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3 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

Gad!  I feel like a doddering great-grandpa when I see what some of you consider "oldies".  :( 

Your opinion is that an "oldie" has to be 60 years ago?

40 years ago no good?

Where most people are concerned, 5 years ago is an oldie

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;)   Yeah.  I remember when I first heard the phrase "Moldy oldie" it was in reference to a tune that wasn't even five years old.  It was still the late '50's.  Possibly '58 or 9. 

We still have the "oldies" station that was designated such when it started in the '80's.  It kind of rankles my kids when they hear tunes they "grooved" on back in their Mtv days gracing the airwaves of an "oldies" station.!  :D   I have a niece who STILL has trouble accepting that the "oldies" station was heard playing THIS one day!  :D 


Oldies, like time, is relevant.  ;) 


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On 8/7/2020 at 10:20 AM, Sepiatone said:

I remember this guy always coming up with some crazy stuff( at least we thought so back in "the day".)  ;) 


Dickie Goodman!-- You've got to know that is my absolutely favorite joke record because it's about my favorite TV show.

Sep-- You're the man!:)

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