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5 hours ago, jakeem said:


17 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

 The truth is we shouldn't stand for you enabling a sexual predator at Ohio State University-- according to victims who  are former students who knew you well.

Jim Jordan, a leading trump supporter--

Too bad he wasn't more of a leader for his students at Ohio State University who asked him for help when they really needed it.

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That Trump supported China building horrific concentration camps should be a presidency-ending scandal.
But so should soliciting election interference from Russia, Ukraine & China;
being accused of tax fraud; profiteering; and all the rest.
This is what his party stands for now.
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Excerpts of John Bolton Book Showing Unhinged Behavior by Trump Evidence Former Advisor Is '100% Complicit,' Say Critics

"Bolton is a moral abomination in every way.

It's also the case that basically everyone in government who comes close to Trump comes away thinking he's even worse than they realized."


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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

Be careful how you make your bed, because you're going to sleep in it for a long time.

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2 minutes ago, jakeem said:


Risch: if DC and Puerto Rico become states, "I will be the last Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee forever because they will pick up four Democratic seats that will never flip over. ... Republicans will never be in the majority in the United States Senate."
4:46 PM · Jun 26, 2020·Twitter for Android

Who's going to tell this weasel that the Republican party already is never going to be in the majority in the United States of America.

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:


UPDATE: A 14th QAnon-supporting congressional candidate has now secured a spot on the ballot in November. New Jersey's Billy Prempeh has been declared the winner in his primary in his district. https://mediamatters.org/qanon-conspiracy-theory/here-are-qanon-supporters-running-congress-2020
2:32 PM · Jul 9, 2020·Twitter Web App


3 hours ago, jakeem said:


Here's the now 14 QAnon-connected congressional candidates who have already made it to the ballot in November:
2:32 PM · Jul 9, 2020·Twitter Web App


3 hours ago, jakeem said:


It’s entirely possible that the post-Trump Republican Party will be even more insane
5:55 PM · Jul 9, 2020·TweetDeck

 Who would have thought that after GOP leaders like Ronald Reagan and the two Bush presidents that the Republican Party might end up as only a fringe party of conspiracy fanatics?

But in 1964 the Republican party opened up a Pandora Box of deep-seated hatred covered with pseudo-morality.

The likes of which it is still reaping the side effects--

like a perennial curse.

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15 hours ago, mr6666 said:


To be clear, he is head of U Of South Carolina student Republican Party.   Interesting, but not significant in the long term.

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2 hours ago, mr6666 said:
Unprecedented, historic corruption:
an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying
to shield that very president.
GOP PA Sen Toomey:
Commuting Roger Stone’s sentence is a mistake.
He was duly convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstructing a congressional investigation conducted by a Republican-led committee.
- Well...............that's  TWO   :huh:
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The Republicans Who Want to Destroy Trump-

Their party’s a lost cause. America isn’t.

"....“I personally think that the Republican brand is probably destroyed,” Conway told me. “It’s destroyed by it having become essentially a personality cult.” .........

....It’s easy to miss or minimize how remarkable the Never Trumpers — at the Lincoln Project and elsewhere — are. That’s partly because they’ve been around almost since Trump’s presidential campaign commenced, so they’ve lost their novelty and some of their luster.

But they’ve gained in ranks and grown in determination, to a point where you have to go back to 1972 — when many prominent Democrats endorsed President Richard Nixon, a Republican, over George McGovern, the Democratic nominee — to find anything close.......

.............the Democrats for Nixon split with him primarily along ideological lines, and they weren’t trying to undermine an incumbent president. Never Trumpers are doing precisely that, and while they have ideological quibbles with Trump, they’re motivated principally by their belief that he’s something of a monster.

“It’s an unprecedented moment,” said Charlie Sykes, the editor in chief of The Bulwark, a Trump-bashing publication begun in 2018 by Trump-disgusted Republicans like him. Sykes no longer considers himself a Republican. He described himself to me as “a politically homeless contrarian conservative.”.......

Sykes spoke of “a revelation” that he has experienced, courtesy of Trump. “The heart of politics is not about the policy,” he told me.

“It’s about the values. I can disagree with you on eight out of 10 issues, but if you’re an honorable, honest, empathetic human being, we can do business.” Trump is none of those things. Biden is most or all of them ........



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If the Lincoln Project’s “singular mission” (per its website) is to “defeat Donald Trump and Trumpism,”
what’s the strategic sense of working to flip the Senate to Democrats?
How is that good for the conservative or Republican causes the project’s founders support?
Because, with one exception, Republican senators violated their oaths of office and left a criminal in the Oval Office without even hearing the evidence.
The basic consideration of putting country before party,
and before fear of a mean tweet,
is our strategic imperative.
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Mitch McConnell says things are better than in the 60's, so stop complaining: 

 WASHINGTON—Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said he sees little sign that racial minorities are contending with voter suppression and defended the current role of police in society, signaling limits to how far Republicans will go in response to demands for change touched off by the killing of George Floyd in the custody of the Minneapolis police.     https://www.wsj.com/articles/mitch-mcconnell-signals-limits-on-race-related-policy-changes-11594733555


in the recent Kentucky  primary, one heavily minority county had one polling place for over 600,000 voters to use.   

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10 hours ago, jakeem said:


No reaction from the White House on Rep. Steve Watkins (R-Kansas) being charged with voter fraud, an issue that the president regularly raises alarms about. “That's the first I'm hearing of that,” says @PressSec. “I haven't spoken to the president about it.”
2:45 PM · Jul 16, 2020·TweetDeck

Poor Steve oh, he thinks his home address is the UPS office.

However, I'm certainly not going to make fun of an address challenged individual.

But in all fairness, if he can't remember his own home address, then I don't think he's up to the job of representing  Northeast Kansans in Congress.

He says the DA is trying to target him with these felony charges. But the DA is a Republican who has nothing to do with Steve's political policies or campaign.

This year Democrats have a good chance of taking a Senate seat in November for the first time since the 1930s.

2 years ago Northeast Kansas Democrats took a congressional seat. Now it looks like they're ready to take aim on a second seat.

Well, there you have it. That's what's going on in blood red -- "Home on the Range"--Kansas

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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
· 9h
In addition to being sued over a mask mandate and voluntary advisory guidelines on COVID-19,
@GovKemp has asked for an emergency injunction to “restrain” me from issuing press statements and speaking to the press.
Far more have sacrificed too much more for me to be silent.
What is the legal basis for preventing a sitting mayor from making public statements?
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2020: Republican Sen. Joni Ernst says that the Senate should hold hearings on any Supreme Court nomination Trump might make this year.
2016: Sen. Ernst says that the decision to fill a SCOTUS vacancy should be made by whomever is elected in November.
-  Sigh............well, ya KNEW THAT was coming    :rolleyes:   <_<
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