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"Hidden Figures" a bit of a letdown for me anyway...


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I'm aware that a couple other fellow "TCM-ITES" now post/write regular new movie reviews on here & do a marvelous job at it to!


I was doing this for a few yrs now, but they really go in depth, especially on the current crop of the now too-many annual Pre-*Oscar Film Awards given out.


Case in point, but I don't consider the Golden Globes to be in that forementioned category, of the now too-many awards. It's just that every state & after awhile probably ever city will have it's own annual movie awards.

I sound like an old man, but when I started as an *Oscar handicapper-early 1980's there were not nearly as many, which in turn made it harder to handicap what "The Big Show" AKA: *Oscars may finally do. I don't usually predict the Globes, but did on a couple sites & hit (10 for 14) on the cinema side. As expected "La La Land" won big, but 7 for 7 WOW!


Anyway, went to "Hidden Figures" yesterday & was disappointed a bit myself. I'm also a huge history buff & expected more from that angle, plus this is no "The Right Stuff" or "Apollo 13" It's strangely slow-moving & even *Kevin Costner seemed bored. & of the 3 ladies, most talked about past *Oscar winner *0ctavia Spencer as having a shot at another "Golden Boy" However, to me by far the MVP is Jeanne Monea. & they noted it's score, but I found it even strangely lacking? An important story to be certain, just told dully. I was gonna' go to "Fences" but my mum is a huge *Costner fan & was also sick, so I accompanied her instead. I was letdown myself, but most probably won't be (Overall a strong **-out of 4 stars)


(Next for me: "Silence")



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