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If Shelley Winters can be Star of the Month, so can Joan Blondell.


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Maybe there are some people who would contest such recognition.  But I would assert that she had a greater impact on movies than many who are looked on as leading ladies.  And certainly as important a star as any who've been so honored.  She wouldn't have been one of the highest-paid movie stars of her time if she wasn't seen as valuable to her bosses at Warner Bros.  Yet their eye for the money kept her out of roles that would have elevated her into discussions of the first-rate actresses.  One of the most egregious outrages committed by the studio system.  Her wonderful, personal ability can be seen in a few places, however, including A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945), and Nightmare Alley (1947).  But you don't have to look to such heavy fare for proof.  Her deft delivery in comedies and the few romances she was in make many otherwise uninteresting fare worth wasting time on.  Try The King and the Chorus Girl (1937), on recently and still available on TCM On Demand.


One of the most sparkly diamonds in movies, Joan Blondell is entertaining just to watch.  Yet she's had only one measly SUTS day!

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Just watched THE KING AND THE CHORUS GIRL  the other night.  I agree.  Blondell was always a joy to watch.  Incidentally.....


Before Elizabeth Taylor grew up, my Dad was a HUGE fan of Blondell.  I always got a kick out of how he'd say ...


"She was gorgeous", and holding his hands out in front of his chest, go on o say, "She had those big, BEAUTIFUL,  uhhhh, EYES!"  ;)


And also incidentally, a niece of ours, who spent a LOT of time with us since she was born and through her teens  and because of my wife's loving the movie GREASE, also grew up with the movie being a favorite, was over when it was on and for kicks, when Joan appeared on the screen, I asked if she recognized that lady.


She said she really didn't know who it was, and was  SHOCKED when I told her it was the malt shop waitress from "Grease".


"Wow!  She was really PRETTY back then!" she said.  And I couldn't disagree.


She sat enthralled through the rest of the movie.


I'm WITH ya Slayton!   MORE Blondell wouldn't bother me a BIT!  In fact, I'd be ONE HAPPY CAMPER!!




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This just remended me of another one of those "Wishes for the new year" movies.




Haven't seen it for years.


Bu let's get Joan taken care of first.

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