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Who else has ever seen NATALIE's "C. Factory" or "From Here to Eternity?"


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   Just before I had my awful accident, I caught Natalie's 1978 tv movie "The Cracker Factory" (strong ***-out of 4)


A well made, but not as strong as many others flix on this same topic, made for television movie she did for 1978. & I was stunned though in looking up if she was even nommed for an Emmy Award for this film & typically she wasn't???


& although she was never a *Meryl Streep,etc as an actresss, she stretched her acting chops w/this small film.     (NOTE:  Just a couple other films kinda' based on the same concept are *Sandra Bullock's 2000 "28 Days" ($38m.) (**1/2) & even stronger is Meg Ryan's 1994 "When a Man Loves a Woman" ($50m.) (***1/2)



Plus, who's also as yet seen her epic tv mini-series remake from 1979 "From Here to Eternity" (***1/2)?


Now, for this epic tv version she did take home her one & only major acting award for Best Actress the Golden Globe award-(during that era the Globes carried more wgt then they do nowadays though. SAG is more important nowadays in odds-making *Oscar & even Emmys)


This of course was before the infamous Pia Zadora fiasco w/the G. Globes :angry: (1982)



Many reading this likely have seen this epic tv mini-series by now & w/a large cast-(still not in the same league as the 1953 8 time *Oscar sweeper though) :rolleyes:


For those that haven't yet seen it-(NOTE: Both are easily available to watch online)


Natasha is in the D. Kerr role, William Devane in *Burt's-(obviously no match though for the latter!)

Steve Railsback as Robert E Lee Prewitt, Joe Pantaliano as Maggio-(played by some guy I never heard of & won him an *Academy Award in the original???) :unsure:   

& *Kim Basinger in the *Donna Reed pt for which she won an *Oscar as well. & Peter Boyle as Fatso Judson, of course superbly played by *Ernie Borgnine, who seems to be warming up to his villainous role in  "Bad Day at Black Rock"-(P.S. I briefly got to correspond only 2yrs before he went at age 95 in 2012 & *Borgnine was the nicest guy on the planet!)


Pantaliano shoulda' also been remembered come awards time by the way!


I first got to see this mini-series w/my grandparents & mother, being re-aired not too long after Natalie went on November 29th, 1981. (one of the worst days of my 52yrs on this rock) :angry:



& finally, please also chime-in on her first achievement in the '70's for television

1976's version of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (***)   opposite R.J. Wagner of course & you all know the rest of the famous story,etc

She came off best in this version in my view though  :D  w/Wagner no *Paul Newman :rolleyes: & despite being arguably our all-time finest stage actor & also, must rank among the greatest film actors too *Olivier to me, was all wrong as Big Daddy  :rolleyes:  A tremendous role for *Burl Ives in the '58 classic-(though he won his own *Oscar for that same yrs powerhouse Western "The Big Country")



Anyhow, I always welcome & expect your own views,etc








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