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April Schedule is Up

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When John Cassavetes was working as a writer for hire, MGM asked him to write a script for Ricky Schroder to appear in.

But when Ricky Schroder left MGM, Cassavetes offered the script to Columbia and suggested that his wife Gena Rowlands play the main role. The film was ultimately titled GLORIA.

Juan Adames (credited as John Adames) played the role that was originally intended for Ricky Schroder. He was chosen from a group casting call in New York City and had no prior training or experience as an actor.

The boy was not identified as Latino in Cassavetes's script that he wrote for MGM.

He was just supposed to be a New York City kid.

The boy's father was played by Buck Henry.


That kid was VERY annoying. But Gena Rowlands made up for it...

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Oh Great! Here we go again. Another movie I was looking forward to seeing is now pulled from the schedule.  This film was the highlight for me on TCM's April schedule.   Well at least thanks go to "Topbilled" for forewarning me.


And for the second time at least!

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i love Jennifer Jones, but I have to admit- I tried watching LOVE LETTERS and couldn't get into it- I recall the first 20 minutes are WEIRD.


PS- You know Ayn Rand wrote the screenplay, yeah?


The film takes awhile to get going....

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Night of the Lepus which I have seen mentioned a few times on here may also interest Star Trek fans it stars Deforest Kelley aka Doctor McCoy



Never saw it myself despite my love for De Kelley it's not my type of film at all but since TCM is playing it if I remember to I may record it.

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That kid was VERY annoying. But Gena Rowlands made up for it...


I thought the boy who played the kid was good in the role. His behavior was annoying at times, but  that was part of the story.


My favorite line in GLORIA is when she says, "I got my gun. It's nothing for me to blow someone's brains out, believe me. I just hope it's someone I know."

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