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LAST DAY! ?THE TCM Programming Challenge: Take 5? with PRIZES

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I wouldn't say that I have "better knowledge" than you do. A lot of the films I've included in my schedule are films I've never seen before (especially the Ernst Lubitsch films). There's still a ton I have to see and learn more about, but it takes time.


I also hope you will reconsider and decide to create a schedule.

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Please, please never should you feel ashamed about something like this. I know it is frustrating. I've been second guessing myself all month so it's part of the process. I posted in an earlier contest and it's work. You want to be clever but not too clever but you don't want to be boring either. So don't worry.


If you're not up to it this time that's ok. Use this contest and maybe you'll feel better when the next one comes along. Enjoy the thread and when the time comes post a vote for your favorite. We're glad you are here. Have fun.



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Are we to gather, then, that TCM acrually does have access to the films found on the links at the beginning of this thread?


If that's the case, I would urge TCM programmers to acquaint themselves with the 1950 British thriller STATE SECRET, whose U.S. rights are held by Columbia Pictures (no. 1899 on IMDb's list).

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TCM and Sony did a deal (not sure of all the logistics) last fall. As I understand it, TCM and Sony reached an agreement that will allow TCM to lease a number (not sure how many but from the looks of things, quite a few if not a great many) of Columbia titles which up till now, have not been aired on TCM.


On a different note,if only they could get the broadcast rights to Five Graves to Cairo. Paramount produced but Universal owned, I believe, or is that one that Paramount held on to?

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MCA/Universal does indeed seem to have the rights to Five Graves to Cairo and most of the Paramount pre-1948 library.


I think I just read that one of the few films not included in the deal was Preston Sturges' [/b]The Miracle of Morgan's Creek[/b], because nobody at that time thought the movie could ever be shown on television (apparently the only ancilliary market people had in mind at that time.


Do you have a multi-region DVD player? I think 5GC has been released in France, just go to amazon.fr and search for Les 5 secrets du d?sert

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Universal did the deal with Paramount quite awhile back. However, some films (besides the silents), seem to have been exempt from the deal. I am hoping because he knows a great deal about Paramount, that he can answer the question as to who owns the rights to Five Graves. Back in the day before VHS, television was the only ancillary market. Most contracts did not include any future technology or rights for perpituity.


He has been adovocating for Five Graves for quite some time and because of that, I want to see the film. I haven't seen in almost thirty five years.


Mr Cutter and I are awaiting the end of the Blu-Ray vs HD DVD battle before we buy many more DVDs.


You have a PM by the way.


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Ah, well if someone knows for sure about Five Graves so much the better. I usually just look up "company credits" for each title at imdb.com. According to my latest check, Universal should have rights to Five Graves.


On the other hand, Paramount retains all rights to something like The Miracle of Morgan's Creek. And yet other Paramount releases are now in others' hands, such as Speedy, with New Line Cinema having home video rights.


But of course, I realize imdb.com isn't pefect. :)


P.S. I'd also like to hold off on buying more DVDs until one of the high-definition formats prevails... but in the meantime if I can get something, watch it and sell it as used, it's not all bad. ;)

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Hey sports fans! Have not had time to check-in as much as i always

loved too! UNFORTUNATELY!!!


However, I have heard of this "TCM GAME" & would love to play it, just after my 25thyr of covering this yrs 79th Annual Academy Awards-(of which by the way, tcm has once-again out-did it's previous yrs coverage,etc)


Another dilemma being I don't know what it's about??? PLEASE WRITE-ME-(Mongo, path,etc)

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Sweetsmell, it's a great schedule. Really glad to see you have entered it. I am a great fan of Howard Hawks so your tribute to his early work is something I would watch. And I always love any schedule with film noir. One question, in your salute to "Maverick Directors", it might be helpful to mention who they are for each film because I don't know who they are and I am sure others would like to know. The Robert Ryan boxset sounds like a great idea.


One other thing that is always good is to list a few notes about your choices, let us see why you picked what you did, and anything special you want us to know about your schedule.

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Hi, Spencer,


Click on the "First Post" link above. All the details are there. I hope you will join in.


Everyone is welcome, so check out the very first post in this thread if you would like to be part of the fun.



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Hi, everyone,


Still having troubles with my computer but it has allowed me to log on, at least temporarily, this morning. It could still kick out at any moment, but before that happens...


