

8:00am- The Great Escape (1963; United Artists) 172 min.


Theme- Early Hawks:


11:00am- The Dawn Patrol (1930; Warner Bros.) 106min.

1:00pm- Scarface (1932; United Artists) 93 min.

2:45pm- The Crowd Roars (1932; Warner Bros.) 85min.

4:15pm- Twentieth Century (1934; Columbia) 91 min.

6:00pm- Ceiling Zero (1936; Warner Bros.) 95 min.


Monday Evening (Theme- Jeff Bridges):


8:00pm- Fat City (1972; Columbia) 100 min.

10:00pm- Bad Company (1972; Paramount) 93 min.

12:00am- Cutter's Way (1981; United Artists) 105 min.

2:00am- The Last Picture Show (1971; Columbia) 126 min.

4:15am- Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974; United Artists) 115 min.



(June 26) Tuesday Morning/Afternoon:


Theme 1- Cagney Gangster Movies


6:30am- The Public Enemy (1931; Warner Bros.) 83 min.

8:00am- Angels With Dirty Faces (1938; Warner Bros.) 97 min.

10:00am- White Heat (1949; Warner Bros.) 114 min.


Theme 2- Grant and Hitchcock


12:00pm- Suspicion (1941; RKO) 99 min.

1:45pm- Notorious (1946; RKO) 101 min.

3:30pm- To Catch a Thief (1955; Paramount) 106 min.

5:30pm- North By Northwest (1959; M-G-M) 136 min.


Tuesday Evening (Theme- Feeling a Little 'Lonely'):


8:00pm- None But the Lonely Heart (1944; RKO) 113 min.

10:00pm- In a Lonely Place (1950; Columbia) 94 min.

12:00am- Lonelyhearts (1958; United Artists) 103 min.

2:00am- Lonely Are the Brave (1962; Universal) 107 min.


4:00am- I Walk Alone (1948; Paramount) 97 min.



(June 27) Wednesday Morning/Afternoon (Theme- The Lubitsch Touch):


6:00am- The Love Parade (1929; Paramount) 107 min. Premiere

8:00am- The Smiling Lieutenant (1931; Paramount) 93 min.

9:45am- One Hour With You (1932; Paramount) 80 min. Premiere

11:15am- Trouble in Paradise (1932; Paramount) 83 min.

12:45pm- If I Had a Million (1932; Paramount) 88 min. Premiere

2:30pm- The Merry Widow (1934; M-G-M) 99 min.

4:30pm- Angel (1937; Paramount) 91 min. Premiere

6:30pm- Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938; Paramount) 80 min. Premiere


Wednesday Evening (Theme- Star of the Month Rosalind Russell's 100th Birthday):


8:00pm- His Girl Friday (1940; Columbia) 92 min.

10:00pm- My Sister Eileen (1942; Columbia) 96 min.

12:00am- Sister Kenny (1946; RKO) 116 min.

2:00am- Auntie Mame (1958; Warner Bros.) 143 min.

4:30am- China Seas (1935; M-G-M) 87 min.



(June 28) Thursday Morning/Afternoon (Theme- Film-Noir Kings and Queens):


6:00am- Out of the Past (1947; RKO) 97 min.

8:00am- Caught (1949; M-G-M) 88 min.

9:30am- The Big Heat (1953; Columbia) 89 min.

11:15am- Dead Reckoning (1947; Columbia) 100 min.

1:00pm- Born to Kill (1947; RK0) 92 min.

2:45pm- Double Indemnity (1944; Paramount) 107 min.

4:45pm- The Suspect (1944; Universal) 85 min.

6:30pm- The Narrow Margin (1952; RKO) 71 min.


Thursday Evening (Theme- Fred Without Ginger):


8:00pm- Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940; M-G-M) 102 min.

10:00pm- You Were Never Lovelier (1942; Columbia) 97 min.

12:00am- Easter Parade (1948; M-G-M) 107 min.

2:00am- The Band Wagon (1953; M-G-M) 111 min.

4:00am- Silk Stockings (1957; M-G-M) 117 min.



(June 29) Friday Morning/Afternoon (Theme- Maverick Directors):


6:00am- The Crimson Kimono (1959; Columbia) 82 min. (Sam Fuller)

7:30am- Underworld U.S.A. (1961; Columbia) 99 min. (Sam Fuller)

9:15am- The Tall T (1957; Columbia) 78 min. (Budd Boetticher)

10:45pm- Ride Lonesome (1959; Columbia) 73 min. (Budd Boetticher)

12:15pm- Kansas City Confidential (1952; United Artists) 99 min. (Phil Karlson)

2:00pm- Gunman's Walk (1958; Columbia) 97 min. (Phil Karlson)

4:00pm- Johnny Guitar (1954; Republic) 110 min. p/s (Nicholas Ray)

6:00pm- The Lusty Men (1952; RKO) 113 min. (Nicholas Ray)


Friday Evening (Theme- Ju-dy, Ju-dy, Ju-dy):


8:00pm- The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956; Columbia) 99 min.

10:00pm- The Pirate (1948; M-G-M) 102 min.

12:00am- Husbands and Wives (1992; Columbia/TriStar) 108 min.


TCM Underground (Monte Hellman Double Feature):


2:00am- Ride the Whirlwind (1965; Continental Motion Pictures) 82 min.

3:30am- The Shooting (1967; Continental Motion Pictures) 82 min.


5:00am- The Stone Killer (1973; Columbia) 95 min.



(June 30) Saturday Morning/Afternoon:


7:00am- Wagon Master (1950; RKO) 86 min.

8:30am- Blessed Event (1932; Warner Bros.) 80 min.

10:00am- Five Star Final (1931; Warner Bros.) 89 min.


11:30am- Cartoon Alley


Afternoon Theme (Robert Ryan- Boxset):


12:00pm- Berlin Express (1948; RKO) 87 min.

1:30pm- Act of Violence (1948; M-G-M) 82 min.

3:00pm- The Woman on the Beach (1947; RKO) 71 min.

4:30pm- Beware, My Lovely (1952; RKO) 77 min.

6:00pm- The Outfit (1973; M-G-M) 103 min.


Saturday Evening (Theme- The Essentials: Screwy Dames):


8:00pm- My Man Godfrey (1936; Universal) 94 min.

10:00pm- Bringing Up Baby (1938; RKO) 102 min.

12:00am- Theodora Goes Wild (1936; Columbia) 94 min.

2:00am- It's a Wonderful World (1939; M-G-M) 86 min.


3:30am- Bite the Bullet (1975; Columbia) 131 min.


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I don't know if I have told you all this but I have decided not to do the challenge, I don't think that I am the right person for this, you all have better knowledge than I do which makes me feel like a complete idiot. I love all the modern films too much I guss. I guss I am not the film buff that I thought I was all my life, I guss if you like modern films than you are not considered a true film buff.

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I regret you are not sticking wih it, kubrick. I know it is always intimidating the first time. But don't forget. you still have almost four more weeks to post your completed schedule. It can be a lot of fun. Take a look at Dewey, Sweetsmell, and SinatraFan's schedules. All three are posting for the very first time, just as you are.

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kubrick, never feel ashamed. Everyone on these boards comes in with knowledge that none of the rest of us knows. Some are learning and there is no shame in that. Others, like myself, have been around an eternity and have just had more time to see more films over the years (sometimes more years than I want to remember, sigh).

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