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Given Myrna loy is STOTM an interesting true story...


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 Please let me know if you already are aware of this very famous item from the 1934 *Academy Awards

not just involving Myrna, but *Bette Davis as well


Fans were furious when the nominees were announced for the 1934 Best Actress *Oscar


& that Loy & *Bette Davis & another that nobody seems to include, but she was brilliant Carole Lombard in Hawks "Twentieth Century"


All (3) were not included among the then only (3) nominees


*Bette in "0f Human Bondage" & Loy in "The Thin Man"


So the *AMPAS permitted a write-in campaign for fans to throw in their 2 cents


Unfortunately the nominees & eventual winner that year *Claudette Colbert in *"It Happened 0ne Night" stayed the same.


The other 2 ladies in the race were Grace Moore in "0ne Night of Love" & Norma Shearer in "Barretts of Wimpole Street" (aka *Mrs. Thalberg)


Who do you think shoulda' been bumped, if anyone?


John Barrymore in "Twentieth Century" was also robbed


*Oscar allowed this write-in campaign again the following year, but again winners were the same

However, Paul Muni in "Black Fury" almost defeated *Victor McLaglen in "The Informer" solely on wite-in's


They also posted runners-up during 1934, 35 & 1936




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I agree that Bette should have officially been nominated for OF HUMAN BONDAGE. I think she was a victim of studio politics, because she made that film at RKO on a loan-out. Jack Warner was not going to support her nomination for it, since it was not one of his films. But she did receive a consolation Oscar for DANGEROUS the very next year, which was one of Warner's films. 


I'm glad Claudette won, though, in 1934. She was consistently good and the awards heaped on IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT helped Columbia transition from a fledgling minor studio to a major Hollywood company. Incidentally, Claudette did not stay at home on Oscar night. She was about to board a train-- they went and picked her up at the station and took her back to the hotel where the dinner/ceremony was in progress. So she did attend, in a roundabout way! 

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Too bad they didn't have more nominees then so Bette, Myrna, Carole Lombard and John Barrymore all could have been nominated as they deserved it.  I haven't seen the Grace Moore flick so I can't comment on that but I love Norma in "Barretts".  Can't argue with the eventual winners, though.


I always thought McLaglen won the next year because the vote was split among the three co-leads in "Mutiny on the Bounty."


It's hard to believe that Myrna didn't get nominated for something.  Ditto for Eddie G.

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