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2 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

Well, PRINCESS.....

You could have at least did THIS much!  ;)  


Sep-- I don't know what you're referring to about what I could have done? This is not one of my records.

 I was just making a comment about the two teenagers on The Donna Reed Show.

I didn't buy those teen exploitation records

I bought real singers who could sing, like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Andy Williams, or Dionne Warwick.

I have better taste Than This Record.

But she sure was popular with teenagers at the time.

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Here is a song that helped change history.  Made in 1944 by Nat King Cole.

Just Another Blues;   Years before Rock and Roll the song is the blues talking about how he is growing up and will one day become R&R.     Just way ahead of the times.    Boggie and jive;  Yea, that is where it is at,  man.

I'm just another blues from nineteen twenty two,
A super extraordinary flaperoo!
For years I was a dusty on the well-known shelf,
And really feeling awful sorry for myself!
Poor me, I'm just another blues.

Then someone got the notion that I could revive,
He took away my sadnes and he gave me jive;
He added boogie woogie, and when he got through,
He made my blues a blues that anyone could do;
To me, I'm just another blues.

I'd like to thank you for the boogie ride,
Thank you for the A to the bar.
Now I'm on the solid side,
Biggest attraction by far!

I'm just another blues of nineteen forty four,
When they start to play me they all ask for more.
Who'd ever guess that this success could all take place
Because somebody put some boogie in my bass;
But still, I'm just another blues.



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PRINCESS, I was making reference as to YOU could have posted that clip( or a different one of that song) as long as you WERE pointing out top 40 records released by popular TV teens since both Paul and Shelly were on the SAME show. And this thread( I don't think) isn't about "oldies" we liked or once had the records of.  And too, while on the subject....

:D  My ex's name was Cindy, and I used to kid her by asking what she did with all that stuff Johnny gave her!  ;)

And, I might have posted this before, but as it's STILL a favorite of mine....

From '65....



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16 hours ago, Gershwin fan said:


In another forum there's a thread:  "Same name, different song" about songs with the same title but obviously not the same song( or "cover" if you will).  And there's THESE----





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I suppose this can be technically considered an "oldie"( '82).  This band was semi-regular at the Sidestreet Lounge in Lincoln Park, MI when my ex was working there, both pre and post the CHAD SMITH days, and this was their most popular tune! 

Stay to the end and you'll hear an ending that wasn't allowed when they cut their LP.  ;)


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22 hours ago, hamradio said:

What a bout a song that's not only forgotten but fell off the face of the Earth. Anyone ever heard of "Twilight Lee" during the early 1960's?  Had the 45 as a kid but sorry can't remember the artist.

It is NOT "Twilight Time".

You're right about that!   Can't find out ANYTHING about that tune.  I don't recall anything by that name, and maybe the artist or GENRE might help.  And info too, if it was a "top 40" pop tune or not, or some kid's record or not.  In the meantime, here's two, maybe, or maybe NOT "forgotten",  but surely by some.......

And from several years apart----(25 to be exact)

And from Honeymoon Suite.....


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