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LAST DAY! ?THE TCM Programming Challenge: Take 5? with PRIZES

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Dewey ... I was thinking of making my box set out of Whistler movies before settling on Gildersleeve. Maybe tcmprogrammer will take note of both the movies you chose, and pass on the idea of the Whistler box set to whomever handles those decisions.

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I'd give anything to see a box set of WHISTLER films, they certainly deserve the royal treatment. Too bad those films weren't made for RKO, because Columbia (Sony) isn't really known for dealing effectively with their lesser known product. They have a ton of films that would probably do quite well in the DVD marketplace, but they just don't seem to care. Columbia produced a number of superior noir films in the 1950s (Nightfall, The Screaming Mimi, The Burglar, Murder By Contract, etc) which were never even relased on VHS. Perhaps all that will change some day. Thankfully, due to TCM's new arrangement with Columbia / Sony, we may now at least be able to see them air in the coming months.

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"The first laugh I got was "Sunday Afternoon with George". I couldn't help but think of the Sondheim musical, "Sunday in the Park with George"



Filmlover, Thank you. Actually the concept for Sunday with George came from that musical. Originally I was trying to put together a reverse weekend. Saturday movies on Sunday and Sunday movies on Saturday (i.e. Sunday In New York would air on Sat and Saturday's Children would air on Sunday) But I couldn't find enough films with Sat or Sun in the title worthy of the concept so I scrapped it.

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> And I'd love for

> TCM to show Visit to a Small Planet.


Thanks Matt. Planet is a personal favorite that hasn't been aired in several years. With many of the Paramount Lewis films beginning to air here's hoping we see Planet, It's Only Money, Rock A Bye Baby and a few other Lewis classic show up this year. Lewis would make a great Summer Under The Stars entry this August (hint hint!!!)

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> Excellent schedule, filmhistorian.


> I'd just like to make a friendly suggestion... I

> think Harry Palmer fans would be greatly disappointed

> watching only 2 of the movies in the Harry Palmer

> trilogy... might want to consider scheduling

> Funeral in Berlin in between The Ipcress

> File and Billion Dollar Brain.



Hi Cinemascope. It is an excellent suggestion. Unfortunately with rights issues and time constraints I just couldn't fit it in. I felt that because it wasn't a series where you have to see them exactly in order to understand what's going on, it wouldn't take away from the event. Plus approx 14 hrs of Caine films for the day, I figured fans wouldn't be too upset. I wanted to include The Wrong Box and Sleuth in this tribute as well but there wasn't enough time in the day. Looks like the next Caine Day schedule has already begun!

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That makes sense filmhistorian.


Just as a brief side note, Funeral in Berlin contains my favorite line of any Harry Palmer movie... it's something about a Lueger pistol and an inflatable Batman suit, but I'll leave the exact quote for some other thread. :)

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WOW! You've only just got started with the 5th entry and the schedules are outstanding.

It's gonna be one heck of a chore choosing a winner...thus far.


Kudos to boardmember Path for initiating this thread, ALL ABOUT MOVIES, as it should be on these boards.

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WOW! You've only just got started with the 5th entry and the schedules are outstanding. It's gonna be one heck of a chore choosing a winner...thus far.


Thanks, Mongo. Truer words were never spoken.


Hey, Mongo, you should contribute a schedule. You are extremely knowledgeable and we haven't been graced with a schedule from you in any of the Challenges so far. I know many other members would love to see one from you.


And as to path40a, we all owe him a great round of thanks for creating the very first TCM Challenge.

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Since I've been MIA for so long from these boards (before Christmas, I think!), I'm very, very behind on everything that's been going around here! I didn't even know a new Programming challenge had started. I'm not sure if it's still possible, but can I still join in? Prizes or no prizes, I absolutely love doing these. Filmlover, I think you've really put together a terrific challenge! So if there's room for one more, I'd love to hop on. If not, then there's always next time.


One question: are we allowed to use any film from the Columbia/Monogram/etc. libraries, even if they haven't been premiered on TCM yet?

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Hi, sugarpuss, welcome back. We've missed you around here!


As to joining in, definitely, welcome! And anybody else who still wants to join in, too, you are also welcome. This Challenge closes on March 7th at midnight PT.


(For anyone who hasn't seen the rules yet, check out the very first post in this thread by clicking on the link above).


Sugarpuss, the choices of libraries to pick from has greatly increased. In addition to the WB-pre 1950, MGM-all, and RKO-all films, you now can choose any film from Columbia, J.Arthur Rank, Monogram, United Artists-post 1950, and Disney-live action only. It doesn't matter if they have not been shown on TCM before, you do not need to include them under one of the 5 Premieres you are allowed. Only films from other than the 8 studios above count as Premieres (unless, of course, the film has been previously seen on TCM, in which case it doesn't count as a Premiere, and should have "p/s" next to the title).

