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Any Bias in the Press/Media ?


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Kayleigh McEnany: "Boy it's interesting to be in a room that desperately wants to seem to see these houses of worship & churches stay closed."
Reporter: "Kayleigh, I object to that. I go to church. I'm dying to go back to church.
The question that we're asking... is it it safe?"
This is such a hideous and inappropriate thing to say. And just wrong.
Many journalists are people of faith.
It’s also our job to ask if it’s *safe* for people to go back to churches and other houses of worship.
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6 hours ago, jakeem said:


.@PressSec says there’s a room full of reporters who don’t want churches and houses of worship to re-open in response to multiple questions about what authority the president has to override governors if they choose to keep them closed longer than this weekend.
2:26 PM · May 22, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


6 hours ago, jakeem said:



6 hours ago, jakeem said:


The new White House press secretary seems to be under the illusion that she gets to direct White House reporters to pose distorted questions that she dictates to the president's political opposition and then take roll on whether they comply. #NotHowItWorks
3:14 PM · May 22, 2020·TweetDeck


5 hours ago, mr6666 said:

".......McEnany concluded the press briefing by scolding reporters for allegedly not doing enough reporting on President Donald Trump’s so-called “Obamagate” conspiracy theory.

She provided a list of questions they should be asking.......... :blink:



HEY! @PressSec We are NOT there to answer your questions.

You represent @realDonaldTrump You are there to answer our questions!

That was an act of cowardice and a malicious spreading of propaganda from the Brady Briefing Room.

Total perversion of the public trust.

 A professional birther and Fox News contributor has no conception of what journalism is and has no respect for the First Amendment anyway.

She's there to perpetrate trumps lies and bogus conspiracies because she represents a habitual liar.

She has no respect for the Constitutional mandates for The American people's right to know about the workings of their federal government. 

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Twitter and Trump: a Feud Years in the Making Finally Erupts-

".........The feud with Twitter serves as a convenient distraction for Trump from major challenges he currently faces, such as controlling the coronavirus pandemic and managing an economy hard-hit by COVID-19 restrictions. Unlike in those arenas, where researched hard numbers can mute the president's points, in the me-vs.-them battle of Trump and Twitter, his ability to make his point can be based largely on volume and bluster..........

"I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online,” Mark Zuckerberg told Fox News on Thursday, a statement he frequently repeats at moments like these. Facebook has long used fact checks on its site, done by third-party news organizations such as The Associated Press.

Not long afterward, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that Twitter will “continue to point out incorrect or disputed information about elections globally." But he added: "This does not make us an 'arbiter of truth.'”

“Facebook's approach is a strategic one from a business perspective," said Dipayan Ghosh, co-director of the digital platforms and democracy project at Harvard's Kennedy School. "Twitter is thinking about democratic interests and its impact on the world.”........


“The problem in it for Facebook is (that) staying out of it is also a political position,” Myers said. “You’re on a side. There’s no way to not be on a side of this. Regardless of what they’re going to do, they’re going to be placed on a side.”........



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So here’s what happened today. The NYPD arrested me at 96th Street and West Side Highway while I was taking photos and video to post to Twitter
. I told the police I was with the Press, they walked by me and then turned around and arrested me.
...........The police took my photo but they never read me my Miranda rights and never charged me with any serious crime. After 6 hours in police custody, they finally let me out of jail with a summons to appear in court.
Just read the summons. I was charged with “walking on the highway” and “disorderly conduct - blocking vehicular traffic.” Mind you, I didn’t block any traffic. The road was already obstructed by the police and the protesters.
All I did was record it.
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United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time

At least 63 professional journalists were killed doing their jobs in 2018, a 15 percent increase over last year, Reporters Without Borders said.
.......The world's five deadliest countries for journalists include three — India, Mexico and, for the first time, the United States — where journalists were killed in cold blood, even though those countries weren't at war or in conflict, the group said.

"The hatred of journalists that is voiced ... by unscrupulous politicians, religious leaders and businessmen has tragic consequences on the ground, and has been reflected in this disturbing increase in violations against journalists," Secretary-General Christophe Deloire said in a statement. .............


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OANN, Trump’s New Favorite Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist

Kristian Rouz appears on segments for One America News Network—ironic given he is working for a Russian outlet fingered in the 2016 election attack.

"........Rouz’s on-air reports for OAN include a wholly fabricated 2017 segment claiming Hillary Clinton is secretly bankrolling antifa through her political action committee. Clinton, Rouz claimed falsely, gave antifa protesters $800,000 that “went toward things like bricks, hammers, bats, and chains.” 

Other smears target billionaire financier George Soros, a longtime Kremlin bête noire. In one segment, Rouz amplified a thoroughly debunked claim that Soros collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, when the Jewish philanthropist was 14 years old. Another Rouz story accused Soros of secretly funding migrant caravans. .......

“This completes the merger between Russian state-sponsored propaganda and American conservative media,” said former FBI agent Clint Watts,..........




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Lara Logan, the Fox ‘Investigative Journalist’

Who Keeps Falling for Antifa Hoaxes

Fox News has repeatedly used Logan to lend credibility to its “antifa” coverage, but she seems to have trouble distinguishing between hoaxes and credible information.............

shows a clear pattern of repeatedly falling for obvious hoaxes and passing along eye-popping but completely unsubstantiated claims...........

