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The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

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On 6/18/2018 at 3:37 PM, mr6666 said:

Tim MakVerified account @timkmak 5h5 hours ago


It's incredible that this is happening:

The Commerce Secretary, aware of a coming negative story about his links to a Kremlin-linked firm,

shorts the stock and sells after the story publishes


Mike McIntireVerified account @mmcintire


Days after I sought comment from Wilbur Ross about his investment in a Kremlin-linked shipping firm, he shorted stock in the company, then sold it after my story with @sashachavkin came out, per @DanAlexander21

Norm EisenVerified account @NormEisen 4h4 hours ago


BREAKING: we @CREWcrew have filed a complaint calling for criminal and regulatory investigation of Wilbur Ross possible insider trading and other violations.

We don't play around; our similar complaint against Trump resulted in a criminal referral to DOJ

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'Outrageous and Unprecedented': Ethical Violation Alarm Bells Over Zinke Foundation Deal With Halliburton Head

"This is all a perfect encapsulation of how Ryan Zinke has operated at Interior—being deceitful about intent, and always seeing how he can personally benefit," said one critic


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  • 2 weeks later...

Josh DawseyVerified account @jdawsey1


Scott Pruitt told EPA aides that he wanted his wife to make $200,000 or more a year -- and suggested she get a job at the Republican Attorney Generals Association, which he led.

He also asked EPA lawyers to help him win a dispute with his landlord.


Matthew MillerVerified account @matthewamiller 31m31 minutes ago


Matthew Miller Retweeted Josh Dawsey

I know the DOJ press corps has a lot on their plate, but come on, someone confirm there’s an FBI probe into this guy.

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Scott Pruitt told EPA aides that he wanted his wife to make $200,000 or more a year -- and suggested she get a job at the Republican Attorney Generals Association, which he led. He also asked EPA lawyers to help him win a dispute with his landlord.


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Chris Hayes Retweeted Josh Dawsey

Pruitt's sheer *thirst* for cash astounds. He seems laser focused on using the job to get his wife money, get expensive perks, travel places he wants to go, get a deal on his apartment rental, etc. etc.


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

WATCH: Woman confronts Trump EPA chief at restaurant, tells him to resign http://hill.cm/Gvfswtp 


A Patriotic American doing what the Republican Congress refuses to do.

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CNNVerified account @CNN


An EPA whistleblower tells CNN Scott Pruitt directed his staff to scrub his official calendar to hide meetings https://cnn.it/2ME8qd9 


Ted LieuVerified account @tedlieu 17h17 hours ago


Ted Lieu Retweeted CNN

In addition to being a national embarrassment, Scott Pruitt likely committed one or more felonies.

The Federal Records Act would almost certainly apply to the calendar of @EPAScottPruitt.

Concealing or falsifying a federal record is a felony. cc: @FBI @TheJusticeDept

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PBS NewsHourVerified account @NewsHour 43m43 minutes ago


Top White House officials "say that they are concerned about replacing" Scott Pruitt, @jendlouhyhc says.

"Potential successors who could be confirmed by the narrowly divided Senate are

unlikely to bring the same kind of enthusiasm to reining in the EPA's authority..."

:rolleyes:  :lol: 

-maybe 'cuz it's UNpopular & WRONG?!

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Former Fox News executive lands key role in Trump White House

"Bill Shine, who has served as Fox News co-president since Roger Ailes’ disgraced departure last year, resigned from the network on [May 1, 2017] amid accusations that he enabled a culture of sexual harassment there. 21st Century Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch announced in a memo to network employees that Shine, who was “respected and liked by everybody at Fox News,” would be replaced by Suzanne Scott on the programming side and Jay Wallace in news.

Shine was implicated in several of the recent lawsuits and allegations of sexual harassment against Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros alleged that she suffered mistreatment at the hands of both Ailes and O’Reilly, and that Shine was a major player in the cover-up.

In theory, this creates an awkward dynamic, especially given the accusations Trump has faced over his alleged mistreatment of women: the new deputy White House chief of staff was no longer welcome at Fox News because he allegedly “enabled a culture of sexual harassment,” but he is welcome in the West Wing....


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Donald Trump Law Enforcement Appointees Previously Worked for ICE Contractors


"....A handful of senior officials placed in law enforcement roles by Trump previously drew their paychecks from companies that contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The officials serve in a number of roles in federal law enforcement. Take, for instance, the top federal prosecutor in Indiana, U.S. Attorney Thomas L. Kirsch II, who was sworn in last year to serve in the Justice Department. He previously provided legal services to GEO Group, the sprawling private prison corporation that contracts with ICE to detain immigrants....

Private businesses have long taken advantage of the steady growth of security policies aimed at tracking, detaining, and deporting people from the country. They saw a windfall in the Trump era. ....

the firms that profit from the immigration enforcement agency not only have political support from the White House; many of their former lobbyists and consultants now occupy the upper echelons of the Trump administration.



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16 minutes ago, jakeem said:

The White House's new communications chief, Bill Shine, is staying silent about his wife's shocking history of racist tweets, anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, etc. No comment from the WH this weekend...

Later for his wife,

What about Shine's executive complicity in the sexual harassment scandals under Roger Ailes at Fox News?