I've been meaning to post in this extra incentive to scheduling your week of TCM programming. As previously mentioned, the schedules that get the most votes will win prizes (TCM is generously donating t-shirts, hats, etc., and I am going to be including DVDs and other movie-related items).


I also want to announce that I am going to donate an additional prize for the person who comes up with the best imaginary DVD boxset that is incorporated into their schedule (Rule #3 in the instructions). So there will be a vote for best Challenge schedule and a separate vote for best imaginary boxset incorporated into that schedule. Even if your schedule doesn't win, you might still win for the imaginary boxset part. SPECIAL NOTE: Your entry MUST consist of BOTH (a week's schedule AND a boxset), as those who have already posted their schedule here have done. No boxset entry without a schedule.



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Sunday January 7


6:00 Androcles and the Lion (1953) Victor Mature, Jean Simmons 98m RKO

8:00 The Fire Fly (1937) Allan Jones, Jeanette MacDonald 131m MGM

10:15 Weekend at the Waldorf (1945) Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon 130m MGM

12:30 Tender Comrade (1944) Robert Ryan, Ginger Rogers 102m RKO

2:30 Storm Warning (1951) Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers 93m WB

4:15 The Hasty Heart (1950) Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal 102m WB


6:00 Captain Blood (1935) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland 119m WB




8:00 Four Daughters (1938) John Garfield, Priscilla Lane 90m WB

9:30 Rhapsody in Blue (1945) Robert Alda, Joan Leslie 139m WB



12:00 Die Nibelungen: Seigrfied (1924) Paul Richter, Hannah Ralph 100m Decla-Bioscop AG


2:00 Fitzcarraldo (1982) Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale 158m New World Pictures

4:30 Burden of Dreams: The Making of Fitzcarraldo (1982) Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski 95m Flower Films

5:30 Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe: Documentary/Short (1980) Werner Herzog 20m Flower Films



Monday January 8




6:00 Swamp Woman (1941) Ann Corio, Jack LaRue 68m Producers Releasing Corp.

7:15 Jungle Siren (1942) Ann Corio, Buster Crabbe 68m PRC

8:30 Sarong Girl (1943) Ann Corio, Tim Ryan 63m Monogram

9:45 The Sultan?s Daughter (1944) Ann Corio, Tim Ryan 64m Monogram

11:00 Call of the Jungle (1944) Ann Corio, James Bush 60m Monogram





12:00 Manchurian Candidate (1962) Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey 126m UA



2:15 Come Blow Your Horn (1963) Frank Sinatra, Babara Rush 102m Paramount



4:15 Spellbound (1945) Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman 116m UA



6:15 My Friend Irma (1949) Diana Lynn, John Lund 102m Paramount p/s




8:00 The Glass Key (1942) Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 85m Paramount p/s

9:30 The Farmer?s Daughter (1947) Loretta Young, Joseph Cotton 96m RKO

11:45 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) James Stewart, John Wayne 122m Paramount p/s

1:45 Pocketful of Miracles (1961) Glenn Ford, Bette Davis 136m UA p/s

4:15 The Court Jester (1956) Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns 101m Paramount


Tuesday January 9




6:00 Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 65m Monogram

7:15 The Chinese Cat (1944) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 65m Monogram

8:30 Black Magic (1944) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 65m Monogram

9:45 The Jade Mask (1945) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 64m Monogram

11:00 The Scarlet Clue (1945) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 65m Monogram

12:15 The Shanghai Cobra (1945) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 64m Monogram

1:30 The Red Dragon (1946) Sidney Toler, Benson Fong 64m Monogram

2:45 Dark Alibi (1946) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 61m Monogram

4:00 Shadows Under Chinatown (1946) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland Monogram

5:15 Dangerous Money (1946) Sidney Toler, Victor Sen Young 66m Monogram

6:30 The Trap (1946) Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland 69m Monogram




8:00 The Great Gildersleeve (1942) Harold Peary, Nancy Gates 62m RKO

9:15 Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943) Harold Peary, Billie Burke 65m RKO

10:30 Gildersleeve?s Ghost (1944) Harold Peary, Marion Martin 63m RKO

11:45 Look Who?s Laughing (1941) Harold Peary, Fibber McGee & Molly 79m RKO




1:15 Buck Benny Rides Again (1941) Jack Benny, Eddie Anderson 82m Paramount


2:45 Love Thy Neighbor (1940) Jack Benny, Fred Allen 80m Paramount


4:15 We?re Not Dressing (1934) Bing Crosby, Carole Lombard 80m Paramount


Wednesday January 10




6:00 Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939) Robert Donat, Greer Garson 110m MGM