After being called out for credulously passing along two hoaxes, Logan did not correct, update, or delete either tweet, instead lashing out at critics as waging a smear campaign to “destroy” her. ..............

Even as Logan struggles to discern disinformation and parody from verifiable evidence, Fox News has repeatedly touted Logan’s expertise on antifa during her on-air appearances. ............



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Trump-backed US government media chief under fire for dismissals

Michael Pack removed heads of Radio Free Europe and Middle East Broadcasting Networks,

and prompted resignations at VOA.



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On 6/18/2020 at 9:35 PM, Bogie56 said:

According to John Bolton, Donald Trump said that journalists (opposed to him) should be put in prison and summarily executed.

This was confirmed by another source on Reliable Sources this morning.

Trump is a tin pot dictator wanna-be.   Cruelty Is the Point.

He tells Xi Jingping that he thinks it is a great idea for him to build concentration camps for a million of his people because they are Muslims.

Where is the Republican outrage to that?  Just crickets.  

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Joe Biden’s press conference and the Fox “news side” racket

"........Fox executives frequently try to defray the controversies created by the bigoted right-wing propagandists on its “opinion side” by talking up the purportedly credible reporting of its “news side.” But as the McKelway case demonstrates, the network’s reportorial corps largely exists to advance the stories its demagogues are obsessed with............

....The exchange with Biden about “cognitive decline” quickly vaulted to the top of Fox News’ website and has since been discussed on Fox programs including The Daily Briefing, Bill Hemmer Reports, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Special Report, Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, Fox News @ Night, Fox & Friends FirstFox & Friends, and America's Newsroom.

For his part, during a turn on Bill Hemmer’s program, McKelway claimed, “There’s speculation -- and it is widespread, there’s no hiding it anymore -- that based upon several gaffes that Biden has made in recent months and even in recent years, that he is experiencing the first effects of some sort of mild dementia or cognitive impairment.” 

And that’s the difference between Fox’s “news” and “opinion” side.

The “opinion” side speculates; what makes it “news” is reporting that other people are speculating."




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How Tucker Carlson deceptively edited a video to accuse veteran Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth of hating America

Duckworth's blunt response to Carlson exposed the Fox host's bullying


".........Media Matters’ Parker Molloy also pointed out that Carlson engaged in a deceptive edit of what Duckworth actually said: Far from dwelling on the issue of taking down images of George Washington, Duckworth was trying to change the subject back to more important topics.

As was clear from viewing the full segment, Duckworth gave brief mentions of some important issues of cultural dialogue — while trying to steer the conversation back to pressing issues such as the coronavirus pandemic and the alleged Russian bounties on American troops.

Reporter: ".....So, in your view, where does it end? Should statues, for example, of George Washington come down?

SEN. TAMMY DUCKWORTH (D-IL): Well, let me just say that we should start off by having a national dialogue on it, at some point. But right now, we're in the middle of a global pandemic. And our — one of our ally — one of our — countries that are opposed to us, Russia, has put a bounty on American troops' heads.

What really struck me about this speech that the president gave at Mount Rushmore was that he spent more time worried about honoring dead Confederates than he did talking about the lives of our American — 130,000 Americans who lost their lives to COVID-19, or by warning Russia off of the bounty they're putting on Americans' heads.

I mean, his priorities are all wrong here. He should be talking about what we're going to do to overcome this pandemic. What are we going to do to push Russia back? And, instead, he had no time for that. He spent all his time talking about dead traitors."



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Twitter suspends more than 50 white nationalist accounts

"Twitter suspended more than 50 accounts operated by white nationalists Friday amid criticism over its handling of inflammatory posts on its platform.

“The accounts in question were suspended for violating our policies in relation to violent extremism,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

The move comes after Twitter and YouTube were singled out in a report released Tuesday by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism that accused the platforms of allowing white nationalist groups to disseminate their message and garner new recruits. 

The report specifically identified 67 Twitter accounts, which  had nearly 140,000 followers in total, who were members of the Identitarian movement, also known as Generation Identity, which is based on the idea that immigrants are overtaking people of European descent. ...........


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U.S. global media agency hires shock jock who called Obama 'Kenyan'

The hiring of Frank Wuco is the latest controversial move by Michael Peck, the new CEO of the taxpayer-funded media group.


The U.S. Agency for Global Media has hired Frank Wuco, a controversial former talk radio host who once called President Barack Obama “a Kenyan” and said Nancy Pelosi was a Botox-using Nazi, according to three USAGM officials.

Wuco recently started as an adviser in the front office of USAGM, which is headed by Michael Pack, who is dramatically reshaping the agency that oversees taxpayer-funded media properties. Pack’s early moves have led to blowback on Capitol Hill, with Democrats and some Republicans furious over what they see as a effort to turn independent news outlets meant to spread American values into vessels for pro-Trump propaganda........



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Barr's meeting with Murdoch last year was to pressure Fox - a company that has been under DOJ investigation multiple times

- to muzzle   @Judgenap

over his Trump criticism.

Pure authoritarian thuggishness.


William Barr told Murdoch to 'muzzle' Fox News Trump critic, new book says

  • Attorney general met media mogul in October 2019
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano said Trump should be impeached..........


....Stelter reports, Napolitano found digital resources allocated elsewhere, saw a slot on a daytime show disappear, and was not included in coverage of the impeachment process......



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  • mr6666 changed the title to Any Bias in the Press/Media ?

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