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*Mel's "Hacksaw Ridge" well made, but not for the squeamish


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  Saw this WW2 epic on Friday & had been reading & hearing about how gory it was for awhile & it's accurate, but it's still well made filmmaking by *Mel Gibson



& if you look fast he can be glimpsed in an early sequence only


At first I thought it covered a battle in Korea?  Which has hardly been touched in in motion picture history.  But, it's about the battle-(beside's the one fought between this characters conscience & his fellow G.I.'s)

in Okinawa.


His 1st was the nice 1993 "Man without a Face" ($55m.) (***) *"Braveheart" (l995) ($71m.) (***1/2) & winner of 5 *Academy Awards  then his hugely controversial 2004 "Passion of the Christ" ($374 million) & the rarely known powerful 2006 "Apocalypto" ($17m.) (***1/2)


Many draw comparisons between this "Hacksaw Ridge" & "Pvt. Ryan"  due to the violence.


My personal candidates for the most violent I've ever seen, yet  "Passion of the Christ" "300" "KB1"


This is quite a bit more gory & yet well-made, where is that's among the all-time greats & as most know it was mainly it's opening that stunned people.


Just saw this will only hit approx $14m. for the weekend


Likely to garner some technical *Oscar nominations & what may confuse folks is the other war film coming up, but based in Iraq/Afghanistan) "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" by 3 time *Oscar victor *Ang Lee.


But a well made movie overall, just not for everybody (a strong ***-out of 4)




(Next for me is *Beatty's Hollywood comedy-drama "Rules Don't Apply")

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I've heard both good and bad things about it.  But generally, in these sort of cases, I'll hold off on any judgement until I see it for myself.


I too, heard some complaints about "Saving Private Ryan" and it's gory, violent opening "beach invasion" scenes.  But a neighbor I had at the time, who WAS a D-DAY survivor, told me, "It's MILD compared to what it was REALLY like!"  I'd have to take his word for it.  He was in the forces that landed at UTAH beach.


You're right in saying that comparatively, there have been few movies that deal with the Korean conflict.  Ask most people, and the only movie they can think of that DID deal with it is M*A*S*H* !


I also have no gripe about Gibson, any of his anti-semantic nonsense or any of that.  I always felt he was a fine actor, and a fairly good director.  I choose to leave his off camera buffoonery for others to obssess about.




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Mel grows him a beard and gets some hugs from Hollywood. Comes out with this Hacksaw Ridge yarn and it's being greeted by movie goers with one big yawn. I loved Braveheart & others but you can keep this one Mel. So far his numbers for the movie don't look that good and it could be called a flop.


Box Office Mojo > http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hacksawridge.htm

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