8:00 Casablanca (1943) Humphry Bogart, Ingrid Bergman 99m WB

10:00 Now, Voyager (1942) Bette Davis, Paul Henreid 118m WB

12:00 Between Two Worlds (1944) John Garfield, Paul Henreid 110m WB

2:00 The Spanish Main (1945) Paul Henreid, Maureen O?Hara 101m RKO

4:00 Of Human Bondage (1946) Paul Henreid, Eleanor Parker 108m WB

6:00 Song of Love (1947) Paul Hendreid, Katharine Hepburn 117m MGM




8:00 Hell?s House (1932) Bette Davis, Pat O?Brien 80m State?s Rights/P.D.

9:30 Devil Dogs of the Air (1935) Pat O?Brien, James Cagney 90m WB

11:00 The Irish in Us (1935) Pat O?Brien, James Cagney 84m WB

12:30 The Great O?Malley (1937) Pat O?Brien, Sybil Jason 70m WB

2:00 Women Are Like That (1938) Pat O?Brien, Kay Francis 78m WB

3:30 Castle on the Hudson (1940) Pat O?Brien, John Garfield 78m WB

5:00 Having Wonderful Crime (1945) Pat O?Brien, Carole Landis 70m RKO


Thursday January 11




6:15 The Mad Monster (1942) George Zucco, Anne Nagel 79m Producer?s Releasing Corp

7:45 Fog Island (1945) George Zucco, Lionel Atwill 70m PRC

9:00 The Black Raven (1943) George Zucco, Wanda McKay 62m PRC

10:15 Dead Men Walk (1943) George Zucco, Mary Carlisle 66m PRC

11:30 The Flying Serpent (1946) George Zucco, Hope Kramer 59m PRC

12:30 Voodoo Man (1944) George Zucco, Bela Lugosi 62m Monogram

1:45 Return of the Ape Man (1944) George Zucco, Bela Lugosi 60m Monogram

2:45 Scared to Death (1947) George Zucco, Bela Lugosi 64m Screen Guild Pro. Int?l

3:00 The Secret Garden (1949) Margaret O?Brien, Dean Stockwell 92m MGM

4:30 Joan of Arc (1948) Ingrid Bergman, Lames Lydon 150m RKO


7:00 Strangler of the Swamp (1946) Rosemary LaPlanche, Blake Edwards 60m PRC



8:00 Boy Meets Girl (1938) Pat O?Brien, James Cagney 86m WB

9:30 Stand-In (1937) Leslie Howard, Joan Blondell 91m UA

11:00 The Last Tycoon (1976) Robert DeNiro, Jeanne Moreau 122m Paramount p/s

1:15 The Bad and the Beautiful (1953) Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner 117m MGM

3:15 Hellzapoppin? (1941) Olsen & Johnson 82m Universal


4:45 The Falcon in Hollywood (1944) Tom Conway, Barbara Hale 67m RKO



Friday January 12




6:00 The 27TH Day (1957) Gene Barry, Valerie French 75m Colombia


7:30 I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951) Frank Lovejoy, Dorothy Hart 84m WB

9:00 The Woman on Pier 13 (1950) Laraine Day, Robert Ryan 73m RKO

10:30 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter 80m Allied Artists

12:00 Mission to Moscow (1943) Walter Huston, Ann Harding 123m WB

2:15 The North Star (1943) Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews 106m RKO

4:00 Song of Russia (1944) Robert Taylor, Susan Peters 107m MGM

6:00 Ninotchka (1939) Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas 110m MGM





8:00 The Perils of Pauline (1947) Betty Hutton, John Lund 96m Paramount



10:00 Sunrise at Campobello (1960) Ralph Bellamy, Greer Garson 144m WB



12:30 The Las Vegas Story (1952) Victor Mature, Jane Russell 88m RKO



2:00 Daimajin (1968) Miwa Takada, Yoshihiko Aoyama 86m Dalei Motion Picture Co.

