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Favorite Insult Movies: Part Two


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I've posted that 1940's "Pride and Prejudice" remains my all time favorite "insult" movie, but am still looking for more good ones to watch.  P&P insults, particularly at the dance, are barbed arrows.  


They must be clever and witty dialogue 


They must have some element of understatement 


Preferably from the Golden Age 


British movies are often good at this, so British recommendations welcome.


They should not include post modernism typical **** insults which appeal to junior high schoolers.  (well, just start at 1929 and end around 1949 to be safe).  Maggie Smith, al la Downton Abbey should have been untethered and allowed to zing away, but even restricted, she had some excellent jabs, including, "Any port in the storm?"  I enjoyed this but prefer classic movies.  






Barrister:  "You can sleep in nothing for all I care"


Lady X:  "That's just like a man; always thinking of himself." 

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"Private Lies"


Watching Robert Montgomery  and his on screen  ex wife Norma Shear trading insults  is now added to  the list of Insult Movies following Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier's "Pride and Prejudice"  and "​His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant matching wits with Rosalind Russel.  


I seek classic movies with well written, pithy dialog of insults for this list.   "Private Lives" is a lot of fun to watch.  


Can you add to my list for me?


Even as each month shows new movies on TCM, I hope to establish a solid list for dialog fans where comedic writing stands out.  


Thus far:


1.  Pride and Prejudice

2.  His Girl Friday

3.  Private Lives 

4.  The Divorce of Lady X           

5.  Merrily We Live 

6.    The Women  (I love this!)  1939 version ONLY 



Olivier:  "I don't care if you wear nothing at all...',   Merle Oberon:  'That's just like a man; always thinking of himself...'


Logan: Modern woman has no loyalty, decency, or justice; no endurance, reticence, or self-control; no affection, fine feelings, or mercy. In short, she is unprincipled, relentless, and exacting; idle, unproductive, and tedious; unimaginative, humorless, and vain; vindictive, undignified, and weak. And the sooner man takes out his whip again, the better for sanity and progress.


Logan: Because of my profession I happen to be able to know what lies behind those dear deceiving lips... 

Leslie: Oh - you're a dentist? 

Logan: No! I'm a barrister.  


.  Bringing Up Baby (?)


after accumulating a more lengthy list, we can work on order of priority of 'best' later.  I know Errol Flynn gives some insults when dueling, but these verbal jabs are not...well, some are okay....thoughts?  Also, which Marx Bros movie had the most verbal shots, surpassing physical comedy?  


thank you!  


Please no modern movies of bathroom humor, foul language, etc...


This is not a "one liner" but movies with quality dialog containing lots of clever zings!  

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How did I forget one of my favorite actresses?




Now, to choose which movie she dishes out the insults on!


Tale of Two Cities


"You don't have a child, sir and by the looks of you, I don't think you will any time soon." 

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I feel that Edna May Oliver was perfect in delivering insults.


The Penguin Pool Murder (1932):


Hildegarde Withers: I'm a school teacher. And I might have done wonders with you if I'd caught you young enough.


Oscar Piper: Phooey! What's good looks got to do with romance?
Hildegarde Withers: Young man, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror?
Murder on the Blackboard (1934):
Oscar Piper: We caught him quicker than I thought.
Hildegarde Withers: Almost anything can be done quicker than you think of.


Hildegarde Withers: Unfortunately the police, although they may be fools, they're not sentimental fools.

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Well if you want to talk about "insult" films...it would have to be any of the films Eve Arden starred in.


I believe I mentioned that in Part One.


But Jimmy Cagney too, was good at the sharp retort in many of his films.


But I also think Darg's entry has them trumped( and I mean that in a GOOD way.)




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