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I served on a city council and if we even thought about raising taxes, we got a lot of attention from people and the media.  Whereas school boards in this area, several of them, raise property taxes every year with no controversy.  This is in addition to the sales taxes they receive and other state tax support.

One medium sized county near here has SEVEN school districts.

Education usually gets a break. I know they do up here.

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A new Democratic group has been founded to push a more centrist approach for the party.  It is called New Democracy.



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How the Sanders element is helping the Republicans to stay in power in 2018.



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How the Sanders element is helping the Republicans to stay in power in 2018.


Like it matters.


The Progressive (Sanders) Party will either take over the government or the government will remain virtually Republican. There's no difference in governance whether it's Republicans or Republicrats in office.

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I take it that you would like to see the Democratic party fail the way you choose to post only negative things about them. Is Trump your answer?


There always comes a time in any adult's life where they have to put aside their own little petty or personal likes and dislikes and act in a mature way

That is for the betterment of all.


It may be a short-term sacrifice, in order to survive to get to the long run.

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On the New York mayors race Sal Albanese said.... If Mickey Mouse was the mayor, we’d still have crime going down.




That's comforting for the victims of crime to know. :blink:





Vote for me, I'll take a bite out crime.







Fixed typo

Edited by hamradio
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"Illinois Democratic state Sen. Daniel Biss is running an uphill race for his party’s gubernatorial nomination. He faces a $21 million problem — that’s the amount Hyatt Hotel heir J.B. Pritzker, also vying for the Democratic nomination, has put into his own campaign.


But Biss is countering his capitalist opponent by picking as his running mate someone who is Pritzker’s direct opposite: a democratic socialist.......



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FYI:  Don Fowler (cited in the above) is an 82 year old from South Carolina and has spent his entire life in the Democratic Party, particularly in S.C.,  in one position or another.  He has never held elective office as far as I can tell.  He also operates a "communications" business in SC.

S.C. has the First in the South primaries, close behind NH and Iowa.  An early CA primary would significantly lower the importance of the S.C. primary, for both parties.


Every state wants to have more impact on who the presidential candidates are.  CA is no different.  It is not an attempt to prevent any faction of the Dem. party from winning.  While it may advance some CA candidates, every state wants to do that - in both parties.

You think S.C. GOPers, are not wishing and hoping they can get Nikki Haley on a national ticket?  Probably for president.


Is it not time to let states other than NH, Iowa and S.C. be primary determiners of who runs for president?

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Andrew Malcolm has an interesting column on "How DC's Democrats have become irrelevant."  Hopefully they are not totally irrelevant, but he does point out two problems.  They have no organized agenda that is better than what the Republicans are selling.

More importantly, in my opinion, is that the Democratic leadership is too old and been around too long.  For example, Sen. Feinstein will be 85 when she begins her next term since not likely to lose in CA this year.  Pelosi is 77 and Hoyer of MD is 78 and Jim Clyburn of SC is 77.  In Clyburn's case, his district was gerrymandering decades ago to insure that an African-American Democrat would win it.  And the rest of the state's politicians in actual power pretty much ignore him.

Sanders, a DINO, is 76 and Hillary Clinton is 70.  Chuck Schumer is a relatively young 66.  Not to mention, all these leaders come from the two coasts.



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"The Democratic National Committee dismissed its top fundraiser Thursday after just five months on the job, two Democrats familiar with the move told POLITICO.

Emily Mellencamp Smith, the party’s finance director, was let go in a shakeup of the party’s senior leadership designed to energize the party's fundraising.


“We are grateful for Emily Mellencamp Smith’s work to help build a fundraising team that will raise the funds to win in 2017, 2018 and beyond. Emily is going back to consulting and helping elect Democrats in upcoming races, including staying on in a consulting role for the DNC at this time,” said DNC press secretary Michael Tyler.

Mellencamp Smith did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

The committee’s slow fundraising has been a serious problem for the party since the 2016 election. Skeptical donors have stayed away from the DNC while giving more to individual candidates and other committees....


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Calling for Real Reform, Ellison Says DNC 'Rigging' of Primary 'Cannot Be Dismissed'

"The DNC must be an impartial and transparent organization that welcomes all people who share our core values of economic justice and human rights for all."......


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