3:30 2000 Maniacs (1964) Connie Mason, Thomas Lund 85m Box Office Spectaculars


5:00 Little Orphan Annie (1932) Mitizi Green, Edgar Kennedy 60m RKO



Saturday January 13


6:00 Bluebeard (1944) John Carradine, Jean Parker 73m PRC

7:30 Hitler?s Madman (1943) John Carradine, Patricia Morison 85m MGM

9:00 Bulldog Drummond?s Secret Police (1939) John Howard, Heather Angel 56m Paramount/P.D.


The Phantom Creeps (1939) Bela Lugosi

Drums of Fu Manchu (1940) Henry Brandon

Jesse James Rides Again (1947) Clayton Moore

Panther Girl of the Congo (1955) Phyllis Coates


Tortoise Beats Hare (1941)

Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)

Rabbit Transit (1947)

12:00 The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews 75m 20TH Century-Fox

1:30 Strange Illusions (1945) Warren Williams, James Lydon 84m PRC

3:00 Baby Face Morgan (1942) Mary Carlisle, Richard Cromwell 65m PRC

4:15 The Sphinx (1933) Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi 70m Monogram

5:30 Behind the Planet of the Apes (documentary) (1968) Charleton Heston, Roddy McDowall 126m 20th Century-Fox

7:45 Short: Planet of the Apes Make-Up Test on Edward G. Robinson 10m


8:00 Planet of the Apes (1968) Charleton Heston, Kim Hunter 112m 20th Century-Fox




10:00 The Naked Jungle (1954) Charleton Heston, Eleanor Parker 95m Paramount p/s

11:45 Lassie Come Home (1943) Roddy McDowall, Elizabeth Taylor 90m MGM

1:15 The Young Stranger (1957) Kim Hunter, James MacArthur 84m RKO

2:45 Kind Lady (1951) Maurice Evans, Ethel Barrymore 78m MGM p/s

4:00 Behind the Planet of the Apes: (documentary) (1968) Charleton Heston, Roddy McDowall 126m 20th Century-Fox

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Congratulations on your excellent schedules Sinatrafan, Dewey and sweetsmell ... it's great to see new people joining in the Challenge.


Some notes on my schedule ...


Sunday: For some reason it always amuses me to see actors playing pianists and the camera angles they choose so you can't see their hands hitting the wrong notes on the piano, or whatever they're doing with their hands.


I got the Criterion Collection's Burden of Dreams for Christmas, and it's a must-see for fans of Herzog, or just Fitzcarraldo in particular. So, I thought I'd offer both for the Imports.


Monday: I've been wanting to choose Ann Corio's movies in past challenges but wasn't sure who owned Monogram films at the time. Now I know, so here they are. Speaking of Monogram ...


Tuesday: Now we can see Charlie Chan on TCM. I can't wait for March to see some of these for the first time in I don't know how many years.


I'm a big fan of the Great Gildersleeve radio show, and I've been wondering when TCM would play the movies, since they're RKOs. My DVD box set comes with the following movies:


Look Who's Laughing (1941) featuring Fibber McGee & Molly

Here We Go Again (1942) also featuring Fibber McGee & Molly

The Great Gildersleeve (1942)

Seven Days' Leave (1942)

Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943)

Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943)

Gildersleeve's Ghost (1944)


Jack Benny and Fred Allen used to take shots at each other on their radio shows to promote Love Thy Neighbor and Buck Benny Rides Again. They created the rivalry through flashbacks on Allen's show, going back years ago to when they had a vaudville act and fell out with one another, not speaking for twenty-five years. The great witty banter and insults were a riot. I doubt Love Thy Neighbor has ever been shown on TCM so I used up a premeire on it.


Thursday: I chose this week because I wanted to showcase a lot of George Zucco's horror movies, using the public domain Producer's Releasing Corp. and was able to throw in some Monograms, too. Not only are these movies great B flicks, but I like choosing these one hour movies because you get to cram more movies into a day and get more bang for your buck.


For the Take Five films, I wanted to take a more obscure route, taking a look behind the scenes through a mix of comedy and drama.


Friday: I was going to originally do my DVD box set on the theme of wooden actors but all of the movies I was planning on including in it are already on DVD. Other actors included were Jeff Chandler and Robert Stack.


On the Underground movies ... Daimajin is sort of Godzilla meets Yojimbo. A giant statue comes to life when it hears the plea of the peasants to save them from the Samuai class and brigands. You have to wait through the whole movie to see him come to life and step on people, but we all know that's worth it. 2000 Maniacs is probably too Underground for Underground. Northerners' car break down in a southern town where the confederate dead from the Civil War have come back to life ... and it's payback time. If this traumatized anyone, I scheduled Little Orphan Annie after the Underground as a sort of pallet cleanser.


