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Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

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2 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

I doan care how dirty trump is, he's a tenacious hardcase who gets it done!

plus who's to say he is any more sullied than the people in Washington that we doan even know about.

"well, he's our emperor." -Robert Taylor, Quo Vadis


Sure there have been plenty of dirty politicians.  Dirt and politics kind of go together.  But how many presidents have you had that are under the control of and working for a foreign government?  That kind of treason should cross most lines.  Wake up!

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So, Trump* lost by 3 million popular votes but won the presidency by a mere 80,000 votes in key swing states.  Forgetting for a minute the James Comey factor, the Russian propaganda campaign and the Russian theft of the emails and the subsequent release of them by wikileaks - would knowledge of Trump's affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal have effected that close vote if it had been revealed 11 days before the election?  Some may argue that Trump's sleaze was already baked into the cake.  But everyone is forgetting that he also committed a felony by the way he went about covering up these stories to keep them from the American public.  Surely knowing that this kind of corruption and illegal activity was going on just before the election would have killed Trump's chances of winning.

And apparently it is written in the constitution that anyone who commits a crime to obtain the presidency shall be impeached and removed.

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Former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson in The Washington Post: "The 2016 presidential election will always have an asterisk — “outcome may have been influenced by Russian hacking and campaign fraud.”

well, my century is blown.



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57 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

If Trump gained office through illegal means (hacking, interference and campaign finance) doesn't that make HIS choice as running mate (Mike Pence) illegitimate as well?

Pence can be impeached and should be if there is evidence that he had knowledge of the illegal acts.

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Gotta love those that say "we'll never know" if the Trump campaign and Russian collusion effected the election.  That's kind of like saying Ben Johnson should keep his Gold Medal because "we'll never know" if the steroids aided his win.  His competitors were slow.

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