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The Trump Tower Hillbillies : What in the World is the Matter with Trump Supporters? Are They Crazy?

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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

trump embracing the insanity of his supporters-- is it a Political Ploy or a cry for help?

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11 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:


The death of civility, and decency for that matter. Again, Princess of Tap, for some reason your tweets don't copy into my replies. I don't know why. The senate candidate may be surprised that many Arizonians (SP??) do not appreciate her spitting on a man who gave his adult life in service to his country. He has imperfections like we all do, and he lost badly to Obama in 2008, partly because of Obama, but also partly because Dubya could not be made to care to lift a hand in the crash of 2008.

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12 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

trump embracing the insanity of his supporters-- is it a Political Ploy or a cry for help?

I'm surprised Trump doesn't have the marines out looking for that pizza parlor where Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring.

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12 hours ago, jakeem said:

Jeff Flake Retweeted Donald J. Trump

There's a danger in conducting foreign policy by tweet after viewing a single press report. First, land reforms have been proposed in parliament in South Africa, but not yet adopted. Second, there is no "large scale killing of farmers" going on in South Africa.


11 hours ago, jakeem said:

Frank Thorp V Retweeted Donald J. Trump

SEN. BOB CORKER calls Trump’s South Africa tweet “a base stimulator”

Q: What do you mean? What is his base that would be stimulated?

CORKER:“Well, there are portions of those who support the president that are—I’m sure that generates excitement. I mean, it’s—you know what I’m saying...”

 white nationalists


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30 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Trump supporters stand by the Confederacy who literally waged a war against the United States and wear shirts saying "Better Russian than Democrat", but they think kneeling NFL players are unpatriotic.

 white supremacists in America have always been wrapped in the Confederate flag.

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2 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Rick WilsonVerified account @TheRickWilson 14h14 hours ago


The Trump-right is mocking and trolling McCain's death.


Smite them if you wish, but know one thing with perfect clarity.

History will record John McCain as a hero, a legend and a man in full.

@realDonaldTrump will go down as a coward, cheat, weakling, failure, and traitor.

This is exactly the kind of behavior that you would expect from Trump supporters. One thing for sure, they never disappoint--

they're groveling down to the lowest common denominator of human behavior.

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2 hours ago, TomJH said:

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support

Studies have shown that people who lack expertise in some area of knowledge often have a cognitive bias that prevents them from realizing that they lack expertise. As psychologist David Dunning puts it in an op-ed for Politico, “The knowledge and intelligence that are required to be good at a task are often the same qualities needed to recognize that one is not good at that task — and if one lacks such knowledge and intelligence, one remains ignorant that one is not good at the task. This includes political judgment.” Essentially, they’re not smart enough to realize they’re dumb.


 "They're not smart enough to realize they're dumb."

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27 minutes ago, jakeem said:

.@realDonaldTrump ran for @POTUS ONE time and WON! Some people will never recover from that. #SorryNotSorry Yes, #MAGA ??


25 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Philip Rucker Retweeted Katrina Pierson

Some apparent shade from a longtime Trump spokeswoman at John McCain, who ran for president twice

Another ignorant trump supporter who cannot even maintain silence during a memorial service for John McCain.

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14 hours ago, jakeem said:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham suggests having the government take over Facebook and Twitter ‘like public utilities’



This  poorly informed trump supporter wants the US government to appropriate private companies.

Somebody needs to tell Laura that the United States is a capitalist country not a communist country.

Appropriation of Private Industry is what Fidel Castro did in Cuba.

Maybe she'd be more comfortable in Havana. LOL

Viva Che!

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39 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

From the UK's Daily Mail ...

Pennsylvania GOP official resigns after calling NFL Players who take the knee 'baboons' and 'ignorant blacks', threatening that they will stop doing it 'when white people stop paying their salaries'

Pennsylvania GOP official resigns after calling protesting NFL Players 'baboons'

Carla Maloney was  the Republican Committee of Beaver County's secretary. She also said the NFL players should 'go to Africa and see how you like it there' in the 2017 posts, posted on her personal Facebook page. 'Let's see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries,' she added in post that repeatedly called the Pittsburgh Steelers 'baboons'. It is believed Maloney made the post after Steelers sat in locker room for the national anthem during a September 2017 game. The committee's chairman has admitted that he already knew about posts last year.

Another trump supporter doing what they do best-- racism.