Saturday: The serials are back. I tried to make the day a good excuse for being a couch potato by filling it up with fun B-flicks. I chose Planet of the Apes for an essential because, beside being a fan since I was a kid, I think it's a landmark film as far as make-up effects go. The DVD box set comes with the documentary on the movie, as well as an out take of Edward G. Robinson in a screen test wearing a crude version of the make-up for Dr. Zaius, the role that finally went to Maurice Evans. After that, the night is devoted to movies that starred the Apes' cast.

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Kubrickbuff, I wish you would join us in making a week's programming. There's some work involved but it's not that hard ... it's fun. Just focus on your favorite movies and what you wish TCM would play. You could study TCM's past or future schedules, or the schedules from the past Challenges, to get ideas. But just remember that it's all for fun, and not some kind of test. We vote for the best schedule, but never judge each other's choices.

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MattHelm is right, Kubrick. You should jump back in. I've read some of your posts and it seems that you prefer newer films to older films. Why don't you just concentrate on those films (for the most part, at least) and see what happens. From the looks of things there are quite a few people on the boards who like newer films (even though they may not prefer them, they like them) so it wouldn't surprsise me if you racked up a bunch of votes if you create an interesting presentation for them. As for the DVD box set business, which seems to have you a little frazzled, you can always go onto Amazon.com or even eBay and type in a title to see if it's available on DVD. Lots of titles HAVE been available but are now out of print. It's not nearly as overwhelming as you think. Besides, there are any number of folks on the boards who seem more than willing to help you out. Give it a go. -- Dewey1960

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Matt, as always, a great schedule. All of it is filled with wonderful themes.


I was glad to see one of the Wagner's Ring Trilogy, Siegfried, included. I saw it or the rest of them a number of years back though a museum. If memory serves me right, weren't they directed by Fritz Lang?


And I really got a kick out of "Like They Can Really Play That Piano". You could have even extended the theme to include all those films with stars as violinists.


I have to admit Ann Corio is a new name to me. Thanks for doing this highlight to her.


The "Woodenest" salute was a hoot.


And the Gildersleeve boxset is terrific. I didn't realize there were so many movies made of GG.


You always come up with unusual and fascinating themes that enhance our knowledge and appreciation of old movies. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Here?s my effort! I probably went a little too far as I tried to plan this week as if I was planning the entire month so my apologies if it's too much detail.


The week of March 11 ? March 17 2007

(notes at the end of the schedule explaining all details of the week)



Sunday March 11th

Gone to the dogs

6:00 AM Lassie Come Home (1943) (MGM (89m)

7:30 AM It?s A Dog?s Life (1955) (MGM) (88m) (LBX)

9:00 AM Old Yeller (1957) (Dis) (83m)

10:30 AM Benji (1974) (Par) (86m) (p/s)


Sunday afternoon with George (George Segal)

12:00 PM King Rat (1965) (Col) (134m)

2:30 PM Quiller Memorandum (1966) (Fox) (105m) (LBX) (p/s)

4:30 PM Where?s Poppa (1970) (UA) (82m) (LBX)


The Essentials (replay)

6:00 PM It?s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) (UA) (182m) (LBX)


9:15 PM The Great Race (1965) (WB) (160m) (LBX) (p/s)


Silent Sunday Nights

12:00 AM Speedy (1928) (86m) (WB-New Line)


The Chase continues

1:30 AM Bullitt (1968) (113m) (WB)

3:30 AM What?s Up Doc (1972) (94m) (WB) (p/s)


5:15 AM Red Hot Tires (1935) (61m) (WB)


Monday March 12th

Happy Birthday Gordon MacRae

6:30 AM Look For The Silver Lining (1949) (WB) (106m)

8:30 AM On Moonlight Bay (1951) (WB) (95m) (p/s)

10:15 AM By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (1953) (WB) (101m) (p/s)

12:00 AM Three Sailors And A Girl (1953) (WB) (95m) (p/s)

1:45 PM Desert Song (1953) (WB) (110m) (p/s)

3:45 PM Oklahoma (1955) (Fox) (145m) (LBX) (p/s)

