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Reel of Fortune-- fill in the blanks


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Busy character actor who gets his head ripped off in 'WOLFEN' and knocked off his stool by an angry Walter Matthau in 1974 along with appearing the same year in a Billy Wilder-directed remake of a 1931 movie.


     _  I C _    /    _' _  _ I _ L

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CEDRIC GIBBONS the art director.  Busy guy! 


     next:  One of the worst 'triple-threat' writers/producers/directors in movies and television who got steady work from the 1950s through the 1980s.  He was married in the 1940s to actress Coleen Gray.  Produced the Tv shows "My Mother the Car" and NBC's short-lived "Supertrain" (1979).  Directed a number of theatrical films (such as "The Bushwhackers"/1952) and wrote scripts for others he did not direct (like "Hook, Line and Sinker").  Directed a Peter Sellers film in the early '70s and capped off his directorial career by helming/producing/co-writing a notoriously awful 1987 film whose negative belongs in the garbage pail, according to Leonard Maltin.


      _   _  D   //    _ M _  _ E _ U

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I'm going with DOUGLAS SHEARER.  (I'll guess he was Norma's brother; I'm not sure). 


     next:  An actor.  The namesake son of the U.S. military officer who sounded the alarm at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.  Married to an actress who achieved the highest level of fame she'd ever had in the last 3/4 years of her life and died in 1988 at 59.  He stayed busy in acting on television shows, Tv movies and theatrical movies from the 1950s through the early 1990s.  His first decent-sized part in a theatrical film was the 1961 Don Murray drama "The Hoodlum Priest". 


     _ O _ A _     ///   _ A _  _ E _  

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