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I don't prefer newer films over older films, I just like all kinds of films. I like old and new films. I am not saying that today's movies are better than older films, I am saying that they are both good. I don't judge movies by how old or new they are, I like all kinds of films, I am not as judgemental as most film lovers or artists can be. I pretty much like anything.


As for the schedule is concerned, I don't want to change the schedule that I already had, I worked for hours trying to come up with it, I really don't want to go over it again because I made myself crazy creating that schedule. I also don't like the fact that I have to change it because I liked the schedule that I had, It was a schedule that I belived in and if I make any changes to it than what's the point, I will have a schedule filled with movies that I have never herd of before, It will be a schedule that I will not belive in, I will just be wasting my time creating somthing and I have no idea what it is that I am creating, I am sorry you guys but I am just happy with the schedule that I had and I don't want to change anything about because it was already perfect and it was somthing that I belived in and it was filled with thngs that interest me.


Again, good luck with your schedules, they're looking great.

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I am afraid kubrickbuff?s post puts me in an awkward position. If I allow the schedule that he had written, and which I have seen, to be entered into the contest, then I am guilty of allowing him to avoid ANY of the contest?s requirements and rules that were posted in the instructions in the first post of this thread. The fact that everyone else who has posted their schedules so far in the competition (five magnificent schedules) has included ALL of these requirements and rules makes me think it is not only NOT difficult but IS also part of the ?Challenge? of the Challenge. By which, I mean the following:


The very first Challenge was created to give all of us the opportunity to not only put together a week?s worth of films we would like to see on TCM, but also to learn first hand what the TCM programmer goes through in planning his schedule. And when he does his schedule, he has to include spots for all of the main regular TCM features and work within certain other requirements, requirements that have been incorporated into the Challenge. This not only is part of the discipline but also gets him to show added creativity working with such.


This is now the Fifth TCM Programming Challenge. And everyone who has entered schedules in the previous four Challenges over the last year has included all the requirements. That?s quite a history.


Now, on the other hand, if I don?t allow it to be entered, then I get looked upon as someone who has stifled individuality of someone who thought his work was ?perfect?.


Now, in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing worth writing about. But when I won the last Challenge, using the Challenge?s requirements, I was thrilled to be able to host this new Challenge. Moderating this Challenge is an enormous honor to me. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it has befallen unto me this unplanned challenge to the Challenge.


I have discussed with another respected member, a previous Challenger winner, the possibility of simplifying the requirements in the future, but that is still under discussion?for the future.


Kubrickbuff has created a schedule he is proud of, a schedule that meets none of the contest?s rules and requirements. Unfortunately, it has come so early in the Challenge, it could leads others to say, ?Well, why should I have to follow anything but what I want if he didn?t have to??


I think the Challenge has a great tradition, and it is a tradition I choose to uphold.


(For more details on kubrickbuff's efforts, please go back to the first page of this thread and read forward.)

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I agree on sticking with the rules as stated, and they should also remain valid for the duration of this challenge.


Changing the rules for the following challenge is always an option, but for the time being I think the fact that it's challenging also makes it more fun. :)

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2 things:


1) I also agree with sticking with the rules-- I know I made plenty of mistakes in my post, and I'm going to change them before the contest is over. I really like the different things I've chosen, but going back and changing them actually gives me the opportunity to include other things that were on my "maybe" list and didn't make it into the final schedule...


2) I was just wondering.. often many posters have said "the tcm programmer" or "he has to come up with schedules" -- is there really only ONE programmer? For some reason I imagined a group of ten or so people all collaborating. If it's really just one person-- kudos to them!

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A few notes about my schedule:


I decided to come up with this schedule based on genres, actors, and directors that I've enjoyed or that I'm interested in seeing.


I love to watch Buster Keaton, so to possibly see him on Silent Sunday Night with two of his greatest achievements would be thrilling.


I've always wanted to see Shoot the Piano Player, but never had the chance. I haven't seen nearly enough of foreign films, and this is considered to be an excellent film.


I am a big fan of Howard Hawks, but I've seen very few of his early sound pictures. The Criminal Code, Scarface, and Twentieth Century are the among the few I've seen so far, and have been wanting to see several more. Scarface and TC are included in large part of just wanting to re-visit them. Ceiling Zero, I hear, is an interesting film with James Cagney. It was made a few years before a similar Hawks film, Only Angels Have Wings.