6:15 PM Daughter Of Rosie O?Grady (1950) (WB) (104m)


DVD Box Set (released on Tuesday 3/13)

Debbie Reynolds

8:00 PM Mating Game (1959) (MGM) (96m) (LBX)

9:45 PM Gazebo, The (1959) (MGM) (100m) (LBX)

11:30 PM Singing Nun (1966) (MGM) (98m) (LBX)

1:15 AM Singin In The Rain (1952) (MGM) (103m)

3:00 AM I Love Melvin (1953) (MGM) (77m)

4:30 AM Mr. Imperium (1951) (MGM) (87m)


Tuesday March 13th

Trials And Tribulation Tuesday

6:00 AM Tennessee Johnson (1942) (103m) (MGM)

8:00 AM Nurse Edith Cavell (1938) (108m) (RKO)

10:00 AM Joan Of Arc (1948) (145m) (RKO)

12:30 PM I Accuse (1958) (99m) (MGM) (LBX)

2:30 PM Judgment At Nuremberg (1961) (178m) (UA) (LBX)

5:30 PM Inherit The Wind (1960) (128m) (UA) (LBX)


Star Of The Month: Jack Lemmon (week # 2)

8:00 PM Operation Mad Ball (1958) (Columbia) (105m)

10:00 PM Cowboy (1958) (Columbia) (92m) (LBX)

11:45 PM Some Like It Hot (1959) (UA) (120m) (LBX)

2:00 AM Bell Book And Candle (1958) (Columbia) (106m) (LBX)

4:00 AM Apartment, The (1960) (UA) (125m) (LBX)


Wednesday March 14th

Happy Birthday Michael Caine

6:15 AM Gambit (1966) (Uni) (109m) (LBX) (p/s)

8:15 AM Two Headed Spy (1958) (Columbia) (93m)

10:00 AM Ipcress File (1965) (Uni) (109m) (LBX) (p/s)

12:00 PM Billion Dollar Brain (1967) (UA) (111m) (LBX)

2:00 PM Alfie (1966) (Par) (114m) (LBX) (p/s)

4:00 PM Pulp (1972) (UA) (95m)

5:45 PM Battle Of Britain (1969) (133m) (UA) (LBX)


Take 5: Hollywood on Hollywood: 5 Films: 5 Decades

8:00 PM

The Writer: Sunset Boulevard (1950) (Par) (110m) (p/s)

10:00 PM

The Extra: Party, The (1968) (UA) (99m) (LBX)

11:45 PM

The Actor: Wild Party (1975) (UA) (108m)

1:45 AM

The Actress: Mommie Dearest (1981) (Par) (128m) (LBX) (p/s)

4:00 AM

The Director: Guilty By Suspicion (1991) (WB) (105m) (LBX) -

*** (PREMIERE) ***


Thursday March 15th

Happy Birthday Lawrence Tierney

6:00 AM Dillinger (1945) (WB) (70m)

7:15 AM San Quentin (1946) (WB) (66m)

8:30 AM Step By Step (1946) (RKO) (62m)

9:45 AM Devil Thumbs A Ride (1947) (RKO) (62m)

11:00 AM Born To Kill (1947) (RKO) (92m)

12:45 PM Bodyguard (1948) (RKO) (75m)

2:00 PM Kill Or Be Killed (1950) (UA) (67m)

3:15 PM Hoodlum, The (1951) (UA) (61m)

4:30 PM Steel Cage (1954) (UA) (80m)

6:00 PM Child Is Waiting (1963) (UA) (104m) (LBX)


Underwater Adventures

8:00 PM 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) (Disney) (127m) (LBX)

10:15 PM Captain Nemo And The Underwater City (1969) (MGM) (105m) (LBX)

12:15 AM Around The World Under The Sea (1966) (MGM) (110m) (LBX)

2:15 AM Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961) (Fox) (105m) (LBX) (p/s)

4:15 AM Beneath The 12 Mile Reef (1953) (Fox) (102m) (LBX) (p/s)


Friday March 16th

Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

6:00AM Sailor Beware (1952) (Par) (108m) (p/s)

8:00AM Scared Stiff (1953) (Par) (108m) (p/s)

10:00AM Living It Up (1954) (Par) (95m) (p/s)

11:45 AM Don?t Give Up The Ship (1959) (Par) (89m) (p/s)

