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This is drivng me totally insane!


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I remember a movie from the 60's (probably) where for some reason (atomic bomb?, meteor?) bodies rose and became zombies. The only real scene I can remember is of people in a desert bunker, looking through windows in large doors that resembled garage doors. They were with the military, I believe, and were watching as zombies came closer and closer. I also remember a movie, Panic in the Year Zero, which has a nuclear bomb, but I think these are two separate movies. If anyone can help me I will thank you to infinity!

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Hmmm...PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO is about a family who attempts to survive after LA is nuked. It stars & I think might have been directed by Ray Milland. There are many reviews of this movie on the imdb.com (internet movie data base)and all seem to be rather positive.


As far as your other film, you may have luck searching for it on imdb.com. You can search by topic, go to the possible movies, and read their synopsis. I didn't have the time to do that for you, but you just might find it helpful. Good luck to you.



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