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Zoomed in Movies Not In Original Format


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Hi, I'm really disappointed in TCM. I've been a subscriber for more than 20 years and always loved your films because you always screened your films in it's original theatrical release aspect ratio or letterbox form, even when the other networks were showing films in the "Box" form.


What have you done? Lately, I've been noticing films that you formerly showed in letterbox form are now zoomed in!


I have a 50 in Sony HD Flatscreen TV and if I wanted my movies zoomed in I have a button for that!


Yesterday, I tried to watch and to my amazement, Shenandoah, Friendly Persuasion, and earlier, Far From The Madding Crowd, and they are are now zoomed in!!!!  ****!!!


What's the matter with you guys!?  Is it your distributors giving you these zoomed in films? I thought you had your own collection?


Why are you doing this? I, as a subscriber want TCM like it's always been, a movie station that loves movies old and newish to be shown proudly in their original theatrical release aspect ratio so their customers/subscribers can see a film the way it should be shown and viewed. Wasn't that your motto?


I was really annoyed when you zoomed in on the John Wayne Movie, "The Searchers." What a rip off!!!! 


Will you please stop this and start showing the films in their true form. It seems to be a mass conspiracy, LOL that The Movie Network and Super Channel seem to be doing as well.


I contacted them too. We're paying good money to see these films and you wonder why younger people aren't getting cable or watching TV anymore. They know when they're being ripped off, so they stream movies from the internet, watch Netflix, Sony TV etc to do so.


I hope other people agree with me here and you read this and change your present policy back to the old one, because I'm not a happy camper with you right now.


So, I've vented, now will you please tell you'll consider showing your films from the late 50's, 60's 70's 80's and so on in the correct format again and stop what you're doing?


Thank you. :)

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