1:30PM Visit To A Small Planet (1960) (Par) (85m) (LBX) -***(PREMIERE)***

3:00 PM Bellboy, The (1960) (Par) (72m) (LBX) (p/s)

4:15 PM Disorderly Orderly (1964) (Par) (90m) (LBX) (p/s)

6:00 PM Nutty Professor (1963) (Par) (103m) (LBX) (p/s)


African Adventures

8:00 PM African Queen (1951) (Par) (105m) (p/s)

10:00 PM Africa Texas Style (1967) (Par) (109m) -

*** (PREMIERE) ***

12:00 AM Something Of Value (1957) (MGM) (113m)


TCM Underground

2:00 AM Drums Of Africa (1963) (MGM) (93m)

4:00 AM Bwana Devil (1952) (UA) (79m)


5:30 AM Africa Screams (1949) (UA) (79m)


Saturday March 17th

Cavalcade with Abbott And Costello

7:00 AM Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) (Uni) (83m) (p/s)

8:30 AM Time Of Their Lives (1946) (Uni) (82m) (p/s)

10:00 AM Abbott And Costello In The Foreign Liegon (1950) (Uni) (80m) (p/s)

11:30 AM Cartoon Alley ? featuring Babbitt And Catsello

A Tale Of Two Kitties (1942) (WB) (8m)

A Tale Of Two Mice (1945) (WB) (8m)

Mouse-Merized Cat (1946) (WB) (6m)


Stories From The Big City: New York, New York

12:00 PM Sunday In New York (1963) (105m) (MGM)

2:00 PM Barefoot In The Park (1967) (106m) (Par) (LBX) (p/s)

4:00 PM Annie Hall (1978) (93m) (UA) (LBX)

6:00 PM While The City Sleeps (1956) (100m) (RKO)


The Essentials

8:00 PM Naked City (1948) (Uni) (96m) (p/s)


Happy St. Patrick?s Day: Barry Fitzgerald

10:00 PM Top O The Morning (1949) (Par) (100m) -


11:45 PM Going My Way (1944) (Uni) (130m) (p/s)

2:00 AM Story Of Seabiscuit (1949) (MGM) (98m)

3:45 AM Quiet Man (1952) (Republic) (129m) (p/s)






* Tried to keep things tight between films, with most of the week not having much breathing space between them.

* Transitions - Wherever possible, transitions were made from one theme to the next (explained further in techincal notes)






* Each morning would feature a block of "animal family pics"

* Each afternoon would feature a block of "George" films (possible actors for other weeks could be George Sanders, George Burns, George Peppard, George C. Scott etc.)

* Transition - last George Segal film directed by Carl Reiner who also starred in The Essentials - Mad World (which possibly airs the recently discovered police calls heard during the intermission of the film for the first time on television)

* Chase/Race continues through the night with another feature, silent sunday nights and then a double feature of sorts. The chase scene from What's Up Doc were based on that of Bullitt



* Transition - last film of Gordon MacRae stars Debbie Reynolds who is the featured star of the night. Her first ever DVD box set will be released on Tuesday 3/13. 3 of these are scheduled along with other Reynolds films. Just enough to wet their whistle and go out tomorrow and buy the set. The films in the set include

* Affairs Of Dobie Gillis (1953)

* Bundle Of Joy (1956)

* Gazebo, The (1959)

* Mating Game (1959)

* Singing Nun (1966)

* Susan Slept Here (1954)


All new digitially remastered transfers available for the first time on dvd.

Bonus features include interviews, commentaries, home movies and Private Screenings: Debbie Reynolds



* Transition - last Reynolds film of the evening also stars Marjorie Main who appears in the first film of the day

* Trials and Tribulations - Spent a lot of time researching this and this along with the take 5 (later in the week) became my two most heralded events. The films chosen focus on some of the greatest trials in our history. Today also is the anniversary of the Scopes Trial which was depicted in the final film Inherit The Wind

* Transition - Dick York who starred in Wind also stars w/Jack Lemmon in Operation Mad Ball

* Jack Lemmon - SOTM - Being the second week of the month I tried to choose films that would probably appear this week given they would typically air in order of their production years.



