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STOTM Myrna Loy was voted "Queen of Hollywood"


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I've written about this cinefact several times over 16yrs on here, but thought it appropriate again of course due to TCM voting-(NOTE: LawrenceA & others, do they vote for monthly "Stars of the Month" or how do they go about choosing them by the way?)


I've saved all my past issues of "Now Playing" but like a lot of my books, are still in boxes-(100's). Smaller apt now. Stop getting it though a few yrs ago. I bet she was it before though? & is it Cary Grant-(l904-l986) *James Stewart-(l8908-97) or *Bette Davis-(l908-89) that has been it's "STOTM' the most times. I know NATALIE was just chosen it for her 2nd time in November. & PLEASE LET ME KNOW, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE BOTH: *"THE GREAT: TRACY" & *"CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: *SINATRA" BEEN CHOSEN IT TO DATE???


Anyway, Myrna Loy-(l905-1993) is obviously it December "STOTM" & I wager she's been it previously in 22yrs of the network. Most know she never even earned 1 single shot at an *Oscar though-(also wrote about the huge controversy surrounding the 1934 *Oscars) But for my $dough$ the ladies that were really shortchanged that year were *Davis in "0f Human Bondage": & Lombard in "Twentieth Century" even over Loy in "The Thin Man" Especially when the did nominate *Shearer in the stiff "Barretts of Wimpole Street" (MGM) instead?


FDR was known to be among very first U.S. President's to love THE MOVIES" ("Snow White..." & Eleanor admitted he had a huge crush on Myrna.) & the legendary factoid of John Dillinger-(l903-34) literally losing his life when sneaking out to see her newest-latest-(ironically a gangster picture & remade far superior as "Angels With Dirty Faces") He was also said to be a ladies' man, but his heart belonged to Myrna Loy. "Manhattanj Melodrama" (M-g-M) (***) was the film playing at the still present "Biograph Theatre"


& then & I'm positive, much to the competitive chagrin of the likes of: *Bette Davis, *Joan Crawford-(l904-77) & *Norma Shearer-(l900-83) nicknamed "Queen of the MGM lot, because of being married to *Thalberg of course) I'm certain a Garbo or *K. Hepburn couldn't have cared-less about what happened in a mammoth-(over 20 million fans voted) in 1938-(while they were filming *"GWTW") *Clark Gable-(l90l-60) as "The King of Hollywood" & then, almost all were stunned when Loy was voted "The Queen of Hollywood" instead of those actresses. L.B. Mayer-(l885-l957) at first typoically tried to take advantage of it & the publicity by having a tacky presentation at the studio. *Gable hated it, him & after awhile that title.

But an official & classier presentation was held on H. Blvd at "The El Capitain'-(still-there) & of all people, sometimes pal *Tracy crowned him


My picks for "Essential Myrna Loy"-(limited to juust 4 like TCM "GP's):

*1. "The Best Years of 0ur Lives" (l946) (Goldwyn/RKO)

2. "The Thin Man" (l934) (M-G-M)

3. "Test-Pilot" (l9378) (MGM)

4. "Libeled Lady" (l936) (M-G-M)-(though Harlow stole the show)



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Forgot some Loy trivia. She was also never awarded the annual AFI-(American Film Institute-(est: 1967-) Lifetime Achievement Award



& to add insult to injury, when AFI did it's huge follow-up/sequel to it's 1998 "AFI's 100yrs...100 Movies" (poll/survey & tv special)


In "AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars" (l999) & this time they only named the top 25 male & female movie stars


She wasn't even voted in the top #25 actresses???



A Montana girl, she chose there to be laid to rest & did finally get somekind of acknowledgment from her peers, an honorary *Oscar.

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She did receive the Kennedy Center Honor and a lifetime achievement award from AMPAS.


She was voted Star of the Month this time by a vote of the members of TCM Backlot. $87 annual fee if you're interested.


ETA: Just looked at her entry on Wikipedia. There's apparently a building named for her on the MGM lot in Culver City and she has a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood.

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