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The Trump Tower Hillbillies : What in the World is the Matter with Trump Supporters? Are They Crazy?

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

BREAKING: White House says it wants to keep government open, will find other ways to fund border wall



8 hours ago, jakeem said:

Fox & Friends segment calls on Trump voters to each give $80 to fund the wall: ‘It could be a people’s wall’




On 12/16/2018 at 12:28 PM, Princess of Tap said:

The majority of Americans don't want it, the Mexicans don't want it,

It seems that trump's base supporters are the only people who want it.

Rally after rally, these supporters say they want to build the wall. So why don't they just pay for the wall?


 Because it's obvious that the representatives of the majority of Americans are against the wall and are not going to sanction the any any Berlin wall type monstrosity like that wall on our Southern border.


 So the new chant at the moronic racist rallies ought to be :


" Let's build a wall and we're going to pay for it."


No other group of Americans are that stupid or should I say,  that "low -informed".

 It's gratifying to see that Fox News has taken up my suggestion that the trump base should pay for the wall because they're the only Americans that want the wall.

I just hope these working class and Working Poor white folks will be able to afford to pay for their Mexican border wall after they lose their Obama care, thanks to trump and they have to pay higher rates with higher deductibles for healthcare. 


* When will these good folks forget their white supremacy and racism and think about their own wellbeing and self-preservation?

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Joyce Alene Retweeted Donald J. Trump

At what point does his base realize that all the red meat he’s throwing at them is rotten?

What's left of his base are:

* White supremacists and trump is giving them everything they want, being in solidarity with them.

** A lot of poorly educated whites who have been fed a lifetime of Mythology that they can't see through because they lack any kind of critical analytical ability

*** And some white people who simply don't have a whole lot going for them except white privilege and they're afraid they're going to lose it with the changing demographics that we have  today

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4 hours ago, jakeem said:

A Florida resident's GoFundMe campaign has raised over $2 million for Trump's border wall




4 hours ago, jakeem said:

How is The Family Grift going to get its hands on the money that the suckers are sending in to pay for The Wall?

Our lines are open. This is a free call.

Go back to the OP:

 Mexico is not going to pay for it, but it looks like trump supporters are shelling out their  own dough. 

They better save it for healthcare.

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5 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

There's one born every minute.



 20% of the American population--


* 10% actually are making money off this directly or indirectly by working with the Republican Party, or some other conspiracy type  scam.

They're not suckers; they're just jerks, so let's give them a break.  LOL





3 hours ago, jakeem said:

In the midst of all the news breaking today, the fact that 140,000 people have (so far) donated over $8.5 million to build a "wall" is... distressing



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16 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Keith BoykinVerified account @keithboykin 10h10 hours ago


Chaos is Trump's goal:

"Trump grasps better than most that a single scandal is cause for public outrage,

while a million scandals is a statistic...

Revving up the wall fight allows Mr. Trump to divert attention from so much of the other drama threatening to swallow him up."


 The functionally illiterate have their say.

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14 hours ago, jakeem said:

Margo Howard ✍️Retweeted Laurence Tribe

He is wrecking the country, and the dumbest among us gave him the hammer.


10 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

As I said prior to the election his supporters wished to throw a grenade at government but it was always going to go off in their own hand.

trump's base is slowly, but surely, being depleted by difficulties with food stamps, Obamacare and opioids.

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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

Nancy Pelosi, noting how Trump is no longer talking about a Great Concrete Wall anymore. “A beaded curtain or something” https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/12/25/government-shutdown-donald-trump-democrats-odds-over-border-wall/2409226002/ 


 Now it's down the slats and the deplorables are going to pay for it.


*  BTW-- Why in the world would the Mexicans ever want to pay for such a wall?

And as far as they are concerned people from all over Latin America are coming to the United States through the southern border.

To make Mexico pay was just another racist jab for his racist base of supporters--

Who were gullible enough and dumb enough to actually believe it.

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20 minutes ago, jakeem said:

It's truly unfortunate for these trump supporters who need food stamps or any kind of Public Assistance that trump thinks only black people get public welfare.

 So he has no problem with trying to lower it or cut it out altogether.

