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Reviewing The Reviews


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Did you ever notice that so many reviewers of classic movies, particularly, pre-code movies, feel the need to apologize for the content?


The element in some form of "political correctness" enters into their reviews, particularly when it comes to the roles of men and women. 


This moral narcissism and projection does not take into consideration that viewers may actually think the culture of the 30's is not necessarily inferior to ours and may even...


Watch these marvelous old movies because they long to escape the absurdity that has become our age. 


They condemn any and all stay at home moms, without consideration to why this culture valued it.  They care not for the maladies of today, including extreme prison populations, and other such consequences of modern society's view on male and female, including...


the inability to tell the difference. 


Note to reviewers:  Try to simply review a movie without apologizing for its content as if your own culture was superior to another's.  


There may be a reason why we love the "feel good" movies with clever dialog and happy endings of yesteryear.  


Just a thought to consider, as you have bowed before politicians who have exploited your moral narcissism with psychological warfare that has led you to believe that you are superior, and your emotions are superior to even science.  


We like our old movies for a reason.  

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I don't know what's worse-- apologizing or going out of one's way to not apologize. Just focus on the movie and why it works or doesn't work. It's really quite simple.




Concise and well said!


Besides the backdrop of culture, say of the 30's, 


I also think the clothing, as an expression of culture, was at America's best.   


Music, Manners, clothing, speech, etc, are all out workings of a culture.  Can we imagine regular police presence at musical performances back then?


I like my 'escapism' into classic movies, especially the 30's.  I wish reviewers would let it be and discuss the movie, as is.  

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I like my 'escapism' into classic movies, especially the 30's.  I wish reviewers would let it be and discuss the movie, as is.  


I feel this way about films of the 40s, especially war films, since I'm a history buff.


And I enjoy looking at classic television from the 80s, during the decade when I grew up. It's fun to look at all the cultural elements involved in the storytelling. I'm sure social scientists must have a phrase for escaping into the past.

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