Recently, I've seen a few of Jeff Bridges' films and I'm starting to become a fan. Almost all of the films I've included on the schedule are those already seen. The only exception is Bad Company, which I hear is a marvelous western. BTW, I've noticed that Fat City airs tonight on TCM!! It's one of John Huston's most underrated works.


As for my day of Lubtisch films, I've been dying to see more of his movies. There have been only a few that I have checked out so far, particularly The Merry Widow, The Shop Around the Corner and Ninotchka. The Paramount films are supposed to be great masterpieces, especially One Hour With You, The Smiling Lieutenant, and Trouble in Paradise.


Rosalind Russell was definitely a great actress, as well as gorgeous, and I wanted to choose her as my Star of the Month. Though there are still plenty of her films I have to see, I truly enjoy her comedic and dramatic performances. The only one I have not seen listed on my schedule is My Sister Eileen. Roz did receive an Oscar nomination for her performance, so that should be interesting to see (hopefully).


Cary Grant and James Cagney are my top two favorite actors, and it would be an awesome day to see some of their best for a day.


The 'Lonely' theme came out of thin air, but it gave me a chance to include some gems with lonely as the title. The only one I haven't seen is Lonelyhearts.


The film-noir kings and queens line-up was just including a few of my favorite actors and actresses of the genre. One exception is Ella Raines. I'm not very familiar with her work. I have seen parts of Phantom Lady a long while back, and she is stunning. I did include Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame, Marie Windsor, Robert Mitchum, and Claire Trevor (who I just love) to name a few examples from the line-up.


The Fred Without Ginger evening line-up gave me a chance to include a musical I haven't seen yet: You Were Never Lovelier. That's the second of the two Fred Astaire-Rita Hayworth musicals. You'll Never Get Rich was indeed fun to watch, and I hope to the a chance to see the second one soon.


Next to the Ernst Lubitsch theme, the Maverick Directors line-up was the most fun to do. With the exception of the two great Nicholas Ray films I've included, I have not seen any of those films listed. I have heard great things about Sam Fuller (and have seen a few of his smashing films including Pickup on South Street and Shock Corridor), Phil Karlson, and Budd Boetticher (his documentary was great to watch last year). I've read the plot of those films, and they all sound great.


I don't know how I came up with the Ju-dy, Ju-dy, Ju-dy theme, but it makes for a fine evening to see at least one terrific movie with Judy Holliday, Judy Garland, and Judy Davis.


My TCM Underground choices were also films I haven't seen before. However, I hear both Ride the Whirlwind and The Shooting are among the most compelling and unique westerns ever made. Plus, I could possibly get the chance to see a young Jack Nicholson in action.


Robert Ryan is becoming one of my favorites, so I decided to include him as a part of a boxset. I've seen a few of these in the past, and his performances are gritty and dynamic (especially Act of Violence).


I love to watch screwball comedies, and just to see an evening of some of the best leading ladies of the genre would be a real treat. The performances of Carole Lombard, Katharine Hepburn, Irene Dunne, and Claudette Colbert in these movies were among their best.


Other movies that weren't necessarily included in a theme, whether early in the morning, or late night, were those for the most that are on my must see list:


History is Made at Night

Love With the Proper Stranger

The Offence

I Walk Alone

The Stone Killer

Wagon Master

Blessed Event

Bite the Bullet


I still need to come up with three episodes for Cartoon Alley. Hopefully, I can come up with some true gems.


Message was edited by:


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Exactly filmlover and that is why I will not continue with the schedule, I don't want to break the rules. I am not asking you to allow me to use my schedule and I understand that I can't use the one that I had but still it was the one that I belived in and I can't just make a schedule filled with movies that I have never herd of before, it will be somthing that I won't have any feelings for and I would just be wasting my time creating somthing and I have no idea what it is that I am creating. I am not asking you to allow me to use my schedule, I am just telling you why I decided not to do the challenge, I am not asking for anthing from you, belive me I don't want to break the rules either.

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Hey filmlover, I was wondering if I can use the schedule that I already have but it won't be for the challenge though, it will be suggestions for the people at TCM, thay can then take my schedule and change some stuff, like thay can add the silent sunday night or the cartoon alley, they can even take some movies off my schedule. It won't really be for the challenge but it would be reccomendations for TCM, they can take my schedule and do whatever they want with it, change some stuff or whatever. The schedule that I have now will just be to show TCM some ideas that I have for schedules, it won't be the actual schedule because they can add the cartoon alley or the sunday silent night by taking out some stuff that is on my schedule. I decided a couple of days ago not to do the challenge and I don't want to break the rules of the challenge so this will not be for the challenge, it will just be reccomendations.

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