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56 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Poll: Just 33 percent of voters would definitely or likely support Trump's reelection http://hill.cm/491M6Dt 


When you see a percentage this high oh, it's good to know that people throughout all 50 states are making a living in the Republican party.

Also they have friends and relatives who are making a living in the Republican Party. It's human nature that no one wants to put himself or herself or family members out of a job.

And these are individuals who may work directly or indirectly with the party, or they may have local and Regional governmental jobs with the Republican Party.

And there are just some people who would never vote on any other ticket-- no matter what.


* At any rate,  I  don't want to believe that 33% of our population are white supremacists or neo-Nazi, or just plain stupid.

As Oscar Hammerstein always said: I'm a cockeyed optimist.

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9 minutes ago, mr6666 said:


NewsweekVerified account @Newsweek 1h1 hour ago


Florida man starts Gofundme page to buy shovels for digging under Trump's wall http://bit.ly/2ETXTtQ 


While this may seem crazy or just plain stupid,

This trump supporter activity is a lot safer and not as illegal as beating up people you don't agree with or sending pipe bombs to former American Presidents or media Outlets who criticize Trump.


 And good luck on that digging.  LOL

PS it's not clear if the tunnels are designed to force the Mexican or Latino immigrants back or to sucker them in and then have them arrested.

Or it's just a joke on them.

April Fools and Happy New Year!

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On 12/29/2018 at 2:57 PM, jakeem said:

Schooley Retweeted GOP

It is well past time for Republicans to admit that The Wall was an absurd campaign promise made by a xenophobic ignoramus for xenophobic ignoramuses and move on to take their governing responsibility more seriously than the head of their party.

I mean, I'm not holding my breath or anything.

 trump is building a wall and his xenophobic ignoramus supporters are going to pay for it.

Unfortunately for them that train left the station years ago.

Or as we would say in Kansas : What's the use of closing  the Barn Door after the cows have gotten out .  LMREO 

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21 minutes ago, HIGHWAY said:


The Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Drug Threat Assessment of 2015 says that Mexico is the primary supplier of heroin to the United States.

 Capitalism is based on supply and demand.

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14 hours ago, jakeem said:

A Republican who voted for Trump says he may be forced to move his factory to Mexico, because Trump's tariffs are threatening to drive him out of business

[From The New York Times:]



14 hours ago, jakeem said:

Susan J. Demas 🏔Retweeted Greg Sargent

“I thought Trump would only hurt the people I didn’t care about.”

 You knew he was a snake when you took him in.

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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

John Dean Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Sorry, but this is a fraud. No Natl Security crisis at the border. None. Zip. Nada. Does anyone outside Trump’s Fox duped base believe anything this man and his minions claim. Apparently Fred & Mary never told their son about the boy who cried wolf!


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

John Dean Retweeted Charlie Savage

Trump’s presidency has made clear, as Nixon’s did earlier, that many unwritten norms must be written as laws so that no future president can get outside the guardrails as easily as Trump has done. If ignorant voter select an ignorant POTUS, it must not destroy democracy.

Ignorant voters--

 Well, nobody ever said a white supremacist smart.

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38 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Disastrous numbers for POTUS. We’re seeing the first real signs of an erosion of his base:

-7% among Republicans

-6% among white men w/o college degree

-7% among white evangelicals

-9% among suburban men

-11% (!) among white women w/o college


Apparently voting for trump is giving some white non-college educated voters an " education ".

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12 hours ago, jakeem said:

Limbaugh on Shutdown: "Trump Can Win This If He Hangs On," Public Opinion Will Shift To His Side



12 hours ago, jakeem said:

Jay Bookman Retweeted Allahpundit

Hey Rush, NPR's new poll says Trump's support is collapsing: Among suburban men, down 18 points. Among white evangelicals down 13; Republicans down 10, white non-college women down 24.

So you're right: He should keep doing what he's doing. Urge him on. https://n.pr/2AKaBsb 

 The old proverbial rats deserting a sinking ship.

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump boxed in by right-wing media as government shutdown drags on

"Right-wing personalities and media organizations have given Trump little, if any, room to negotiate his way out of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history -- which they prodded him into," writes @oliverdarcy




3 hours ago, jakeem said:

Rick Wilson Retweeted CNN

Fox is the Fourth Branch of Government.

The only thing trump fears are extreme right-wing Bots.

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