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Trump vs. the Press/Media

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The Washington PostVerified account @washingtonpost 6m6 minutes ago


White House suspends press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta after testy exchange with Trump


“We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter’s colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question.”

On Twitter, Acosta responded to Sanders’s statement with, simply: “This is a lie.".....



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2 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Trump @PressSec confirms that White House has suspended the hard pass of a reporter because it doesn't like the way he does his job. This is something I've never seen since I started covering the White House in 1996. Other presidents did not fear tough questioning.


4 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Robert Littal Retweeted Sarah Sanders

The wild thing is they act like there isn't video of the interaction between Acosta and the young lady, he never touches her she tries to grab mic from him and he says "Pardon me ma'am", she lets go and sits down. They're making it seem like he assaulted her lol


9 minutes ago, jakeem said:

David Frum Retweeted Sarah Sanders

Who will break the news to @PressSec that there’s video of the event she’s misrepresenting here?

Kicking one honest reporter out of the White House press conferences won't kill the 1st Amendment.

It will only serve to prove how how terrified trump is of facing the truth and how he has such a lack of respect for freedom of the press.

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NAHJVerified account @NAHJ 5h5 hours ago


By harassing @Acosta for simply doing his job & deeming him as the 'enemy of the people',

President Trump is engaging in a calculated effort

of putting a target on this journalist’s back. #PressFreedom #MoreLatinosInNews


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On 11/5/2018 at 7:46 AM, jakeem said:

"If people are voting on policy and things like the economy, I think we’re in a really great position moving forward," says @PressSec this morning of the president's hopes for the midterm elections.


What is that Common Sense saying?

" She doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain. "

With All those rooms in the White House, why does she have to stand out in the rain on the driveway to answer questions from the Press. She's made that decision; it wasn't up to them. 

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Mark Follman Retweeted Drew Harwell

Trump’s @PressSec Sarah Sanders tweeted out this video tonight, which was apparently doctored by InfoWars to fit the phony WH narrative attacking Jim Acosta.


Image result for doctored acosta video

Stupidly transparent, obviously a fix--

All those press conferences in the rain have obviously seeped through to make Sarah's brain soggy.

We all saw this encounter on live TV and everybody's got video of this.

Not to mention the fact that dozens of Witnesses are trained professional Observers. LOL





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5 minutes ago, jakeem said:

New statement from Sarah Sanders re: Jim Acosta is clearly moving the goalposts: “The question is: did the reporter make contact or not? The video is clear, he did. We stand by our statement.”

Sanders initially said Acosta put “his hands on” the intern. He didn’t.

 this reminds me of that old Motown song,

"Quicksand"  by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.

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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

Dana Schwartz Retweeted Sarah Sanders

This video is doctored. It's slowed down and then sped up at the moment Acosta's hand comes down to make it look like he's doing a karate chop or something. This is shameful propaganda. It's Orwellian.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders should resign over this video.

The government is literally falsifying evidence to wrongfully accuse a private citizen of a crime in order to revoke his rights.

If you're not terrified, you should be.


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Michael McFaulVerified account @McFaul 2h2 hours ago


To those media outlets who covered extensively the " the invading caravan" before the election-- sometimes on page one -- but now have completely dropped reporting on this alleged national security threat,

realize how badly Trump played you & don't repeat.


As someone who has had my press credentials denied by authoritarian China, I never thought I'd see this crap happen in the US.

And this "most reporters are okay but @Acosta is aggressive" thing is the EXACT line Chinese propaganda printed about me.

It's a tactic, people.

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Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill CNN Reporter as Trump Continues Attacking Network

An Arkansas man was arrested on Tuesday after placing more than 40 calls to CNN's Atlanta headquarters and threatening the life of a reporter.

Benjamin Craig Matthews, 39, faces five felony counts of terroristic threatening, nine misdemeanor counts of harassing communications and four misdemeanor counts of second-degree terroristic threatening, according to a news release from the Baxter County Sheriff's Office......



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37 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

Trump Claims Acosta Video Distributed by White House Wasn't Altered

However, an independent video producer says the White House video appears to have been sped up and altered

..... A video expert had told The Associated Press that the video appeared doctored to speed up Acosta's arm movement and make his gesture more threatening; the White House used that encounter to justify pulling Acosta's credentials.

"It wasn't doctored," the president said. "They gave a close-up view. That's not doctoring."

Abba Shapiro, an independent video producer hired by The Associated Press to compare the footage tweeted by Shapiro with the AP's coverage of the news conference, said the alteration made was

"too precise to be an accident."......



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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump, threatening to further retaliate against the free press if he doesn’t like their coverage, now saying “there could be others” whose credentials he pulls if they’re “not respectful”

Now trump wants to threaten journalists who are doing their jobs by exposing his lies and Corruption. But he's not really hurting individual journalists; he's not really targeting just individual news agencies--

trump is trying to destroy the First Amendment of the American people.

A free press is something that all dictators hate. They hate a free press. That's why Putin's been accused of killing so many journalists in Russia.

To a person like trump, anything that is not propaganda from Fox News is fake news.

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

"Talk about somebody that's a loser. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing...She's very nasty," Donald Trump said of American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan.

"You've got to treat the White House and the office of the presidency with respect," he added

Related image


On 11/7/2018 at 11:43 AM, jakeem said:

NEW: Trump calls black reporter Yamiche Alcindor's question about his embrace of nationalism "racist"



 Black female journalists are particularly difficult for trump to deal with.

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4 hours ago, jakeem said:

QUESTION (from @abbydphillip😞 Do you want acting AG Matt Whitaker to rein in Mueller?

TRUMP: “What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions."


Another  hateful comment on trump's part against an accomplished black female professional journalist

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59 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Trump, this is the 3rd black female reporter you’ve disrespected this week. Why can’t you just answer questions from competent reporters @AprilDRyan @Yamiche @abbydphillip. Why are you so intimidated by professional black women?


Michael Steele is a former chairperson of the Republican National Committee.

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

“There is something so wrong with this. It is beyond disturbing," Brooke Baldwin said of Trump's attacks on black female journalists.




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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Joe Scarborough Retweeted Michael Steele

Mr. President, after this third shameful incident, it seems fair to ask when you started hating black women. Most of us who have lived in Manhattan for a while know that this was certainly not always the case.

Hatred of black women...

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