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It's Documentary Month!


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It's Documentary Month on TCM!  What are you particularly looking forward to?  I'm looking forward to The Sorrow and the Pity, The Battle of Chile, Woodstock, Sherman's March and Sans Soleil.  I would really like to see part III of The Battle of Chile.  I'd also like to see In the Year of the Pig and Winter Soldier instead of, or in addition to Hearts and Minds.  And I would really like me some Frederick Wiseman.

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I'm recording:
11/21 10PM GODS COUNTRY '86 
The description sounds interesting, and seems like a great introduction to Malle's work.
Making a triple feature of:
11/24 2AM CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER '61 85min  
11/28 8PM ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE '78 57 min


The first two are "street scenes" of Paris, and the last is New Orleans. I love seeing how cities change and stay the same through the years. I love film-what a time capsule!


I don't feel much of a need to watch the TO TELL THE TRUTH documentary, though. Rather have the films stand on their own. 


I am a big fan of documentaries, about half my DVD library is non-fiction.

I highly recommend FOR ALL MANKIND, a documentary about space exploration. I own several "space" themed docs, and this is one of my favorites.

The WW2 films about our involvement made by Hollywood's greatest directors is the pinnacle of documentaries, imho. The SNAFU series is a fun companion piece.



Like that they've included some popular culture docs: we saw snippets of WOODSTOCK once, and The Who entranced a 17 year old! Amazing those great performances were captured. And my 80 something mom loved THE LAST WALTZ, even though she had no idea who The Band was.
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I'm looking forward to seeing Antonio Gaudi (1984). I accidentally ran across this documentary one Saturday morning a couple of  years ago on a PBS station. As I recall there is no narration just frame after frame of Gaudi's buildings set to interesting music. I know. It sounds boring but I was MESMERIZED. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterwards. Now I get to see the whole film from start to finish. Cannot recommend this one enough, folks.

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I'd like to see Sherman's March and Chronicle of a Summer


Saw the former in the 1980s. My memory is fuzzy but I recall it being hilarious, profiling "southern" womanhood from a man's perspective (as usual). I think it was filmed around 1983 when Burt Reynolds was popular and droves of ladies were shown eager to see him promote his latest picture. Another highlight: one of his relatives, a rather pompous lady, criticizing him for not having a sex life and spending too much time behind his camera. This was an example of early reality TV or, as it was still being called at that time, cinéma vérité. It is also an interesting companion piece to Steel Magnolias, but without the overly dramatic acting.


I did catch the Alec Baldwin retrospective last night, including the documentary on documentaries. I forgot how much the Disney cartoons and even Bugs Bunny spoofed THE RIVER, probably the most popular film of its kind in the thirties. The early shots in MISSISSIPPI HARE with cotton fields and riverboat amusingly looks "borrowed" since I will bet director Chuck Jones was a fan.

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I have an old VHS tape somewhere with Sherman's March

on it when it was on PBS years ago. Very funny, a little white

bread, but no biggie. I don't know if it's on the schedule, but

Salesman is one of my favorite documentaries. Kind of

bittersweet. Lots of unintended fun, but you do feel sorry

for these guys, especially Paul who is having a rough time

trying to move Bibles and other religious gewgaws. His time

in Florida is a laff riot.

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