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[i]For Me And My Gal[/i], (1942)

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[nobr]For Me And My Gal is coming on TCM in March (5th @ 9:30PM). I've never seen this Judy Garland and Gene Kelly flick, the only one I haven't seen. Can someone give me some of their thoughts on it? Was the plot good? I've heard Gene's character was not the most loveable of characters... Is this true? [/nobr]


[nobr]Any info or opinions would be great. I'm looking forward to seeing it![/nobr]



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It's excellent. In glorious black and white, Mr. Kelley's character is not a "good" guy, which I love about it. I like the "darker" feel of the movie. It was made during the war years, so and the movie reflects it with issues dealing with wartime (it's a period picture, taking place during the previous World War). The featured songs are from WWI era, so it was a nostalgia piece for the older audience members who would've remembered the time. Great to see M?rtha Eggerth. This popular hungarian soprano fled Austria when the Nazi's took power. She's still alive and sometimes performs today (at age 95!). It's Kelly's debut film, and what a way to begin: playing the lead in a Busby Berkeley directed film starring Judy Garland. He'd been starring on Broadway as Pal Joey and supposedly planned to only make this one movie before returning to New York. But thankfully he ended up staying on at MGM...

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Mr. Burley always gives great background info. Glad everyone likes it, but I thought I read somewhere Gene and Judy's characters end up together... I really can't stand to watch a movie where the two leads I like don't end up together! If you don't want to give away the ending, please PM me as to whether they do or not.


Thanks again for the replies!



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I'm a little confused reguarding the info RO gave at the beginning and end of this movie... I understand the scenes in which Kelly becomes a hero were added into the picture after screenings before release were negative toward Kelly's character. So, was his character originally suppose to not end up with Judy's and she was suppose to end up with the other guy? Or was his character just softened, for him to be more accepeted by audiences...?


Ok, I really loved Gene's character, and actually sympathized with him. I loved the movie, thought it was wonderful!

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I read something about that recently but I forgot all the details. :(


Well, as most people probably already knows, MGM under Thalberg's guidance really put a lot of emphasis on preview screenings and trying to "fix" or "improve" the movie whenever possible prior to release. Guess they just wanted to make the most satisfying movies they could, and a lot of the time, they succeeded. :)

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