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20 hours ago, jakeem said:

Stephen Miller buys $80 worth of sushi in a restaurant.

As he leaves, a bartender calls him out in the street and gives him the finger-- actually two fingers.

To get back at him, Miller throws away $80 worth of sushi that he's already paid for.

Now it's been reported that Stephen Miller is the author of that Zero Tolerance policy.

I bet you $80 worth of sushi, you now know why zero tolerance is such a failure.

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22 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Brian SchatzVerified account @brianschatz 3h3 hours ago


Brian Benczkowski is about to get a confirmation vote to run the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in the Senate.

Two things you should know about him are that

he’s never tried a case and

that he was a lawyer for Alfa Bank.

So. Many. Coincidences.


The HillVerified account @thehill


Senate to vote on Trump Justice Dept nominee who represented Russian bank with ties to Putin


Benczkowski refuses to recuse himself from the Russia investigation despite having worked for a Russian bank under investigation for ties to Trump. He also pushed for Comey’s firing to AG Sessions while serving on the Trump transition team. Those are clear conflicts of interest.

— Sen Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein) July 10, 2018


Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) urged Trump to nominate qualified individuals "without concerning Russia connections."

“Every American should expect that the person nominated for this important position is qualified to meet the weighty demands of the job, and every American is entitled to the assurance that the Department of Justice is entirely independent and impartial. Mr. Benczkowski does not pass this test," Coons said in a statement.....


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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: “I haven’t seen any evidence that the attempt to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party."




53 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Hasn't this woman destroyed her Public Image Enough by being the face of the policy which separated over 2,000 innocent children from their parents --with no concrete plan to ever reunite them?

Her old college friends say they don't recognize her anymore and that this is not the woman that they went to school with.

But Blind Ambition changes people.

Political commentators have said that Trump lowers his  appointees to his level-- that he somehow manipulates them.

But I believe that  he encourages them to bring out into the light the evil and hatred, which they have been hiding within their souls.

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Democratic Senators Slam Trump's Pick To Run Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

.....Democrats say she has no financial industry regulation experience. And they say she's been involved in some of the worst debacles of the Trump administration, including the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the White House's zero-tolerance policy which resulted in the detention and separation of immigrant children and parents at the border.

........Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., said he has obtained emails showing that Kraninger was an architect of the administration's "botched" response to hurricane damage in Puerto Rico.

"Three and a half million American citizens who just happen to call Puerto Rico their home, but they are American citizens like you and I are, faced their darkest hour," he said. "And instead of turning to help them you pinched pennies. And worst of all, I think you treated them as second-class citizens.

"That does not give me the faith that when you have to stand up for seniors, service members, students, homeowners against some of the biggest financial institutions in this country that you'll do that.....


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7 hours ago, jakeem said:

JUST IN: Officials inside the White House were in an "uproar" over DNI Dan Coats' interview, saying in some moments Coats appeared to be "laughing at the President," according to a report.

Image result for the last word with lawrence o'donnell on dan coats

And why shouldn't Coats be laughing at trump? Everybody else in the world is.

And nobody's laughing louder than Putin. LMREO


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Citizens for EthicsVerified account @CREWcrew 3h3 hours ago


More than 10 federal investigations have now been opened into Secretary of the Interior Department Ryan Zinke’s financial and ethical decisions during his tenure with the Trump administration.


Halliburton probe makes 11 federal investigations into Interior secretary’s decisions

Scott Pruitt holds the record, but Zinke's not far behind.


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Vet Voice FoundationVerified account @VetVoiceFound


BREAKING: In his quest to shrink national monuments,

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his aides dismissed the positive impacts of public lands and instead focused on logging, ranching, and energy development. #InsiderThreat


VoteVetsVerified account @votevets 3h3 hours ago


VoteVets Retweeted Vet Voice Foundation

New documents show that as Zinke conducted his four-month review of public lands, his office rejected material that would justify keeping protections in place and sought out evidence that could buttress the case for unraveling them. #InsiderThreat

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Top Trump-appointee at Veterans Affairs spread conspiracy theories, made anti-Muslim comments


"...... Thayer Verschoor, the VA's executive director of intergovernmental affairs, is a former Arizona state Senate majority leader and longtime ally of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a well-known birther who is currently running in the Republican primary for US Senate in Arizona. ........

In February of 2016, while working for the Trump campaign, Verschoor shared a post on his Facebook page titled "Why Vote For Donald Trump" listing 35 reasons to vote for Trump that contained conspiracy theories.
"He thinks Obama's birth certificate is a fraud [check out his SS#, no draft card/ old passport/ E-verification status, school records [remember his dad isn't American therefore he isn't qualified for the office he's in]," the post read.
"He's warning America of [Poisons vaccines] and the dangers," read another bullet point, referencing Trump's unfounded fearmongering about vaccines.
Another point took aim at Muslims.
"He realizes we have a Muslin (SIC) problem in this nation," it said....
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10 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump's campaign chairman is in jail, his national security advisor pleaded guilty, his lawyer has turned over potentially incriminating tapes, and his campaign and foundation are under investigation, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions is talking about locking up Hillary Clinton.

It's typical of members of this  administration to talk about their fantasy life, rather than to talk about what's really going on because it's so unbelievably bad.

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