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33 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Fox & Friends slams John McCain's daughter Meghan and Barack Obama over their eulogies: We won't be 'shamed' into turning against Trump



I watched John McCain's funeral and I never heard any mention of trump.

Apparently trump supporters have a problem with an internationally televised funeral, attended by the country's  Washington DC governing Elite, dominating the news over the weekend, which never mentioned trump.

For some reason, they feel that they have to interpolate their hero into every mass event that's going on.

But, I suppose Fox pays them well to be propagandistic spokespersons for trump.

If they weren't Paid Shills, I wonder what their real opinions would be?


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7 hours ago, jakeem said:

"Hey, don't touch me again, man," Sen. Marco Rubio told far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones during an exchange in a Capitol Hill hallway



Another trump supporter from the Lunatic Fringe

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‘The Onion’ Has Chosen To Publish An Anonymous Op-Ed From Two Sources Close To Trump Who Think Their Dad Is The Best President Ever

Today, The Onion is making an unusual editorial decision, and we want to explain why. As turmoil continues to increase within the Trump White House, this essay offers an invaluable high-level perspective into the administration’s inner workings. Due to the sensitive nature of this op-ed, revealing the identities of the writers could jeopardize their positions in the administration. We believe, however, that any issues with the writers’ identities or their motivations for writing this piece are overridden by the necessity of informing the public about what it’s like to work for the president. That is why The Onion has chosen to publish an anonymous op-ed from two sources close to Mr. Trump who think their dad is the best president ever.



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11 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats

Reddit was key to Qanon’s emergence from the fringe corners of the internet and into more mainstream conspiracy and far-right media circles.

The community, called /r/GreatAwakening, had more than 71,000 subscribers making over 10,000 comments on average per day before it was banned. A backup subreddit, /r/the_greatawakening, was also banned, along with 17 other Qanon focused communities, including r/BiblicalQ and r/Quincels.


The subreddit, which is a term for the common interest groups that make up Reddit, has been host to a stream of violent threats based on the conspiracy theory — despite repeated calls from the community’s moderators urging them to stop, particularly in recent weeks.


Qanon devotees falsely believe that President Donald Trump is secretly waging a war with special counsel Robert Mueller to take down a global pedophile ring led by Hollywood celebrities and the Democratic Party, most notably Hillary Clinton....

Threats to kill Clinton pervaded GreatAwakening earlier this month when users were incensed by a Qanon-based theory that she was somehow causing military planes to fall out of the sky. GreatAwakening members implored the community to “kill all enemies” ....

moderators moved Qanon posts from 8chan, a hard-to-navigate internet message board used mostly by trolls and younger people, to Reddit, making it accessible to a larger, older, and less internet savvy audience of conspiracy theorists. From there, Qanon crept to Facebook, where it continued to grow.

A spokesman for Reddit confirmed the banning in a statement to NBC News.

“As of September 12, r/greatawakening has been banned due to repeated violations of the terms of our content policy,” the spokesperson said. “We are very clear in our site terms of service that posting content that incites violence, disseminates personal information, or harasses will get users and communities banned from Reddit."

............GreatAwakening users began to waver in their support when former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight felony counts as part of Mueller’s Russia probe, and the president’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight felony charges. Q had repeatedly led posters to believe Mueller, Manafort and Cohen were working in tandem to catch the alleged child sex ring.

“Q” posted on 8chan shortly after Reddit’s action, aligning the ban with Alex Jones, who along with his website Infowars were recently removed from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple.

On its last day, r/GreatAwakening users had reverted to rote conspiracy talking points from years’ past — claiming 9/11 was an inside job, and that the Anthrax investigation was covered up by Mueller.




As insane as some of this stuff may appear to most people, it does make sense that a number of trump voters are falling for this sort of stuff because they're just that ignorant.

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Paul Krugman accuses GOP of ‘flat-out lying’ about everything -- because they know their Fox News fans will believe anything



You can see my trump does love his poorly educated base supporters-- they will fall for anything.

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2 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

1) professional athletes are there because they can play better than anybody else and the public is willing to pay to see them play.

2) black athletes in any profession in the United States are there and make the kind of money that they make cuz they are the best at what they do and because the white public which is predominantly the  demographic with the most money to pay to see them want to see them.

3) if the white public did not want to see these athletes then they wouldn't pay all that money,  now would they?

Catch 22

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