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The Jerry Lewis interview from Hell


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Jerry was just fine. That whole interview was edited with that opening to get people to click on it to see what the fuss was about.


The interviewer was poor in my opinion. He just spits out random questions. Too many "umms", "ahhs", stutters. Its as if he wasn't organized and prepared. In Jerry's day, if you weren't on your game, he could tell in a moment. 


Look at the interview Fedya posted (thanks Fedya). That interviewer first "engages" Jerry by bringing up his parents, how he began in the business. Now its a trip down memory lane. Probably a subject he rarely gets to talk about. He is much more into that conversation as you can see. And its obvious the interviewer did some research. And it seems Jerry appreciates that.


Interviewing is a skill that seems to be quite lacking these days. 

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I'm currently reading DEAN & ME by Lewis after reading the EXCELLENT piece on him in a Peter Bodanovich book. I find Jerry one of the most insightful, intelligent & talented artists out there.


I think Gerald is right on both counts: Jerry spotted an amateur and too many interviewers/reporters have zero backround & training. Holding up a cel phone doesn't teach "reporting". I'm aghast at how much information is left out of news reports.


These days I have to prepare for interviews by providing a list of topics/questions just to make sure there is a proper flow of information covered. Oy.

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   I heard about this, but where can one locate it???

I obviously found it below & THANX


Several heavyweights are now age 90!  Jerry,  Rickles,  Tony Bennett & *Mel Brooks-(though he seems 20yrs younger)




CALLING AFI, before it's too late!?

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We've always known there was a zany Jerry and a serious Jerry. But how about non-cooperative Jerry? 





A terrific (***1/2-out of 4 stars) but not great interview, in my opinion only.   Still do't see Jerry upset much though.  recall back in around early 2000's when he appeared sooo-heavy on the telethon. He admitted he was addicted to drugs & one day was sitting in the bathtub & had a '22 gun near him & thought about it


(P.S. everybody still insists that *Frank set that entire meeting up?)

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