* Transition - Shirley MacLaine who starred in Apartment also stars in Gambit

* Transition - Battle Of Britain - a big budgeted all star cast film leads us into Take 5 The Hollywood Story

* Take 5 - I tried a different approach on this and it wasn't easy as there were other films that would have fit but it became difficult to base this by years. Here's the premise. In depicting Hollywood's anniversary I wanted to focus on 5 films, 5 decades (50 years) and 5 different Hollywood characters. So you will find a film from each decade starting with the 50's and each focusing on a different Hollywood character. This was a great challenge to come up with and I spent a lot of time on this particular schedule, hope it comes off as well as I think it has.



* No special details



* Transition - Final underwater film to a navy film starting Jerry Lewis bday. (including the premiere of Visit To A Small Planet - a Lewis classic unseen these days)

* Double Transition - African Adventures continues into TCM Underground and also springboards Saturday Cavalcade with Abbott And Costello



* Each morning this month would feature a block of different comedy teams. This week's A&C also transitions into Cartoon Alley featuring three with Babbitt & Catsello

* Each afternoon this month would feature a big city. This week is New York which also transitions into the essentials in 2 ways. One, the film is set in NY, The other Howard Duff appears in both City Sleeps and Naked City

* Final Transition for the week. Barry Fitzgerald star of Naked City helps us celebrate St. Patrick's day with the remainder of the evening featuring his films including a TCM premiere.


That's the week. Hope you enjoy it! Lots of great films airing

TCM Programmer when do I start (sorry couldn't resist throwing that comment in).


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filmhistorian, a perfect week! Great job!


The first laugh I got was "Sunday Afternoon with George". I couldn't help but think of the Sondheim musical, "Sunday in the Park with George", but I guessed if you called it "Sunday in the Dark with George", it might have deeper, unsettling implications, lol.


I enjoyed your transitions from one theme or star into another. Worked very, very well. And I can't think of any actor who deserves Star of the Month more than Jack Lemmon.


And Naked City is not only an excellent addition for 2007's The Essentials, it is a wonderful lead-in to your tribute to Barry Fitzgerald.


I am startled when I realize that there hasn't been a Debbie Reynolds boxset yet. Your choices for it are excellent. I love that you say the imaginary boxset would include commentary, home movies, and the Private Screening interview.


Marvelous job, filmhistorian.

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I just want to say how impressed I am so far by all the entries, including 4 incredible schedules by first timers to the TCM Challenge.


And there are still 25 days to go before the Challenge closes. Plenty of time for more of you to enter.

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Excellent schedule, filmhistorian.


I'd just like to make a friendly suggestion... I think Harry Palmer fans would be greatly disappointed watching only 2 of the movies in the Harry Palmer trilogy... might want to consider scheduling Funeral in Berlin in between The Ipcress File and Billion Dollar Brain.


Also, it would be great to watch it on TCM because the DVD is totally OOP and sells for over $100 in the secondary market.

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Hi, cinemascope, while your suggestion makes sense, I am certain filmhistorian considered every possibility when composing the schedule. I say compose because each person who puts so much of themselves into creating an entire week's schedule has to come up with the right flow of film and theme in each of his or her valuations. I know from each schedule I wrote that there were so many times I wanted to include more films but had a limited amount of space and time to include so many film choice possibilities. I think it important that each person be allowed to put together the schedule they envision on TCM while working within the requirements of planning in all the regular features such as Silent Sundays, TCM Underground, etc. that are in the first page instructions.

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Yes, I certainly didn't mean to be rude to filmhistorian, just pointing out that someone looking at the schedule and seeing the 1st and 3rd movies of the trilogy, might maybe just wish that it was just the whole trilogy. Of course it would make sense if they just couldn't get hold of the rights for the 2nd movie. :)

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Thanks filmlover,


I really enjoyed this challenge because of your DVD box set idea. Not only was it fun to program, but as we know, tcmprogrammer looks at these and uses some of our ideas. So, this may not only influence these movies turning up on TCM, but could lead to the box sets actually being made, which is even better. I'd love to have a GG box set.


Fritz Lang did direct the Wagner trilogy. I saw only one of them years ago at a library that had a movie night. There's something very haunting about these movies.


I first learned of Ann Corio reading about a section of Boston called Scollay Square that no longer exists. The Old Howard Atheneum used to host vaudeville and burlesque dancers before WWII there. She was considered the Queen of Burlesque in Boston back then, and maybe nationally. Fred Allen mentions the Howard in his autobiography. The theatre hosted actors and comedians from John Wilkes Booth to the Marx Brothers. Hey, I smell a future Challenge theme night here.

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