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Now that TCM is having "Big Screen Classsics" which do you vote for???


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   As cited on my heading   as all know on the superbly crafted & revolving section of TCM's "Big Screen Classics" there's the legendary image of the then infamous beach scene in 1953's 8 time *Academy (AMPAS) Award sweeping: *"From Here to Eternity" (Columbia)


& am again curious, which movie do you TCM-ITES like more from that year & it was also a BP contender, rare for a western as you know.


"SHANE" (Paramount)   VS.  *"FROM HERE TO ETERNITY?"-(also, it almost tied the all-time record for most overall nominations with (13) that year.  as you fans know that record is a tie belonging to both

1950's *"ALL ABOUT EVE" (Fox) & 1997's mammoth *"TITANIC"-(which also went onto tie another *Oscar record for most victories W/11 each)


Since then 03's *"LOR-ROTK" ($377m.) & before both of 'em 1959's epic *"BEN-HUR" (M-G-M)

 swept to the tune of "Eleven" "statuettes" & *"LOR-ROTK" achieved 2 record setting-(tie-ing) goals in that same year. It made a clean sweep of winning all 11. The only other pictures do achieve that record of taking home every statue it was up for that year are 1958's *"GIGI" (M-G-M) (***1/2) & utd laster with *Bertolucci's epic-bio *"THE LAST EMPEROR" ($34m/) (3 & 1/2 stars) Both  went 9 for 9)


But back to what motion picture do you like better> *:Eternity..." or "Shane?" My vote barely goes with what I easily rank among Hollywoods top five Westerns, in *George Stevens purely-perfectionist "Shane" & somewhat in a sad pt of it's legacy is the untimely death of Alan "Shane" Ladd-(l9l3-l964) I got an only ok shot of his grave in same row as *Burns & Allen, Clara Bow, Dandridge & Nat "King" Cole. Very top Glendale's, "F. Lawn" inside "Freedom Maus.'  But, like an idiot I didn't recall the famous "Bust" of him in the role, standing right there too?  That & people being creul about Ladd's well known lack of hgt at 5'5.to 5'6 at best. He was among that eras actors known to "height" i.e. *Bogie, Edward G., Raft, Donlevy, Tyrone Power, *Yul Brynner,  John Garfield, Claude Rains, Bobby Darin & others. They would add approx. 2 inches to their heels & also at times literally stand on orange crates, as w/the most famous ending in history *"Casablanca"  Now, *Bergman was tall at about 5'9 & 1/2 & *Bogey was 5'8 at best. So & this is fact-based, actuakly stood oin 1 of those O. Crates for the famous final speech & actually shot at the still-standing for as I know 

 Burbank/Glendale airport. :(


& *Gene Hackman's astonishingoly fast draw in the ok (**1/2) & cartoonish 1995 western "The Quick & the Dead" ($19m;.)  Bronson as Harmonica in "0nce Upon a Time in the West" (l969) & Ladd in "Shane" are the fastest draws in the WEST! & *Jack Palance-(l9l9-2003) created 1 of cinemas greatest villians in Jack Wilson! :angry:


I'm prejudiced when it comes to *"Eternity.;.." though, of course due to *FS as Maggio in his richly deserved  Best S. Actor *Oscar comeback role!  Eli Wallach was set by *Harry Cohn for the role, until more Tinsel-town lore popped up, involving *Sinatra's all-time main "LADY" Ava Gardner-(l922-90) spurring rumors that she got her guy that role. but everything gels greatly in the WW2 film. :D  Even poor George "Superman" Reeves-(l9l4-59) who got hisses & remarks from the crowd at screenings.

& *Ernest "Fatso Judson" Borgnine-(l9l7-2002) was such a mean jerk, as TV's Merv Griffin said yrs later, he actually made him laugh.


In the overall though *Ernity..." made a tonnage of more $dough$, won more *Oscars-(NOTE: "Shane" did score for oir Best Color-Cnematography


Who saw & liked Natalie's 1979 ep[ic tv mini-series of it? again, like w/*Frank, i'm even more prejudiced of course when anything comes to her. But, it's good (***)well-made, but no tv masterpiece ala: "Lonesome Dove"(l989) & others. Ridiculously it turned out to be her sole major film award of her 46 theatrical works & 3 for television. & not even an EMMY either, but they voted her the

Golden Globe for Best Atress in a Television movie or Mini-series. of course being the good sport she always was, she loved the Globe. She did win another award though, which she became the 1st star to personally accept this one Harvard Lampoon's Worst actress of the year  around 1963/64, because she joked when accepting it that she was simultaneously nommed for Best Actress *Oscar for '63's mice comedy-drama w/McQueen "Love With the Proper Stranger" Which wou;ldenote her final timeher peers respected her enough to include her???  not even for 1965's "Inside Dai ^_^ sy Clover" either? :angry:  NYFCC for '53 voted Lancaster & not Clift Best Actor & of course the vastly underrated *William Holden-(l9l8-8l) won a deserved statue as Sefton in "Stalag 17" *Bill's time has somewhat had a resurgence in last few yrs. *Kevin Costner, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray &our Mr. 0sborne all sing his praises &he's their favorite actor &even hero in some cases  And of course 11yr old nominee Brandon DeWilde-(l942-72) was killed in an automobile accident 6t only age 30. They say for *D-Stevens this "A Place in the Sun" (l95l)."Giasnt" & 1959's "Diary of Anne frank" marked by far the greatest era of his career.

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